Lonely Warrior is an online Cartoon Network game.


Slade has all but one of the Titans captured. It is up to Robin to apprehend the villain save his friends.


Titans (Playable Character)



There are 3 episodes in the game, each with 3 levels, followed by a final battle with Slade. The player must navigate themselves through the map and find the exit to move on to the next level.

The player (as Robin) starts off with 5 birdarangs per level (In this game, it is known as a boomerang) and a health bar. The player takes damage when hit by enemies (close combat or weapons) and falling rocks. It is possible to take fall damage if the player falls from a great height. Throughout the game, defeated enemies may drop extra birdarangs or health packs.

At each level, the player may summon Terra once to clear all enemies within the map.


Episode 1

The player must retrieve 3 passwords (obtainable by defeating enemies) to be entered into a console for the exit door. Once the console unlocks the door, the player has 90 seconds to get to the exit.

Episode 2

The player ends up in a cave and is subject to a gradual decrease in health (due to lack of oxygen in the cave) and falling rocks which can damage the player. Once at the exit, the player will find the exit blocked and must wait for the falling rocks to clear the blocked exit before they can proceed.

Episode 3

The player must retrieve 3 passwords (obtainable by defeating enemies) to be entered into a console for the exit door. Unlike episode 1, the console consists of 3 panels which must be unlocked in a particular order.

Boss Level

The player encounters Slade in this level. Slade's special attacks include multiple fireball attacks (that can spread out in many directions) and a fire charge. Terra can not be summoned during the boss fight.


  • Left and Right Keys: Move Robin in the indicated direction
  • Up Arrow Key: Jump/Climb/Activate exit door. Press Up twice for Double Jump
  • Down Arrow Key: Sneak. Press Down and Left/Right to roll forward.
  • Z Key: Punch
  • X Key: Kick
  • C Key: Throw a boomerang
  • Tab: Opens the level map
  • Space: Summons Terra and clear all enemies in the map



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