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The Hooded Members of the H.I.V.E. Academy were workers under the administration of Brother Blood.


These Members of the H.I.V.E. served as authoritative figures amongst the students. Where they came from and other previous background information is unknown. After the villainous school's second destruction,

Hooded members seen having meals with the H.I.V.E. students

they were replaced by Brother Blood's Cyclones, which he temporally disguised with the same purple robes. Where they have gone since their second appearance is not available information.

Physical Description

These mysterious H.I.V.E. staff wore purple robes similar in design to Raven's blue cloak. The robes were fastened with the H.I.V.E. emblem (a capital yellow "H" on a black and yellow hexagon). The seemed to all have dark skin (or at least appear dark from shadow coverage), and their full faces were never seen.

Powers and Abilities

The Hooded Members were very intelligent with technology. They also were able to levitate, at least close to the ground. No other powers were mentioned or displayed, though they were always silent, so it is possible that they communicated telepathically. This theory is supported by the fact that Brother Blood used telepathy, and therefore, he could give these individuals instruction without informing those around them, and because there were usually some of them around him on a regular basis. They never appeared in any battles, so it is assumed they did not have developed fighting techniques, but were inept at escaping.


These villainous characters were always very serious and focused. However, when Cyborg was going through "initiation" at the Academy, they were seen laughing at him alongside students.


Brother Blood

The Hooded Members were completely loyal to Brother Blood. There was always a group of them by Brother Blood whenever he was in his office/command room. They were in charge of monitoring the performance of the H.I.V.E. students in training. They obeyed his every command. One was seen increasing the weight during Stone's lifting under the order of  Brother Blood. 

H.I.V.E. Students

The Hooded Members, though H.I.V.E. faculty, oversaw and apparently ate lunch with the students. They were seen sitting at tables beside students. They even would listen to them in a conversational manner, though they never replied. An example of this is Gizmo's comfortable comments to a Hooded Member in "Deception."