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The following is an episode list for the American animated television series Teen Titans. The series premiered on Cartoon Network from July 19, 2003 and lasted until January 16, 2006 with five seasons and a total of 66 episodes being aired including "The Lost Episode" that was shown on Postopia. The series was canceled after the episode "Things Change," the last episode of season five, which aired on January 16, 2006.[1]

Teen Titans

All five seasons are available on DVD. A movie titled Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, based on the series, made its television debut on Cartoon Network's Fridays block on September 15, 2006.[2] The movie DVD was released on February 6, 2007.[3] Dates shown are original U.S. air dates.



Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release dates Network
1 13 July 19 – October 11, 2003 February 7, 2006
2 January 10 – August 21, 2004 September 12, 2006
3 August 28, 2004 – January 22, 2005 April 10, 2007
4 January 17 – July 16, 2005 November 20, 2007
5 September 24, 2005 – January 16, 2006 July 22, 2008
Special January 11, 2005 February 6, 2007
Trouble in Tokyo September 15, 2006
TTG vs. TT September 24, 2019 (Digital), February 17, 2020 (TV) October 15, 2019

Season One: 2003

Season one comprised of thirteen episodes, aired over a period of three months between July 2003 and November 2003. The story arc episodes of the first season focus on Robin's obsession with stopping the crime lord Slade, while enduring horrible mind games created by the villain. Robin's conflict with Slade culminates in the two-part season finale "The Apprentice".

These episodes were released on The Complete First Season DVD on February 7, 2006. [4] Two DVD versions titled Teen Titans: Forces Of Nature and Teen Titans: Divide And Conquer, each consists of three episodes from Season 1, were also released on February 6, 2007. [5] [6]

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
001 "Divide and Conquer"


August 2, 2003 385-901

The Teen Titans face Cinderblock, who attempts to break into the prison. Robin and Cyborg's team maneuver goes awry and the villain escapes. A fierce argument between Robin and Cyborg ensues, and Cyborg announces his decision to quit the team. Slade takes advantage of the split, sending Plasmus to eliminate the Titans.

Note: The third episode to be broadcasted but the first episode in the series.

002 "Sisters" July 26, 2003 385-902 Starfire's elder sister, Blackfire, unexpectedly pays Earth a visit, and she is everything Starfire is not. This makes Starfire feel left out of the team. She eventually decides to leave the Teen Titans. Luckily, Robin is there.
003 "Final Exam"


July 19, 2003 385-903

Three new graduates from the H.I.V.E. Academy, Gizmo, Jinx, and Mammoth, are hired by Slade to ambush the Titans. The Titans try to stop them, but Robin is lost during the fight and Titans Tower is taken over by the H.I.V.E. students.

Note: The first episode to be broadcasted but the third episode in the series.

004 "Forces of Nature"


August 16, 2003 385-904 The two teenage brothers Thunder and Lightning roam the town looking for fun. Unfortunately, their idea of fun is wrecking everything in sight, regardless of those being injured in the process. Meanwhile, after a prank intended for Cyborg is accidentally pulled on Starfire, Beast Boy tries to ask for forgiveness.
005 "The Sum of His Parts" August 23, 2003 385-905 While playing in the park Cyborg suddenly shuts down. After rebooting he tells the other Titans that his batteries are dying. During a battle with Mumbo, Cyborg's emergency batteries die and he is lost. The Titans believe Mumbo to have kidnapped him, but he has instead been found by a strange man called Fixit.
006 "Nevermore" August 30, 2003 385-906 During a battle with Doctor Light, Raven loses control of her powers, which makes the Titans worried. Later Beast Boy and Cyborg sneak into Raven’s room and Beast Boy discovers a strange-looking mirror, which sucks him and Cyborg into Raven's mind. Meanwhile, Robin watches TV while Starfire worries about Raven. Later the three become better friends.
007 "Switched" September 6, 2003 385-907 The Titans receive a present in the mail: mini puppet versions of themselves. During the night, the evil Puppet King uses his magic to trap the boys' souls into their respective puppets. Raven and Starfire escape, but their essences have been switched, and they end up stuck in each other's bodies. Later on, Starfire and Raven become better friends.
008 "Deep Six" September 13, 2003 385-908 A mysterious new villain called Trident appears and starts stealing nuclear waste from ships. The Titans go to investigate and meet a new hero, Aqualad. This new hero causes Beast Boy to become very competitive.
009 "Masks"


