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Quote1.pngThat's because.... I was just warming up!Quote2.png
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Hot Spot is a superhero and an Honorary Titan.

Character history

Little is known about Hot Spot's past history, but he appears to be the denizen of Morocco. For a long time, he worked as a solo hero until he was yanked off to another dimension by the Master of Games, to compete in a "Tournament of Heroes". He was pitted against Robin and lost, and was sucked into the Master's ruby amulet, which enabled its wearer to employ its captives' powers for himself. However, Robin managed to defeat the Master and release Hot Spot along with the other heroes. Robin then thanked Hot Spot and all the other contenders and granted them Honorary Titans; all of whom were given a Titans Communicator.

Hot Spot as a human.

The communicator eventually became a centerpiece in the plans of the Brotherhood of Evil. After an attempt to capture Wildebeest's com device had failed, Madame Rouge was sent after Hot Spot. With the aid of her shape-shifting powers, she impersonated Robin and tried to trick Hot Spot into surrendering his communicator, but eventually Hot Spot saw through the deception and smashed his com at Madame Rouge's feet. However, Robin appeared on the scene a short time later, and while separated from each other, Hot Spot was overpowered and kidnapped by Rouge, who had his appearance and tricked Robin into leaving her a new communicator.

Hot Spot was brought to the Brotherhood's headquarters, where he joined Wildebeest in captivity as a flash-frozen victory trophy. But when the Titans mounted a joint assault on the Brotherhood, he and the other captives were freed by Más y Menos and promptly joined the fight. Hot Spot helped the Titans secure their victory by defeating I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. , and in the end he, Wildebeest, and Jinx exacted their revenge on Madame Rouge by throwing her into the freeze ray. Afterward, he appeared in Titans Tower socializing with the other heroes and later aided the Titans in bringing Doctor Light to justice once more.


Hot Spot has yellow and red skin, with white eyes, and seems to be bald. His wrists and hands are also the same color, and whilst his uniform covers the rest of his body, it is assumed that the rest of his skin is the same. His uniform consists of a dark red one piece, with a big red collar. In his human form, Hot Spot has brown skin and has a thin layer of black hair.


Hot Spot is probably the most short tempered member of the Honorary Titans. He despises when people tell him what to do, and is one of the more independent Titans, preferring to work alone. He hates to power down, and gets angry when people suggest he do so. When fighting, if too much stress is placed upon him, he will hit a point where his rage cannot get bigger, and he causes a fiery explosion.

Powers and abilities

Quote1.pngHot Spot, a human flamethrower with a fiery temper to match.Quote2.png
Master of Games[src]

Hot Spot has the ability to convert his body's flesh into an unknown fiery substance. Upon concentration, he can actually generate flames from his hands, which he either hurls offensively (as fire blasts or fire balls) or employs for flying or enhanced jumps by directing a continuous fire burst towards the ground. As seen in the competition of heroes, when Master of Games was using Hot Spot's power, he shot a white laser beam which melted the ground when Robin dodge, so it was presumed it was heat vision. Hot Spot also is quite agile and has fast reflexes. Hot Spot also has some level of superhuman durability and endurance as he has survived being smashed and slammed into buildings with superhuman force and tossed around by Madame Rouge like a rag doll. When irritated or angry, Hot Spot creates a small flame on his head which creates immense heat that shifts the temperature around him while illuminating dark areas. This also allows him to go "Nova"; which causes him to be surrounded by an intense sphere of fire and heat that he can then throw at his enemy, causing a large explosion and demolishing anything hit by it. He can also manipulate heat and make objects hotter, as seen in the episode "Trust" when he shot a fireball at a vase a thief was stealing. Instead of melting the vase, it simply made it too hot for the thief to hold.

He is presumed to be experienced in some forms of fighting, seeing as he was able to keep his hold against Robin. His hot touch can affect his enemy if he is fighting in hand to hand combat.


Since he has pyrokinetic abilities, it can be extremely dangerous when crossing flammable objects such as when he was walking through the oil field, the oil tanks around him sparked out flames at his presence. Also, he must be careful when he powers down because he does not seem to have any special athletic ability or powers when he is in human form.


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Video game appearances


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Hot Spot's mistake appearance in Titans Together.

  • In "Titans Together", when Beast Boy and his companions are captured after their first assault and brought before the Brotherhood leaders, Hot Spot is inexplicably found standing among the assembled villains, quite possibly due to an animation error. See XL Terrestrial and the Puppet King for more plot mistake examples in that episode.
  • Hot Spot was given his name because his original names from the DC Comics (Joto and Slagger) were inappropriate in other languages (Joto, as well as meaning heat in Swahili is an offensive Latin-American Spanish word for gay people). Also, his skin was not red and yellow, and his powers were not fire based.
  • Hot Spot seems to swear when he's really angry, as shown in the Teen Titans Go! issue "Anger Management".
  • In Teen Titans Go!, it is shown that Hot Spot can speak fluent Classic Arabic.
  • In the original comics, after getting his powers and joining the Titans, he kept a journal about his time with the Titans; one entry was about having a crush on fellow teammate Argent. However, their friendship/relationship was never shown in the TV show.
  • He bears striking resemblance to the character Alan Albright from the Ben 10: Alien Force series, in the following terms:
    • Both have a human form and a special fiery form.
    • Both share the same head, black hair and very tan skin in Human Form. They also strikingly resemble each other in terms of their red/black colored appearance, and they share very similar head styles.
    • Both have pyrokinetic abilities, and can fly in different ways.
    • Both were allies to the main characters of their respective shows.
    • Both had trouble concentrating on their powers.
    • Both had a "tiring down" phase where their fires cooled down, limiting their abilities to a low degree.
    • As of Omniverse, both of them are voiced by Bumper Robinson.
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