Kidz Korner 4 Kidz is the twelfth episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


The short opens with a title card for a children's television show called, "Kidz Korner 4 Kidz."

Robin starts off the show with a segment called, "Where's Beast Boy?" and displays a picture of honorary Titans in different poses. Robin leaps in front of the camera with a dopey grin and asks if the children see Beast Boy. Robin invites them to look again before the screen cuts into the next segment.

The screen is now cut into quarters. Cyborg, Starfire, and Aqualad are in each corner bouncing a ball, while Raven is reading a book in the last corner. Cyborg begins to sing a song, asking the children to find which Titan is doing something different than the rest. Raven spoils the game by saying she is reading a book and leaves.

Starfire teaching the children a new Tamaranean word

The next segment shows Starfire in the kitchen, teaching the children a Tamaranean word ("plargbork"). She starts by pronouncing the word in two syllables, going faster each time until the full word is read aloud together. Soon after, a small blue animal appears on the counter (which is assumed to be a "plargbork") and Starfire eats it whole.

Back in Robin's segment, te tells the audience that Beast Boy is in the picture somewhere. While the camera closes up on the picture, Beast Boy runs in from the left side of the picture and hops into place, revealing that he was not in the picture the entire time. The camera pans back to show a disappointed Boy Wonder.





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