Quote1You see, I'm older than you. So I'm bigger, badder ... and better.Quote2
―Mad Mod[src]

Mad Mod is a recurring villain and an enemy of the Teen Titans who has no superhuman powers but remains a formidable enemy through setting up entire worlds of dangerous false realities for the Titans to survive. He does so through technology and the worlds he sets up purposely mocks known physics, history and human principles, hence his name.

Original Character

He was a fashion villain in the original DC comic books the animated cartoon was based on, as he used fashion in order to steal goods for himself. While this was different from his character in the animated cartoon, the Teen Titans Go comic issue Naked City references his DC comic book character when he tries to use fashion to hypnotize the citizens.

Character History


Mad Mod's true form.

In his first appearance, Mad Mod filled the Titans Tower with knockout gas and kidnapped the Titans and placed them in a psychedelic "school", where he attempted to "teach them to behave" through hypnosis. When his initial attempts failed, he led them on a chase through a veritable maze of corridors and stairways and had them attacked en masse by his killer robot busts. Finally, Robin realized that the Mad Mod they were chasing was a hologram and thus as fake as the rest of their surroundings; he thus abandoned his attempts to capture him by exploiting a flaw in the illusion created by one of Mod's weapons. This enabled him to confront the real Mad Mod - a sickly-looking old man using an advanced computer to control the entire school and the holograms of his younger self - in the illusionary school's control room; Robin had no trouble bringing him down.

"That'll put the peas back in your pourage!"-Mad Mod to Robin


Mad Mod as King Moddie the First.

In his next appearance, Mad Mod popped up right during the 4th of July celebrations in Jump City, using hypno-screens to control the populace and giant illusion props to remake the entire city in the image of old London and deploying an army of robots modeled after the Coldstream Guards, a seemingly endless armada of tanks, cartoonish Revolutionary War styled cannons and even an air force of propeller planes resembling the actual British Supermarine Spitfire.

Mad Mod then became the ruler of the city, naming himself King Moddie the First. When the Titans tried to take him down, he kidnapped Robin and used his staff to drain his youth, reducing Robin to a decrepit and helpless old man while Mad Mod became his young self again. The other Titans were initially prevented from reaching Mad Mod and freeing Robin by Mad Mod's robot army and the fact that Mod anticipated their intentions even before they had even finished voting on them. Eventually, however, the Titans succeeded in knocking the cane out of Mad Mod's hand, which landed right in Robin's hands, who used it first to reverse its aging effects, then broke it, deactivating Mad Mod's illusions and ending his rule over the city.

Mad Mod made a cameo appearance (at old age) in "The Lost Episode" as one of the audience in the orchestra which Punk Rocket brought crashing down.

Later, Mad Mod somehow regained his youth and was initiated into the Brotherhood of Evil. He was one of the villainous competitors in Ding Dong Daddy's race for Robin's most secret possession, but he was foiled by Red X, who pasted his Big Ben Mobile and Control Freak's Control Mobile together, sending them spinning off the road. When the Brotherhood's base was later invaded by all of the Teen Titans, Mad Mod was defeated and joined the rest of the Brotherhood in flash-freeze treatment.

Character profile

Mad Mod speaks with a British accent and is utterly anglophilic and a special fan of British popular culture of the 60s and 70s, including the Beatles and Monty Python. Moddie, as he often calls himself, is bitter about his old age and thus envious of the Titan's youthful vitality.

Powers and abilities

Mad Mod has no superpowers of his own, but he is a master of technological trickery and employs robots and holographic projectors, which he controls with a ruby-handled cane. In one circumstance, he was able to use such a cane to drain the youth from someone (Robin), making them old and himself young again. He also habitually employs optically induced hypnosis to submit his victims to his will. Through his hypnosis and holograms, it looked as if he could control both matter and the laws of physics.


Teen Titans Go!

Mad Mod made an appearance in the DC Kids and Cartoon Network comic 'Teen Titans Go!'. In one issue, Mad Mod uses his fashion designer mentality (which was absent in the animated series) to hypnotise the citizens of Jump City.


Mad Mod's hairstyle bears a resemblance to Austin Powers'. He is also a playable unlocked character in the video game.


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