September 20, 2003 385-909 A thief called Red X, who knows the Titans’ every weakness, shows up. Every time the Titans try to catch him, they are badly defeated. Meanwhile, Robin - who has been obsessed with capturing Slade - isolates himself more and more from the team.
010 "Mad Mod" (A.K.A Detention) September 27, 2003 385-910 The Titans wake to find themselves in the hands of Mad Mod who has decided that the Titans are misbehaving children who need to go back to school. He says he'll teach them a lesson they won't forget, a lesson which includes hypnosis, brainwashing, and dangerous school materials.
011 "Car Trouble" November 11, 2003 385-911 Cyborg has finally finished his 'baby', the T-Car. But after a battle with Overload his car disappears. It successively ends up in the hands of two bad guys called Cash and Sammy, then Gizmo, and finally Overload, the last of which forces Cyborg to make a painful decision.
012 "Apprentice - Part 1"


October 4, 2003 385-912 Slade threatens to use a chronoton detonator, a device which can destroy the entire city if triggered. While Robin goes after Slade, the other Titans try to disarm the detonator. But then it turns out that Slade has other aims in mind than the destruction of the city.
013 "Apprentice - Part 2"


October 11, 2003 385-913 The Titans can’t find a trace of Robin and start getting worried - that is, until they catch him red handed robbing a facility as Slade’s apprentice. After being defeated by Robin, the Titans are sure he has become a criminal. In truth, the life of a villain comes at an even more bitter price for Robin himself.

Season Two: 2004

Season two comprised of thirteen episodes, over a period of seven months between January 2004 and August 2004. This season is based on the Teen Titans comic, The Judas Contract. The story arc episodes of the second season focus on Beast Boy and Terra, while highlighting their relationship and Beast Boy's trouble accepting Terra's betrayal of the Teen Titans. Terra's ultimate betrayal and redemption, along with her battle with Beast Boy and the other Teen Titans, occur in the two-part season finale "Aftershock".

These episodes were released on The Complete Second Season DVD on September 12, 2006.[7] Another DVD, titled Fear Itself which consists of the first six episodes of the season, was released on September 20, 2005.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
014 "How Long is Forever?" January 10, 2004 257-321 Starfire is trying to commemorate the Tamaranean holiday Blorthog, the festival of friendship, when Warp, a villain from the future, comes back in time to steal an antique. When Starfire charges at him, she finds herself stranded in the future and finds that much has changed for her friends ... and only for the worse.
015 "Every Dog Has His Day" January 17, 2004 257-322 Being ignored by his busy teammates, Beast Boy feels left out, so he wanders the town eventually turning into a green dog. To his surprise he crashes into another green dog that is being pursued by a flying saucer. The saucer picks Beast Boy up by mistake, and its owner gives Beast Boy more attention than he would like.
016 "Terra"


January 24, 2004 257-323 The Titans spot a young girl being chased by a giant scorpion-like creature and prepare to rescue her, only to see that the girl possesses tremendous powers and was merely luring the scorpion into a trap. She reveals her name to be Terra, and she has the power to control the earth and all of its forms. However, she has a terrible secret, and Slade shows interest in her.
017 "Only Human" January 31, 2004 257-324 When Cyborg beats a robot named Atlas in an online video game, he challenges Cyborg to a real, physical fight; a fight Cyborg loses due to Atlas having lesser limits on his strength. Atlas then kidnaps Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy as his prize and challenges Cyborg to a rematch where his friends’ lives are at stake.
018 "Fear Itself" February 7, 2004 257-325 The Titans pick up a horror movie called Wicked Scary. After watching it, they are scared out of their wits, although Raven refuses to admit this to the others. During the night, strange things start to happen in the Tower.
019 "Date with Destiny"


