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Krall is a barbarian warrior from an ancient past and an enemy of Cyborg and Sarasim. He was voiced by the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

Character history

Krall was a warrior in Sarasim's village, and on the surface a loyal member of her community. However, he was actually greedy and ambitious: He desired both Sarasim as his queen, and the position of the village's champion, which would put him into a more favorable position in winning her hand. For this purpose, he sought out the vault of a witch who had been cursed into eternal sleep, waking her and forcing her into his service.

Krall first ordered the witch to make him a hero; the witch responded by summoning an army of monsters whose strength and fighting abilities were even beyond Krall's, making it very difficult for him to even defeat one. Then he ordered her to "send [him] the strength" he needed to defeat them; the witch twisted the wording of his command by bringing Cyborg from the future, who managed to fight the creatures off, and was made champion in Krall's stead and also won the affection of Sarasim, to his shock and anger.

Krall, transformed into a monster

Infuriated, Krall decided to take direct measures: He lured Cyborg to the witch's abode, where she created a portal which could bring him back to his home time period. But just before entering the portal, Cyborg realized Krall's true agenda and refused to leave Sarasim to his mercy. Krall attacked him, but proved no match for Cyborg's strength, so he called out to the witch to give him more power. The witch granted his wish by having several of her minions merge with Krall, turning him into a monster himself. In this form Krall easily defeated Cyborg and, after casting him into a nearby river, prepared to march his new army against Sarasim's village. Cyborg, however, was at the last instant saved by Sarasim and her people and helped prepare them for the final battle after telling her of Krall's involvement with the monster attacks and his being sent to the past.

The very same night, Krall attacked his former village. While his minions dealt with the villagers and kept Cyborg away, he easily beat Sarasim to the ground. Krall declares that if he cannot be Sarasim's champion, then he would be her destroyer. Cyborg made ready to use his last power reserves to direct a sonic blast at Krall, but was then pulled back into his own time by Raven's magic. Back in the present, however, Raven presented Cyborg with an old book which chronicled the battle, in which he learned that Sarasim had won nonetheless, standing over Krall's dead body and bringing peace to her village at last.


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