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Quote1.pngMy name is Killowat. I am a Teen Titan of two worlds, two different realities: the one you know, right here, right now, and one you don't want to know...Quote2.png

Killowat is a superhero and a Honorary Titan.

Character History

In the animated series, nothing is revealed about Killowat's origin, his career as a superhero or how he came to be contacted by the Teen Titans and initiated as an Honorary Titan. He lived on a solar panel farm in Seattle, Washington, where he apparently sustained himself on the electricity converted from solar energy.

Killowat ready to take on the Brotherhood of Evil

As a young superhero, he became a target for the Brotherhood of Evil. In Lightspeed, the H.I.V.E. Five were scrolling though Honorary Titans trying to make a match to Kid Flash, and Killowat was seen briefly on the screen. Later, Control Freak attacked him, but his auxiliaries from the TV Dimension proved useless against Killowat's power. Just before Control Freak would face extreme retribution, however, the Puppet King intervened and tackled Killowat. Killowat was defeated and added as a flash-frozen trophy into the Brotherhood's victory collection inside their base, but the Titans who escaped the simultaneous world-wide attacks joined together in a final assault. During the fight, Más y Menos managed to unfreeze the Titans already captured, and Killowat quickly joined the fight. He helped the Titans secure their victory by absorbing Overload's body and leaving the circuit card, rendering him unable to move. Following their victory, he socialized with his fellow Titans in Titans Tower and later helped the rest of the Titans capturing Doctor Light.

Teen Titans Go!

Killowat's origins are detailed in the Teen Titans Go! comic series (issue #48). He originated from a parallel Earth, where he was a member of the Teen Titans as well, but his home town had been overrun by the local villains (most particularly Slade). Killowat came into this universe when Raven, while meditating, heard his cry for help from his own universe, where he had been worn down by his opponent, and in order to save him, she pulled him into her own.

Killowat assisted the Teen Titans during many crises until Raven thought she found a way to send him home. However, she actually sent Killowat to another dimension where he was attacked and knocked unconscious by the Teen Tyrants. He was held captive at the Tyrants' base as they were trying to learn the secrets of the Brotherhood of Justice. Back at Titans Tower, Raven woke up, startled, as she realized her mistake. She then opened a portal, where the Titans were transported to the Teen Tyrants' base. The Teen Titans were worn down and eventually subdued, until Gemini showed up with the Brotherhood of Justice (good versions of Psimon, Mammoth, Madam Rouge, and Dr. Light). Starfire rescued Killowat as the Brotherhood of Justice defeated the Tyrants. Raven asked the Herald for help and together, they were able to summon multiple doors leading to different dimensions. Killowat saw his friend Mirage (Raven), along with Battalion (Cyborg) and Nightwing (Robin) battling Slade's army. Killowat thanked all the Titans for their help and jumped into the portal, finally at home.


Killowat is a well-muscled Titan with blue skin. He has magenta lightning bolts running down from his shoulders and waist to a white circle on his chest and back, which is where he stores electricity. There are also two additional magenta lightning bolts running from his eyes to his jawline. His eyes are pure white with no pupils and have a small, black spike sticking out from the corner of them, which resembles eyelashes. His uniform consists of black gloves which are blue on his fingers, black boots, and black underwear. Killowat's gloves, boots, and underwear all have a magenta zig-zag pattern right above them. Killowat doesn't seem to have any hair except for a magenta, lightning bolt shaped strand on the tip of his forehead. It is unknown what Killowat's human form looks like.


Because Killowat receives very little screen time, it's hard to tell in detail what his full behavior is. However, we can conclude that Killowat is a very serious individual. He doesn't seem to be one for much talk, including when he's fighting. As shown in Calling All Titans, Killowat prefers to let his opponents know who they're dealing with. He gave Control Freak a moment to surrender instead of going right to beating him senseless. In the Teen Titans Go! comics, his personality is a little more written out. He seems to worry a lot about his friends, and he respects them to no end (especially Raven). Killowat seems to depend on his friends a lot, however, because there are quite a few times where he found himself in danger and needed help. When he had to go home at the end of the issue, Killowat sadly thanked all the Titans for their help.

Control Freak's in trouble!

Powers and Abilities

Killowat is able to absorb electricity, the exact amount of which is unknown. Killowat is also able to shoot magenta colored electric bolts which he used to defeat Control Freak. This is assumed to be his main method of attacking. Killowat is also capable of teleporting through electricity. He can fly in the comics, and does possess a limited amount of strength, though not stronger than Puppet King. Also, Killowat has gifted knowledge over electrical devices, as he was able to sustain himself on a solar panel farm. Due to his electrokinesis, he is able to destroy many electrical appliances and electrical related stuff, as seen in "Calling All Titans!". His electricity has three different colors—magenta for attacking, blue for absorbing, and yellow for teleportation. It also seems that Killowat has some experience with hand to hand combat, also seen in Calling All Titans. He was seen punching Control Freak's monster, destroying it. When he fights hand to hand combat however, his hands glow in electric energy. Killowat also has some degree of stealth, shown when he was able to sneak up on Control Freak in a couple of seconds despite being a good distance away.

  • Electrokinesis: Killowat has the power to absorb and release electricity.
    • Magneta Bolts: Killowat uses magneta bolts to attack.
    • Electrical Absorption: Killowat can absorb electricity as seen when he absorbed Overload in "Titans Together".
      • Blue Bolts: Killowat uses blue bolts to absorb electronic components.
    • Yellow Bolts: Killowat uses yellow bolts for teleportation.
  • Technological Knowledge: Killowat has significant technological knowledge, as seen when he was able to survive on a solar panel farm.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat: Killowat is seen to be a good hand-to-hand fighter, as seen when he defeated Control Freak's many monsters in "Calling All Titans!".
  • Flight/Levitation: In the Teen Titans Go! comics, Killowat is seen to have the ability to fly.
  • Stealth: Killowat has a small degree of stealth, as seen when he sneaked up to Control Freak during the events of "Calling All Titans!".


Killowat's powers can be short-circuited by water. Also, shown in Teen Titans Go! issue #48, Wrong Place Wrong Time, Killowat can be trapped by large amounts of foam.


Teen Titans

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New Teen Titans shorts

Teen Titans Go!


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  • In the Teen Titans Go! series, in issue #48, Killowat's electric bolts are a different color than they are in the cartoon version. Also, he wears gloves that reveal his fingers in that issue, but in the cartoon, his gloves cover his fingers. He has spoken in the comic issue, so it is proven that he is not mute, but he does not speak in the cartoon.
  • Where he actually resides remains unknown, but according to the compass showed in "Calling All Titans!", he is within the northwestern states.
  • Killowat has the least screen time of all the Titans (except Wonder Girl, who has not made a direct appearance in the cartoon).
  • In the original DC Comics, Killowat had other powers that were not shown in this version of Killowat. Killowat had superhuman strength and flight abilities, and this version doesn't seem to have these powers.
  • Killowat bears very little similarities to the DC comics version. His DC form was just a blue humanoid with purple zig-zags all over him, and he seemed bald.
  • It is unknown how Killowat obtained his communicator.
  • Killowat's hair is similar to Thunderbolt's from the Justice League Unlimited animated series, who also has pink lightning bolts for hair. However, Killowat only has one whereas Thunderbolt has three.
  • Killowat's overall design bears resemblance to Inazuman, a Japanese superhero from the 1970s created by manga artist and writer Shotaro Ishinomori.
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