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"Kole" is the fifty-eighth episode of Teen Titans and the sixth episode of Season 5.


The Teen Titans face off against a new and improved Doctor Light at a polar ice cap, and fall under the ice to a land that resembles the earth when dinosaurs reigned. While fighting Utahraptors, the Titans are saved by Kole, a girl who can turn into crystal, and Gnarrk, a Neanderthal. The pair easily defeats the dinosaurs and invites the Titans to their home. Cyborg beats Gnarrk in an eating contest, and thinking that Kole will like Cyborg better than him because of this, Gnarrk leaves. Kole goes to him and tells him he will always be her best friend. Then they are attacked by Doctor Light, who wants to use Kole's power to create a power beam. Doctor Light escapes with Kole, and the Titans and Gnarrk set out on an expedition to rescue her. During their trek, Gnarrk shows his excellent tracking skills. They confront Doctor Light and his machine, where Gnarrk has to choose between his best friend or his technophobia. After several failed attempts, Cyborg throws a wrench to Gnarrk and he manages to disable the machine. After defeating Doctor Light, Robin gives Kole a Titans Communicator and tells Kole and Gnarrk to call them if they need help. The episode ends with the Brain and the Brotherhood of Evil locating Kole through her communicator.


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  • This is the only episode in which Doctor Light did confront Raven and isn't scared of her.
  • The prehistoric animals in the underground world include a herd of Parasaurolophus, a Pteranodon, and a pack of Utahraptors.
  • When Gnarrk tries to release Kole using Cyborg's spanner, he starts by turning the screw anti-clockwise, which should actually tighten the screw rather than loosen it. This was probably in order to show the caveman's unfamiliarity with such tools and why he eventually resorts to brute force in order to release Kole.
  • Some of the creatures that Beast Boy transforms into like the ground sloth, saber-tooth cat and mammoth while stuck in the tar pits have actually been found as fossils at La Berea Tar Pits in California. This may be an intentional reference by the writers.


  • When they first confront Doctor Light, Starfire is the only Titan not to be wearing winter gear, implying that Tamaranean skin is immune to Arctic cold. This was also proven in the previous episode "Snowblind".  However, in "How Long is Forever?", she is shown being cold in the future.
  • This is the second time where Beast Boy transforms into a Megatherium. The first time was in "Titan Rising".

Cultural references


  • When Raven said to Beast Boy, "Hey, genius, I think she means try it in their language.", Cyborg's left ear is human instead of metal.
  • Before the scene show Doctor Light , while on a tree limb, spying on the Titans while following Kole and Gnarkk, the top of Cyborg's head is gray instead of his skin color.
  • When Gnarkk and Kole are getting food for the Titans, Cyborg's right ear is metal instead of human when the shot shows his back, sitting on the table.
  • In the shot before Robin swings his staff, the light bulb on Doctor Light's chest has gone out.


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