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"Homecoming - Part 1" is the fifty-third episode of the Teen Titans series and the first episode of the Season 5.


Beast Boy has to choose between saving the Doom Patrol, or destroy the generator

The episode opens with an encounter between The Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood of Evil, before Beast Boy became part of the Teen Titans. In the scene, the Doom Patrol attempted to stop the Brotherhood from activating a quantum generator capable of forming black holes and destroying everything in its path. As the rest of the Doom Patrol were immobilized, Beast Boy faced a dilemma between saving his team and destroying the generator. Beast Boy ultimately chose the former, with Negative Man executing the latter in place. In the aftermath Beast Boy was reprimanded by Mento for disobedience.

Beast Boy receives Mento's call for help

The episode then cuts to the times of the Titans, where Beast Boy was performing a small comedy act, in front of uninterested Titans (except for Starfire). They were then approached by a mechanical sphere who relays Mento's call for distress to Beast Boy in the Amazon jungle. There, the Titans discover the wreckage of the Doom Patrol's aircraft. Next, they find a lifeless Robot Man. After being repaired and reactivated by Cyborg, Robot Man suddenly dashes off to an empty wrecked facility, not aware that he had been deactivated for five months. With Beast Boy's assurance, and introducing the Titans to Robot Man, they set off to find the rest of the Doom Patrol.

Just then, they heard a disturbance within the jungle. Robot Man immediately rushes to find a mechanical tank cutting down trees. Though the Titans had difficulty taking it down, Robot Man did so otherwise by hijacking its controls. The Titans then decided to follow one of its many tanks as a trail to find the Doom Patrol and the Brotherhood of Evil, though Robot Man (being used to brawling his way through anything) was skeptical of their methods.

Beast Boy disagrees with Robot Man's handling of the mission

They eventually tracked down a large dam-like facility, housing another powerful device, both the Brotherhood and the now captured Doom Patrol. By this time Monsieur Mallah had now powered up the device with a quantum particle that was previously used on the generator. Night falls, and Robin sets up the plan to infiltrate the facility, before being approached by more tanks. The Titans succeeded this time, breaking through the facility walls with a tank, and engaged in a fight with the Brotherhood along with their robot army. After having defeated the army, the Titans and the Doom Patrol were then trapped in a force field, sans Beast Boy, leaving The Brain and Monsieur Mallah to attempt an escape on board a rocket, carrying the quantum particle with them. Once again Beast Boy falls into another dilemma in saving the heroes or stopping the Brotherhood from making their escape, further aggravated by the conflicting pleas between the Titans and the Doom Patrol.

Not again...

In the end, Beast Boy made the very same decision as he did in the beginning. While the Titans were thankful for Beast Boy saving their lives, Mento thought otherwise and blames Beast Boy's repeated insubordination, now that the Brotherhood has possession of another quantum generator. The Doom Patrol walks away to continue on their mission, leaving the Titans stunned.


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  • The Titans' finding of the inanimate Robot Man is based on a scene from the comic New Teen Titans #13 (November 1981).
  • Throughout the episode, Beast Boy refers to the Doom Patrol by their given names rather than hero names.
    • This episode implies most of Beast Boy's personality and antics are an act to mask his sadness with the Doom Patrol.
  • When Beast Boy plays the tuba, he plays the first few bars of the Teen Titans theme song.


Cultural references

  • The Doom Patrol theme music is a homage to 1960s spy/action movies – which embodies the tone of the Doom Patrol comic book of the 1960s.


  • When the Doom Patrol were introduced in the beginning of the flashback, Negative Man's belt had no buckle.
  • After Beast Boy answered Cyborg's question by telling him the messenger probe has found him, his chin accidentally turned into the same color as his human skin.
    • Also, his right arm turned grey instead of black.
  • While the locator pod was scanning Beast Boy to make sure it's him, the four Titans aren't in the kitchen behind him.


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