Kwiz Kid

Kwiz Kid in the comics

Kwiz Kid is a teenaged villain, who made his first appearence in Teen Titans Go!' Issue #15, Pop Quiz.

Character History

He first appeared in the Teen Titans Go! comic Pop Quiz. He kidnaps Kitten and the Titans defeat him after they solve the riddles and quizzes that are spread around the city. In the end it turned out that Kwiz Kid was Kitten's new boyfriend, and that she was just using him to have Robin "rescue" her. The tables are turned when Kwiz Kid reveals in turn that he just was using her to lure the Titans to his base, as he was more interested in matching wits with Robin than in her. After discovering this, Kitten dumps him and slaps him, only to find out that he had long since escaped, and left a hologram projection of himself in his place. He later appears in the comic, When Chibis Attack, another Teen Titans Go! comic. He later joins Psimon's team of villains called the Fearsome Five in the Teen Titans Go! comic of the same name where he fought the Titans again and lost.

Physical Appearance

Kwiz Kid is a human teenager with sandy hair. He wears a green and black bodysuit with an orange Question mark on his chest. He also wears a mask that resembles Robin' and Speedy's


Kwiz Kid has the power to make quizzes and riddles pop up all over the place, and if the person gets the answer wrong then they cause harm.


  • He is very similar to the villain, The Riddler, from the Batman series.
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