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Quote1.pngYour journey to find the true master ends now.Quote2.png
―Katarou, to Robin[src]

Katarou is a villain and enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character history

Katarou was a martial arts master gone criminal whose greatest ambition was to train with the True Master. However, his first attempt to do so was unsuccessful, so he devised another plan. Learning of Robin's fighting prowess, he went to Jump City, stealing a valuable staff in the process, and easily fended off Robin's attacks. Upon Robin's question where he had learned to fight like that, Katarou cunningly implied that he had been trained by the True Master before he escaped with the staff, leaving Robin vexed and humiliated.

In order to improve his fighting skills, Robin traveled to Asia to seek out the True Master, and despite his own impatience and the tests waiting for him on the way, he managed to make his way up the Master's mountain retreat. But this was all part of Katarou's plan: By letting Robin pass the tests in his stead and following him immediately afterward, and then intercepting Robin before he could see the Master, Katarou would claim the apprenticeship for himself. However, Robin managed to beat him using his newfound experiences from his journey, and the True Master, who had surreptitiously watched Robin's progress, denounced Katarou as a thief and a cheater and had him thrown off the mountain, dashing his chances of ever training under her forever.

Later, Katarou joined the Brotherhood of Evil. When the Brotherhood unleashed its plans and started to capture Titans, Katarou went to Japan, brawled Bushido and defeated him. However, during the final battle, Bushido got his revenge by kicking him square in the face, knocking him out. It is worth noting that Katarou got hit plenty of times, but was never knocked unconscious by those attacks.

Teen Titans Go!

Katarou's superhuman strength bestowed by the gem.

Katarou appeared in issue #24 possessing the red gem similar to Master of Games'. He absorbed several civilians and gained superhuman strength. However, the red gem was destroyed by Starfire and the remains were kept by the Titans. He tried to infiltrate and steal the remains of the gem to reconstruct it, but was defeated once again by the Titans.

Powers and abilities

Katarou is a master of the martial arts in armed and unarmed combat, and also a skilled acrobat. Also, he has enhanced stamina, strength, and speed.


Teen Titans

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Season 5

Teen Titans Go!


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  • Katarou's outfit is similar to DC Comic's Deadman.
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