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Kardiak is an artificial entity resembling a giant heart. He is a supervillain and an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character history

The exact origin of Kardiak's creation and villainous background is unknown, as is his affinity to kidnap small children. Apparently he was constructed for kidnapping purposes, but somehow went renegade and made out on his own.

Kardiak first clashed with the Titans when he attempted to abduct a young boy from a play ground. While the attempt was foiled, the Titans were unable to take him down until Raven used her powers to literally rip him apart. The fragments fell into the local sewer system, and left alone, Kardiak managed to reconstitute himself within a week. He promptly undertook another attempt, this time succeeding in kidnapping a small girl from her bedroom. The Titans intervened before Kardiak could get away, but during the fight Raven attempted to use her new magical powers she had learned from Malchior, which went out of control and threatened to consume both Kardiak and the child. The others managed to interrupt the power feed, meanwhile, saving the girl.

Later on, Kardiak was recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil, who were targeting young superheroes around the world for elimination. Under their orders, Kardiak ambushed Beast Boy as he flew to the aid of Aqualad, but Beast Boy fought back and defeated him. Later on, Kardiak was back among the villains when the Titans commenced an all-out assault on the Brotherhood's base. While surviving the first round, Kardiak was defeated by Cyborg in the second phase, Kardiak was frozen like the rest of the villains even though unseen by the public.


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Powers and abilities

Kardiak's structure is apparently composed of nanite technology, allowing him to control his body structure at will. This ranges from producing tentacles, forming functional mechanical devices from them, and regenerate himself from even vast amounts of damage. He also has the ability to fly, and its heart-shaped center serves as a holding area for his prisoners, whom he sucks inside via his hollow tentacles.


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  • Kardiak represents the metaphor of the broken-hearted in the episode "Spellbound".
  • The name "Kardiak" is a play on the word "cardiac". Similarly in When Chibis Attack, Robin's line "Kardiak, you're under arrest" is of course a pun on the medical term cardiac arrest.
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