Raven saying Terra´s life in Makovia with Geo-Force.

Markovia is a fictional European country and the home of Terra and her brother Geo-Force.

Location and History

Markovia is located in Europe.

Terra previously lived there with Geo-Force and her parents, the monarchs of Markovia. Terra was a Princess, while Geo-Force was a prince and likely heir to the Markovian Throne.

A number of armed soldiers patrol Castle Markovia, as seen when Terra is attacked while attempting to flee the castle.


  • In the DC Comics, Markovia first appeared in the first issue of the series Batman and the Outsiders, in which Geo-Force was also first introduced. At that time, Markovia was invaded by a despot named Baron Bedlam, and international concerns had restrained the Justice League from interfering in the conflict, which is the reason why Batman quit the League and formed a team of his own.
  • The royal castle in both versions of Markovia is patterned after the famous Bavarian castle Neuschwanstein, which has also served as the model for Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle. This and its DC Comics history would indicate that Markovia is a tiny state located somewhere in central Europe, close to Germany or Austria.


  • Teen Titans Go!
  • "Metamorphosis"

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