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Quote1.pngWhat? You think only big guys can be strong?Quote2.png
―Kole to Cyborg[src]

Kole is a young superheroine and an Honorary Titan.

Character History


Kole is a girl who fled the surface world from unscrupulous people who wanted to abuse her crystal powers for their own personal doom. Under circumstances yet to be revealed, she found her way into a subterranean prehistoric world under the frozen Arctic, where she met the neanderthal Gnarrk who would become her friend. She lived there peacefully until the Teen Titans literally dropped by following a confrontation with Doctor Light. Doctor Light had created a levitation device which could feed the light of the arctic auroras into his armor and body, making himself even more formidable, but the synthetic diamond he used as a focusing element had proven inadequate. Upon seeing Kole's powers in action, Doctor Light attempted to use her as a new focusing element, but luckily she was saved by Gnarrk and the Teen Titans, who subsequently made her an Honorary Titan member.

At some earlier point she bothered the Titans with testing the communicators which connected the Titans around the world, but not long after she and Gnarrk fought Billy Numerous and Gizmo acting under commands from the Brotherhood of Evil. She and Gnarrk fought them off and later joined Cyborg in aiding the other heroes in the final battle against the Brotherhood. Afterwards she was seen at Titans Tower beside Gnarrk, socializing with the other Titans, and subsequently joined the Titans to battle Doctor Light, who had just robbed a bank.


Kole has navy blue eyes and pink hair with two parts of it in the shape of small antennae on top. Her outfit consists of a white blouse with a blue collar, light blue sleeves made to look like crystals, a dark blue skirt and white boots. Her body is smaller than her head and she is shorter than Beast Boy, so she could be the youngest teenager in the series.


She is a friendly, kind, and nice girl who hates when people abuse her powers for their own selfish gain, which is the main reason she abandoned society to live in the subterranean Antarctic. She is very sociable and hospitable, offering the Titans food and saving them from being eaten by dinosaurs. She is close to Gnarrk who has feelings for her and she cares for him (though it remains to be known if these feelings are platonic or romantic on her part).

She also took slight offense when Cyborg suggested that because she was a little girl it didn't seem likely she was strong, retorting to him if he thought only big guys can be tough. This implies she hates being underestimated or that she doesn't like the perceived remark as being sexist.


Teen Titans

Season 5

New Teen Titans shorts

Teen Titans Go!

Powers and Abilities

Kole in action


Organic crystal Form: Kole has the ability to turn her body into an strong crystal substance (much like that of diamond). In this form, she is near invulnerable, as she could take a direct hit from Starfire's starbolt without coming to harm. Usually she would have Gnarrk use her as a weapon or tool in this form (such as a club, a cutting knife or a boomerang). When crystallized, Kole can also absorb energy without harm and increase its intensity, or deflect hostile energy blasts. It is notable to mention that Kole is completely conscious in her crystal form, but mostly she appears incapable of moving on her own in her transformed state.

Cryo Immunity: Due to being from Siberia, Kole is completely immune to the sub zero temperatures of Siberian shelf. This ability may be enhanced by her crystal form.


Kole is a proficient gymnast, as shown spinning and twirling around multiple times without fatigue.


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  • In the comics, Kole had much more crystal-based powers, as she could actually make crystals out of thin air and fly.
  • Her name, Kole, may have been derived from the Russian city Kola, which is apparently near the Arctic Circle.
  • In one goof scene in the episode "Kole", she is seen moving inside her bubble entrapment while in crystal form.
  • In the comics, Kole's main love interest is Jericho, though they never interact in the animated series or Go! comics.
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