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The Master Of Games abducts eight "heroes" from Earth -- Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy from the Teen Titans, four independents, and Gizmo of H.I.V.E. -- and subjects them to a one-on-one contest with each other for the promise of winning "great prizes". However, as Cyborg and Robin eventually find out, the Master Of Games is using the contest to abduct the losers within his crystal medallion and use their abilities to give himself all sorts of power. Robin eventually challenges the Master Of Games to a duel where he frees all the captured contestants from the medallion, causing him to disappear. However, after all the "heroes" return to Earth, the Master of Games reappears again and this time abducts eight "heroines" -- which includes Starfire, Raven, and Terra -- for another contest, which presumably they also manage to prevail. He later joins the Brotherhood, seen in Titans Together, but getting easily knocked out by Pantha, and is frozen during the final battle.

Powers and Abilities

With the red mystical crystal medallion that he wears around his neck, the Master Of Games is able to teleport people to anywhere he wants them to go, and also to capture them and hold them captive within the crystal. With his captives, he can use their abilities as his own, regardless of their origins and nature.

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