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Masks is the 9th episode of the First Season of the Teen Titans series.


Slade is back again and he has his sights set on gaining microchip's for his newest plan. Robin also has his sights set on catching him and figuring out what he is up to which causes him to isolate himself for the team. When suddenly a new villain by the name of Red X shows up and he appears to be working for Slade. Will the Titans figure out the identity of the mysterious Red X or is there a bigger surprise in store for them.


One night, a thief wearing a uniform whose markings and style match Slade's approaches a pedestal holding a computer microchip, only to find the Teen Titans waiting for him. But the culprit has brought backup, and in the ensuing struggle the thieves manage to get away with the microchip, despite the Titans' best efforts. As they split up during escape, one of them is caught by Robin and Starfire; but as Robin proceeds to questioning him, he has to find out that this Slade lackey is really a robot. Once again, Slade mocks Robin through his robot commando, raising his ire even more, and tells him to be patient, as they will soon meet face to face.

Back in Titans Tower, the Titans are having a discussion about what had just happened. Starfire invites Robin to join in, but he declines saying that he is too busy about finding information about Slade. Starfire persists in inviting him, but Robin departs, brooding. A few nights later, the Titans are hiding on the rooftop of the company building. Robin calls Cyborg and claims that he is on the far side, picking up a lead, and asks the others to handle the security job without him. Soon afterwards, a supervillain in black and a red X mark appears, grabs the computer chip and then disappears from the vault. The Titans face him, but the mysterious villain, calling himself "Red X", takes out the Titans with uncanny ease and a precise knowledge about their weaknesses and then teleports away into the night.

When the Titans return to the Tower, they meet Robin, who says his lead on Slade was a dead end and walks back to his room by himself again. Starfire tries to approach him but once again gets rejected. Soon afterwards, Red X calls up Slade and offers the stolen chip in return for a partnership, but Slade instructs him to recover two additional computer chips first before there can be any further negotiations.

File:TT Masks 3.jpg
The Teen Titans are about to go to sleep when Robin contacts them, informing them that he has spotted Red X stealing a computer chip downtown. The Titans hurry to the location, where they see Robin chasing and getting netted by Red X. The Titans chase Red X to a subway station, where the villain engages them in combat. Strangely, during the fight Beast Boy falls onto the subway rails and is about to be overrun by an approaching train when Red X inexplicably saves his life before departing, leaving the Titans thoroughly puzzled.

When the Titans once again return to the Tower, Starfire walks to Robin's room and requests that they talk. Nobody responds, so she enters. When she accidentally bumps a small metal ball lying on a table, it falls to the ground and projects a holographic image of Robin being trapped under Red X's net; it is then that Starfire realizes what had been going on with him lately. Meanwhile, Red X once again contacts Slade, who expresses his satisfaction and agrees to a meeting to discuss Red X's future. When the transmission is finished, Red X takes off his mask, revealing himself as Robin.

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Red X once again sets out to steal the final chip, but after he nabs it, Slade appears and reveals that he had always known that Red X was really Robin. Right after this revelation, Slade grabs the chips and the other Titans crash in, going for Red X first. Robin unmasks himself, giving his teammates a major shock, and chases after Slade while a large platoon of robot commandos appears and surrounds the Titans. Robin chases Slade across the rooftops and engages him in combat, with Slade all the time taunting Robin about his obsessive drive to catch him and having now broken the trust of his friends. Robin finds himself outclassed, but Slade strangely seems reluctant to let Robin come to harm. Finally, Robin manages to overpower Slade - only to discover that this, too, is just a robot, leaving him back at square one and worse.

Later, Starfire visits Robin in his quarters to try and understand his motives. Robin justifies his actions by arguing that he couldn't tell them his plans for fear that they would not play their parts convincingly. When he bitterly states that he still hasn't found out anything about his opponent all the same, Starfire replies in sad solemnity that there is something Robin and Slade have now in common: that they do not trust anyone.



  • Written by:
    • Tom Pugsley
    • Greg Klein
  • Directed by:
    • Michael Chang



  • The title refers to Robin masking his identity as Red X.


  • When Robin catches up with robot Slade, the billboards behind them says "Read comics" in Chinese characters.
  • This episode features the first appearance of the Red X costume, and the only time in which Robin dresses up in the costume. The suit makes a reappearance in the episode X, in which it is worn by a unknown user.
  • When Robin wears the X costume, he becomes taller.
  • This episode is seen having a major point, in Robin being a type of enigma, not 100% good or evil, showing him having a dark side that he always tries to keep surpressed.

Memorable Dialogue

  • Raven: [moaning exasperatedly into her gag]
    Beast Boy: I don't know, Raven. That's kind of a good look for you.
    [Raven is not amused]
    Cyborg: Hold still. [rips the gag off; Beast Boy and Starfire scream in fright]
    Raven: [calmly] Ow.
  • Slade: Trust is easy to destroy, but it takes time to build.
  • Robin: [saved from a large fall by Slade] You...saved me?
  • Slade: I'm not through with you.
  • Slade: We'll meet face to face some other time. Oh, and speaking of time. . . [Beast Boy is saved from getting hit by a train by Red X]
  • Beast Boy: Dude, Did you just save me? [Red X kicks him away]
  • Robin: You wanna yell at me too? Everyone else has and I can't blame them.
  • Starfire: I do not wish to yell, merely to understand. Robin, why did you not tell us the truth?
  • Robin: I needed to fool Slade. If you guys knew it was me under that mask, you would've held back. Doesn't matter anyway. Slade figured it out and I still haven't figured out anything about him.
  • Starfire: That is not true. Whoever Slade is, you and he are similar. Slade did not trust you and you did not trust us.
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