February 14, 2004 257-326 The city is suddenly attacked by Killer Moth's army of mutated, gigantic moths, and they outnumber the Titans. Robin has no choice but to agree on Killer Moth's demand: to take his daughter, Kitten, to her prom, to Starfire's intense anger and jealousy.
020 "Transformation" February 21, 2004 257-327 Starfire wakes up one day to discover a huge lump on her forehead. But this is only the start of a bizarre string of transformations affecting her - changes that interest a highly hostile creature very much.
021 "Titan Rising"


February 28, 2004 257-328 Terra reappears, claiming that she has now managed to completely control her powers and asking if she is allowed to join their team. However, Raven feels there is something wrong with Terra. This creates a tension between them - until the girls join forces to stop Slade.
022 "Winner Take All"


March 6, 2004 257-329 During a fierce card game in the Tower, Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are zapped to another dimension, along with Speedy, Hot Spot, Gizmo, Aqualad, and Wildebeest. Here they meet the Master of Games, who announces that they are invited to a battle tournament to decide who is the greatest warrior of all time. Cyborg however soon starts to suspect the tournament of being more than what the Master of Games tells them.
023 "Betrayal"


July 31, 2004 257-330 Terra has now been accepted as a Titan and has gained her team's trust. Everything seems perfect, she is doing brilliantly in defeating villains, has a real home, and also enjoys a blossoming romance with Beast Boy. However, as Beast Boy and Terra are out to a night date, the Tower is all of a sudden assaulted by an army of Slade's robots.
024 "Fractured"

1, 2

August 7, 2004 257-331 During a chase of the villain Johnny Rancid on the R-Cycle, Robin breaks his arm, the R-cycle is wrecked and Rancid gets away. Robin is blaming himself for Johnny Rancid's escape when suddenly an inter-dimensional version of himself called "nosyarG kciD" bursts out from his skull. When Larry (the name the Titans decide to call him out of simplicity) breaks his "magic finger", reality becomes distorted.
025 "Aftershock - Part 1"


August 14, 2004 257-332 The Titans are enjoying a ride in the T-Car when they are suddenly attacked by Terra, who has now become Slade's new apprentice. After a fierce battle between them and their former teammate, the Titans are defeated and assumed dead.
026 "Aftershock - Part 2"


August 21, 2004 257-333 The Teen Titans have been 'defeated', the city has been conquered by Slade, and Terra has completely accepted Slade as her master. However, the Titans are not dead, having been able to regroup underground. Now convinced that Terra was never their friend, they are determined to bring her and Slade down.

Season Three: 2004–2005

Season three comprised of thirteen episodes, aired over a period of five months between August 2004 and January 2005. The story arc episodes of the third season focus on Cyborg's difficulty accepting his own maturity, and his desire to lead his own team, which brings him into conflict with the Teen Titans. The season also focuses on his battles with the supervillain Brother Blood. Cyborg's desires for leadership and his final battle with Brother Blood are explored in the two-part season finale "Titans East".

These episodes were released on The Complete Third Season DVD on April 10, 2007.[8]

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
027 "Deception"


