Mad Mod's Cane is a ruby handled cane possessed by Mad Mod at all times. In the episode "Mad Mod", the titular character used the cane for several purposes such as opening doors and control the area in which the Titans were trapped (e.g. When Robin was running up stairs, Mod pressed the ruby button and made the stairs into an escalator that was going down). It was later discovered by Robin that the cane was an illusion and the real controls were carried out in a secret hideout room.

The cane appeared as an actual item in "Revolution", where Mad Mod used it to drain the youth from Robin, making the latter old and Mad Mod himself younger. Eventually, Robin reversed the effects and then broke it, ending King Moddie the First's reign over the city. Somehow, Mad Mod repaired the cane, and it reappeared after he was initiated into the Brotherhood of Evil.

The cane also seems to grant Mad Mod transforming abilities, and this is shown clearly in the episode "Revolution", where he constantly switches his appearances. This however may be more of his illusion technology built into it.


  • A notable example of the inconsistent sizing of the cane.

    The proportions of the cane seem to be inconsistent throughout the series, notably the size of the gem in relation to the rest of the cane, and occasionally even the length of the cane.
  • The cane's true range of functions isn't confirmed, as its first appearance was revealed to be part of a hologram during the episode "Mad Mod". This means only the functions seen in "Revolution" and the Teen Titans Go comics can be confirmed.
  • In "It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World", he's revealed to also posses a diamond cane, although this may have been an illusion.


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