Knockoff! is issue #23 of Teen Titans Go!.


Red X reappears in the city, but seems to be in more than one place. The Titans managed to trace the thefts into a Comic-Con and discover that someone else is the master mind.




  • A "Knock off" is another word for a copy or clone.


  • Raven had her mouth patched up with a Red X plaster, in the same manner from "Masks".
  • This is the only Teen Titans Go! issue featuring Control Freak.

Cultural references

  • There are many references to popular shows and movies throughout the story.
    • Mentioned in the comic:
      • "Warp Trek" - Star Trek. Cyborg was seen quoting "Grow big and flourish" (which is a twist of Spock's "Live long and prosper"), coupled with a Vulcan salute.
      • "Battleship Galaxia" - Battlestar Galactica.
      • "The Courageous and the Cocky" - The Brave and the Bold comic series.
      • "Star Warriors" - Star Wars. Beast Boy also mentions "Rhea Berganza", referencing Princess Leia Organa.
      • "Powder Puff Girls" - Powerpuff Girls.
      • "Gung-ho Joe" - G.I. Joe.
      • "Haas Bros." - Hasbro, a board game company.
      • "Raiders of the Last Temple" - Indiana Jones' Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    • From various books/banners:
      • "Lord of the Earrings" - Lord of the Rings.
      • "Tallville" - Smallville.
      • "Doctor Why" - Doctor Who.
      • "Hyper Man" - Superman.
      • "Tom and Eddie" - Tom and Jerry.
    • Cosplays:
      • Flash.
      • Chewbacca of the Star Wars franchise.
      • Sailor Moon.


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