August 28, 2004 257-481 The H.I.V.E. Academy has resumed lessons, and Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth are causing trouble in the town, serving under the Academy's new headmaster. Robin suspects this new headmaster is planning something, he therefore assigns Cyborg to go undercover as a H.I.V.E. student. Unfortunately, all of Cyborg's technology and data now are within reach of the headmaster and Titans' new nemesis: Brother Blood.
028 "X" September 4, 2004 257-482 The Titans attempt to stop a robbery only to find the one causing it is none other than Red X; someone unknown has stolen the Red X suit which Robin designed. Robin feels this is all his fault and is determined to catch the new Red X, while he ponders on how clear the line between good and evil is. His quest to apprehend Red X, however he inadvertently unleashes a greater evil, in which Red X proves a pivotal key element.
029 "Betrothed" September 11, 2004 257-483 Starfire is leaving for her home planet Tamaran, where she is a princess. Starfire has been ordered by 'The Grand Ruler of Tamaran', Starfire's evil sister, Blackfire, to marry another alien in order to call off an attack on their planet. Robin is upset by the fact that Starfire is prepared to marry someone whom she has never met.
030 "Crash"


September 18, 2004 257-484 Beast Boy wants to play a video game, and tries to do so on the computers in Titans Tower, with little success. He therefore unwittingly attempts to use Cyborg's System Recharger and downloads a virus onto it. When Cyborg later tries to use it, the virus infects him and causes him to run haywire all over the city, eating everything in sight. The Titans have no choice but to seek help from Gizmo before Cyborg spreads the highly aggressive virus over the entire city.
031 "Haunted" October 2, 2004 257-485 Ever since Slade disappeared, Robin has been asking himself whether he is really gone. When Cinderblock breaks out of jail, Robin suddenly spots Slade again. The problem is that no one else can.
032 "Spellbound" October 9, 2004 257-486 Raven is isolating herself from the other Titans, feeling that no one understands her and that they only regard her as being "creepy". Then one day one of the ancient books she is reading suddenly speaks to her, calling itself Malchior. He appears to understand her and encourages her to not feel down about being different, making her happier and more cheerful. She decides to break the curse which binds him to the book. Unfortunately, Malchior is not as honest as he professes to be.
033 "Revolution"


October 16, 2004 257-487 It's the Fourth of July and everyone is celebrating, until Mad Mod crashes the party, transforms the city and its people into English facsimiles and drains Robin's youth into himself. Without their leader, the other Titans fall into bickering until they rediscover the values of true democracy.
034 "Wavelength"


October 23, 2004 257-488 Aqualad appears at the Tower to complain about the 'trash' in his sea: Brother Blood's new H.I.V.E. Academy. Blood is intending to use a new weapon based on Cyborg's blueprints. Trying to impede this, Cyborg falls in with Bumblebee, another student from H.I.V.E. Academy.
035 "The Beast Within" October 30, 2004 257-489 Whilst fighting the villain Adonis at a chemical lab, Beast Boy gets covered in chemicals, with drastic side effects: he starts to act strange and temperamental. But there is more to this incident that the Titans would have suspected.
036 "Can I Keep Him?"


November 6, 2004 257-490 After defeating Johnny Rancid, the Titans return to the Tower only to find it half destroyed. It turns out Beast Boy has taken one of Killer Moth's silkworms as a pet and has named it 'Silkie'. To stop Silkie from being discovered, he gives him to Starfire who feeds him with alien food from her home planet, causing it to grow dramatically in size and causing quite a lot of problems.
037 "Bunny Raven... or ...How to Make A Titananimal Disappear"


January 8, 2005 257-491 When trying to stop The Amazing Mumbo, the Titans are sucked into his hat, stripped of their powers and transformed into animals. Thus, the Titans have to think of another trick to defeat Mumbo, otherwise they will disappear forever after Mumbo's Grand Show.
038 "Titans East - Part 1"


January 15, 2005 257-492 A new branch of the Titans is founded. Bearing the name Titans East, it consists of Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, and the super fast, Guatemalan twins Más y Menos. Cyborg goes to assist in building the Titans East Tower when Brother Blood suddenly shows up.
039 "Titans East - Part 2"


January 22, 2005 257-493 To Cyborg's shock, the Titans East reveal that they are under Brother Blood's control. Brother Blood then himself reappears with some shocking changes: he is now half robot, having used Cyborg's technology on himself. Cyborg barely manages to escape, and he calls the others for help.

