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Quote1.pngWelcome, champions all! You are invited to compete in the tournament of heroes!Quote2.png
―Master of Games[src]

The Master of Games is a being from an alternate dimension and an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character history

The origin of the Master of Games remains unknown. At some point he acquired his mystical amulet and, having observed the capabilities of Earth's superheroes, decided to gain their powers for his own.

The Master of Games using the powers of all the captured heroes.

For this purpose, he created a special combat arena, abducted eight "heroes" from Earth - Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy from the Teen Titans, independents Aqualad, Speedy, Hot Spot, and Wildebeest, and Gizmo of H.I.V.E. Academy - and subjected them to a one-on-one contest with each other for the promise of winning "great prizes". However, Cyborg and Robin eventually found out the true purpose of the "games". Robin, as the last remaining contestant, challenged the Master of Games to a last duel in which he freed all the captured contestants from the medallion, defeating the Master. However, right after all the "heroes" returned to Earth, the Master of Games immediately set up a new contest, this time with eight "heroines", which included Starfire, Raven, and Terra; but just as before, all of them are presumed to have prevailed.

The Master of Games later joined the Brotherhood of Evil, but he didn't participate in capturing independent Titans like most of the Brotherhood did. Later, when Beast Boy led Pantha, Herald, Mas, and Jericho in an assault at the Brotherhood base, Pantha punched the Master of Games and sent him flying. Ultimately, he was defeated when his fellow villain XL Terrestrial was blasted to the floor by Starfire and Raven. The giant alien fell down and, again, sent the Master flying and ended up being disappeared himself and presumably dead (not needing to be flash-frozen).

Powers and abilities

With the mystical red crystal medallion that he wears around his neck, the Master of Games is able to teleport people to anywhere he wants them to go, and also to capture them and hold them captive within the crystal. With his captives, he can use their abilities - even technologically based ones, such as Cyborg's sonic cannons and Speedy's arrows - as his own.

The Master of Games also appears at peak condition, but on his own he is evidently no match for someone with true superhuman abilities.

  • Power Absorption: The Master of Games can absorb the powers of other superheroes or super-villains, as seen in "Winner Take All".
  • Teleportation: The Master of Games has the ability to transport many people to his own dimension, as seen when he summoned the best male heroes of the world to compete.


Teen Titans

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Teen Titans Go!

Video game appearances


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  • In the Teen Titans video game, the Master of Games placed Raven in a Pong-like match against Cinderblock, then Starfire was put into a Space Invaders-styled game against Gizmo, then all of the Titans were pitted against Slade. Despite being a major antagonist in the game, he is neither a boss nor is he playable in Master of Games mode.
  • The character may have been based on the DC character Amazo since they look similar (as far as basic looks go) and both can take/replicate the powers of super powered beings.
  • The Master of Games' absorption and transformation powers also make him similar to Kevin Levin and Aggregor from the "Ben 10" series.
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