Lightning Round is the sixteenth episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


The episode starts off with Control Freak introducing his gameshow, "Quiz Freak", which was already mid-session, and makes a recap of the contestants' score. The Brain leads with 6.02 x 1023 points, followed by Psimon with 14,000,000,000,000 points, and Beast Boy dead last at -1 points. The host announces the start of the lightning round, where the loser gets zapped with real lightning. A metal helmet descends from the ceiling onto Beast Boy's head.

Control Freak chooses a category from the category board: Galactic Geography for 1,000 points, asking Beast Boy: "Of the five planets in the Upsilon Andromedae system, which one is farthest from the primary star?" , to which the hero uneasily guesses Mars. Beast Boy is shocked with lightning from his helmet. The crowd cheers.

Wrong answer! ZAP!

Meanwhile, Cyborg, who is standing off stage, hacks into the category board and replace with categories/questions which Beast Boy knows best. Seeing this chance to redeem himself, Beast Boy smirks and pumps himself up, thrashing every question on the board and breezing past first place with an even absurd amount of points.

The game ends and the metal helmet is removed from the Titan's head. Three more helmets fall from the ceiling onto the villains, shocking them and they land unconscious. Beast Boy on the other hand, was so exhausted from the round that his brain burst and he too fell on the ground unconscious.



  • The question which Control Freak asked Beast Boy is: Of the five planets in the Upsilon Andromedae system, which one is farthest from the primary star?. In reality, there are only four known planets in the system, the latest being discovered in 2010. Nevertheless, the correct answer would have been the planet "Upsilon Andromedae e", which currently does not have an official name.
  • Newfu is spelled as "Nufu" in this short.
  • Tamaranean is spelled as "Tamaranian" in this short.
  • In this short, Cyborg was not voiced by Khary Payton, but rather by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Cultural references

  • The quiz show is conducted in a similar format to Jeopardy!.
  • The Brain's score is 6.02 x 1023, which is equivalent to the Avogadro number, the amount of particles in one mole of a substance.


  • At the start of the quiz show, the initial category board had six columns (categories). This was reduced to just five at its closeup (while Control Freak chooses a category for Beast Boy), before reverting back to six after Cyborg hacks the board.
  • Beast Boy calls for "Terra's Fave Stuff" instead of "Beast Boy's Fave Stuff" as shown on the adjusted category board.
  • Beast Boy answers "Super Triple Patty Bacon Extra Cheese Pizza Burger", as one of his "Fave Fast Food Dish", which is not possible given that Beast Boy is a vegetarian.


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