Season Four: 2005

Season four comprised of thirteen episodes, aired over a period of six months between January 2005 and July 2005. This season is based on the Teen Titans comic, The Terror of Trigon. The story arc episodes of the fourth season focus on Raven's repressed emotions concerning her father, Trigon, and her destiny, which is to destroy the Earth, in preparation for her father's rule. The Teen Titans' final battle with Trigon, and Raven's renunciation of him as her father occur in the three-part season finale "The End".

These episodes were released on The Complete Fourth Season DVD on November 20, 2007. [9]

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
040 "Episode 257-494" (original working title: "Don't Touch That Dial") 1 January 17, 2005 257-494 Control Freak escapes from jail, and manages to enter the world of television. The Titans give chase, but Control Freak's excessive knowledge of TV causes great hardship. The better chance of the Titans is trusted in Beast Boy and his extensive knowledge, being on par with Control Freak's, in TV.
041 "The Quest" January 29, 2005 257-495 After losing a fight of martial arts with the villain Katarou, Robin travels to Asia to find a powerful master of martial arts, known as The True Master, to train him. In the meantime, the other Titans try to fill in the gap left by Robin in a rather unusual fashion. Starfire starts to miss Robin and does have flashbacks about him.
042 "Birthmark"


February 5, 2005 257-496 Slade makes an appearance to the Titans. While they scramble to discover how he survived Terra's attack, he targets Raven for unknown reasons. While they are fighting Slade, Raven freezes time then frees Robin from the time-freeze. However, Slade is not affected.
043 "Cyborg the Barbarian" February 12, 2005 257-497 Cyborg is accidentally thrown thousands of years into the past, and by coincidence comes to the aid of a woman named Sarasim, whose tribe is under attack by a horde of gruesome creatures. However, the battle wears out his batteries, and there is no place for him to recharge.
044 "Employee of the Month"


February 19, 2005 257-498 Amidst a series of UFO raids on farms (with the targets being cows, to everyone's mystification), Beast Boy wants a moped but has no money to get one of his own. Robin won't buy him one and Cyborg won't build one, so the only way for him to get one is to get a job at Mega Meaty Meat, a restaurant which sells nothing but meat. Beast Boy manages to overcome his distaste for meat in order to get the job, but his workplace proves to be more than just a restaurant.
045 "Troq" May 9, 2005 257-499 Val-Yor, an alien from another planet enlists the help of the Titans to fight an enemy. However, Starfire later finds out that he greatly dislikes Tamaraneans such as Starfire, calling them troqs. Troq means nothing. Later, the rest of the team finds out.
046 "The Prophecy"


June 4, 2005 257-500 Raven has been hiding a dark secret. As the Titans attempt to discover why Slade is after her, Raven is forced into facing the truth: she is destined to end the world.
047 "Stranded"


June 11, 2005 257-501 When being attacked by an alien in outer space, the Titans inadvertently split the T-Ship apart. Stranded and separated on several different areas of an alien planet, the Titans must now find each other again. In addition, Beast Boy displays a bad hand in technological skills, even with simplified instructions from Cyborg; Raven encounters a band of diminutive but cordial aliens and Robin and Starfire have to come to terms with their affection for each other.
048 "Overdrive" June 18, 2005 257-502 Cyborg installs a new computer chip into his circuits, greatly increasing his speed and efficiency. But when a multiplying metahuman, Billy Numerous, appears on the scene, Cyborg may give up a lot to try and catch him.
049 "Mother Mae-Eye" June 25, 2005 257-503 Using an enchanted pie accidentally brought by Cyborg, Mother Mae-Eye manages to induce mind-control over all the Titans, mentally regressing them into obedient, sweet "children" who regard her as their mother. When Starfire is accidentally knocked out of the villain's mind-control by a lamp light at the mall during a mission against the H.I.V.E. Five, she realizes the truth behind Mother and attempts to bring her fellow Titans' minds back to maturity.
050 "The End - Part 1"


