Mayhem at First Sight is the seventeenth episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


In the streets of Jump City, Robin and Starfire are pursuing Mumbo, while the other Titans fight Mother Mae-Eye. As the fight went on, Mumbo noticed Mother Mae-Eye in an intersection. The two evil-doers make eye contact and instantly fall in love. Mumbo is so in love, that he begins to sing.

Do you take this villain as your lawful partner in crime?

Mumbo and Mother Mae-Eye then headed down to a wedding chapel with a gigantic wedding cake, bringing all the captured Titans with them, stuffing them in the wedding cake. The two villains magically frees Control Freak, Red X and Psimon from their prison, and invited them, along with many other villains to their wedding. Meanwhile the Titans attempt to break free from the sticky cake they are trapped in.

Mumbo spawns a priest (who looks just like him) with magic. The wedding ceremony carries on and the couple exchange rings and begin to kiss. As they are doing that, Raven uses her magic to steal Mumbo's water-spritzing flower off of him. Mumbo retaliates by turning Mother's flower bouquet into the Carnivorous Plant. The monster approaches the trapped Titans, but the heroes managed to get away, thanks to Raven's use of Mumbo's flower to set them free.


Just as Mumbo is about to say, "I do," Robin jumps in and kicks the two villains in the face. The spell is broken and the wedding is off, with the villains returning to the city streets defeated.




  • The title is a play on the phrase "Love at first sight".


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