July 2, 2005 257-504 Raven discovers that this is the day she has feared her whole life -- the day she will end the world. She does everything she can to make her friends' last day on Earth a happy one before it's too late.
051 "The End - Part 2"


July 9, 2005 257-505 Raven is destroyed. Now the four remaining Titans plus an embittered Slade must stop Trigon and his minions. Their only defense is the Ring of Azar, which is given to them by Slade for protection. While Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy fight Trigon, Robin Follows Slade to find Raven.
052 "The End - Part 3"


July 16, 2005 257-506 Slade reveals that his humanity was taken away when Trigon brought him back to life. Robin finds the younger version of Raven who has been stripped of her powers. Meanwhile, the other Titans are fighting for their lives against evil doppelgangers of themselves. Raven and Robin manage to escape and rejoin the other Titans in the final battle against the biggest challenge that will determine the fate of the entire universe: Trigon the Terrible.

Season Five: 2005–2006

Season five comprised 13 episodes, aired over a period of four months between September 2005 and January 2006. These episodes were released on The Complete Fifth Season DVD on July 22, 2008. The story arc episodes of this season focus on Beast Boy and his history with the Doom Patrol, as well as his maturity growing, and the Titans' first confrontation with the Brotherhood of Evil. Unlike the previous four seasons, the two-part episode "Homecoming" was the fifth season's premiere, not its finale. The final episode is Things Change, but Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo is considered the actual series finale.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
053 "Homecoming - Part 1"


September 24, 2005 507 The Doom Patrol, Beast Boy's former teammates, have been captured and Beast Boy and the Titans must find them. Later, they discover that the Doom Patrol have been taken captive by their worst enemies, the Brotherhood of Evil.
054 "Homecoming - Part 2"


October 1, 2005 508 The Doom Patrol are now saved. Beast Boy rejoins the team, and they are prepared to stop the Brotherhood of Evil once and for all; but the Brotherhood also makes preparations for destroying the Titans and their allies...
055 "Trust"


October 8, 2005 509 The Brotherhood of Evil is targeting young superheroes across the globe. In order to faciliate this plan, Madame Rouge goes after Honorary Titan Hot Spot.
056 "For Real"

1, 5

October 15, 2005 510 While the Teen Titans are fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, the Titans East come to Jump City to watch over, but they have some trouble getting accepted as 'real' Titans. In addition, Control Freak has escaped prison and is ready to face off against the Teen Titans - but not against the Titans East.
057 "Snowblind" October 29, 2005 511 On a mission in Siberia, Starfire gets lost in a snowstorm and befriends a hero called Red Star. But Red Star harbors a dark secret.
058 "Kole "


November 5, 2005 512 The Teen Titans face off against a new and improved Doctor Light at a polar ice cap, and they discover two new heroes, Kole and Gnarrk.
059 "Hide and Seek"

1, 5

November 12, 2005 513 While the other Titans are fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, Raven has to babysit three heroes called Melvin, Timmy Tantrum, and Teether, who are starting to develop their powers. However, Monsieur Mallah is after the three young heroes.
060 "Lightspeed"

3, 5

December 3, 2005 514 The Titans East is called back to Steel City and the HIVE Five takes advantage of their absence to steal and rob unhindered. But a new hero called Kid Flash suddenly appears and hampers them on several occasions, though at the same time he approaches Jinx. When she discovers he is wanted by Madame Rouge, Jinx finds herself in a difficult situation.
061 "Revved Up"


December 10, 2005 515 Ding Dong Daddy steals a briefcase from Robin, containing his most prized possession. The only way for him to get it back is to beat Ding Dong Daddy in a race.
062 "Go!" December 17, 2005 516 The origin of the Teen Titans is explained in this episode, revealing that everything started when an alien girl escaping her imprisonment crashed on Earth.
063 "Calling All Titans!"


January 7, 2006 517 After months of fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, the Teen Titans come back to Jump City. However, they must recruit some young heroes before the Brotherhood of Evil attacks them. The final battle has started.
064 "Titans Together"


January 14, 2006 518 Beast Boy, Pantha, Más, Herald, and Jericho are the only Titans that have escaped the Brotherhood of Evil's plan. Now they must save the other Titans before it is too late. Kid Flash and Jinx join in to help in this final battle.
065 "Things Change"


January 16, 2006 519 The Teen Titans return home and must come to accept some changes that has taken place during their absence. During a fight, Beast Boy spots a young high school girl who greatly resembles Terra, but she has no memories of her past with the Titans or romance with Beast Boy. Beast Boy tries many things to try and get her to remember but to no avail. After a encounter with Slade, Beast Boy is forced to make one of the toughest choices of his life: To let go of the past and move forward.

1 - the Japanese intro theme (light episode)
2 - the Japanese intro theme with Larry's background voice
3 - the final seconds of the opening show and the H.I.V.E. Five interrupting with Jinx saying, "We are the H.I.V.E. Five and this is our show now"
4 - the episode is an integral part of the season's main plot
5 - the episode briefly refers to the main plot of Season 5


This is a half-length (12-minute) episode that was featured on Postopia.com, the Post Cereals Web site for children, as part of an online promotional campaign. It has never been broadcast on television. [10] [11]

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
001 "The Lost Episode" January 11, 2005 256-520 A new villain called Punk Rocket creates chaos at a concert. A battle for Sonic Supremacy between him and the Teen Titans ensues.


A direct to TV and DVD movie based on the Teen Titans cartoon series was produced by Warner Bros.; it aired on Cartoon Network in the fall of 2006 and was released on DVD in February 2007. "The Lost Episode" was included as a bonus feature on the DVD.[3]

NOTE: Teen Titans Vs. Teen Titans GO! features the characters from the OG show, but the film doesn't connect to the canon of the OG Series. However, it remains on this wiki due to its inclusion of the OG Characters.

No Title Released Writer Director Overview
001 Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo September 15, 2006 David Slack Michael Chang, Ben Jones and Matt Youngberg When the Japanese villain Saico-Tek attacks Titans Tower, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy spring into action. Robin finds out that Saico-Tek was sent by a mysterious and menacing Japanese criminal known as Brushogun, so the Teen Titans travel to Tokyo in order to track the villain down. Meanwhile, Robin and Starfire must finally come to terms about their strong romantic feelings for each other.
002 Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans September 24, 2019 Marly Halpern-Graser and Jeremy Adams Jeff Mednikow In Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans, the comedic modern-day quintet takes on their 2003 counterparts when villains from each of their worlds join forces to pit the two Titan teams against each other. They'll need to set aside their differences and work together to save their Ravens by combatting Trigon, Hexagon, Santa Claus (that's right, Santa!) and time itself in order to save the multiverse.

Season Six: New Teen Titans (Unlikely to be produced)

As of December 2019, There are no plans for a sixth season. In December 2019, the first week sales numbers came in on the Crossover of Teen Titans Vs. Teen Titans GO!, The film only generated $226,858 in DVD and Blu Ray Sales making it the lowest DC Animation movie to make in sales. This result means that Season 6 is very unlikely to happen.

The following details of the unproduced Season 6 is found here The Unproduced Sixth Season of Teen Titans

On February 17, 2021. Warner Bros. announces that a Teen Titans Go! spin-off titled "Teen Titans Go! The Night begins to shine" is in the works, this dents more chances of a sixth season happening. The show is set to have a different tone.

On October 5, 2021, A leaked document revealed sixth season plans, the season was titled "New Teen Titans" , the documents revealed that the show was to return to its roots of focusing on the main characters as well as Starfire. [12]

On June 3, 2022, Tara Strong commented on a possible revival, expresses its now "possible" due to the Warner Bros. Discovery merger[13]



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