This is the transcript for the episode "Hide and Seek".


(Opening shot: a snow-capped mountain range under a peaceful morning sky. Tilt down slowly into the lush meadows that surround it and stop on an overhead view of a set of train tracks and a road that run parallel to one another. Set between them is a small station house. Cut to a close-up of Raven's feet, out in front of this building, and tilt up to her impatient face and crossed arms. Evidently, something is not happening soon enough for her liking, or it is late in happening to begin with. The natural features and the architecture suggest that we might be near the Swiss Alps, and the station is the Myrberg stop on this route.)

(Long shot of her, seen from some distance down the road, then back to the station. A glance in each direction shows only empty stretches of hard-packed dirt; now she pulls out her communicator and flips it open.)

Raven: Raven calling Robin. Over.

(Close-up of the static-filled screen, which resolves into an image of Beast Boy's beaming face. Behind him is a rocky landscape under a blazing sun.)

Beast Boy: Robin's communicator. May I help you?

Raven: (annoyed) Beast Boy, put Robin on.

Beast Boy: He's fighting crime at the moment. Perhaps I can be of assistance?

Raven: I'm at the train station and no one's here. Are you sure I'm in the right place?

Beast Boy: Yep. That's the pickup spot. (Stays on the screen.)

Raven: (from o.c.) What if they don't show? (Long shot of her, panning slowly.) Am I supposed to just hang around here in the middle of nowhere forever? (The screen again.)

Beast Boy: Stay put. Robin's trusting you to meet that team and take them to the place where the Brotherhood of Evil can't get to them.

(During this line, cut back to her; on the end of it, an engine is heard growling in the distance. She flicks a more vexed glance in its direction and finds a bus rolling toward the station. It pulls in, blocking her from view entirely; overhead shot of the area as it pulls away, kicking up as much dust as it did while braking. At ground level, the screen slowly clears with a little help from Raven's mildly disgruntled fanning and she looks straight ahead. Cut to behind her and tilt up, revealing absolutely no one across the way where the bus would have let them out, then back to a close-up. Now she aims a mildly worried look at the departing rear fender, but a tug at her cloak from below on the other side shakes her out of it.)

Raven: Huh?

(Cut to just over her shoulder; off to this side are three very young children. The oldest is a girl, perhaps six or seven, with blond hair tied in two pigtails. Her shirt is white, stenciled with a large magenta M, and she wears a cape and skirt in this latter color and magenta/white boots. Next is a boy of four or five, who is still holding the cloak hem. He has tousled yellow-orange hair and freckles, and sports a yellow shirt and tights with red gloves, shorts, and boots. His chest displays a small fireball containing a T, and a blue blanket drags from his free hand. The youngest is a boy, no more than two; he has a single tuft of blond hair and is dressed in a set of "footie" pajamas. Tied around his neck is a bib marked with a large tooth. These are Melvin, Timmy, and Teether, respectively.)

Timmy: Are you Raven?

(Cut to her and zoom in slightly; her face flushes with disgust as she realizes that she, of all people, has drawn day care duty.)

Raven: You've gotta be kidding.

(Fade to black.)

OPENING THEME (sung in Japanese)

Act One

(Opening shot: a long shot of the station, zooming in slowly through the fence across the far side of the road. Raven eyes the three little spuds wordlessly; cut to them and pull back to frame her. Turning away, she fires up her communicator again.)

Raven: (sharply) Robin! (Beast Boy is on screen again.)

Beast Boy: Robin's communicator. May I--?

Raven: Put Robin on. NOW!

(Sight gag: on the last word, her head grows three sizes and flames blaze in her eyes while veins throb all around. The recipient of this browbeating glances uneasily off to one side, where Robin backs into view and leaps across to avoid a laser barrage coming his way. A moment later, the shooter, one of the Brotherhood's robots, no doubt, stalks by.)

Beast Boy: Uh, he's kind of in the middle of something.

Raven: Well, tell him I don't do babysitting. (Beast Boy puts his hand to the screen.)

Beast Boy: (calling after Robin) Raven told me to tell you she doesn't babysit! (Pause; he drops the hand and faces forward.) Robin says you have to.

Raven: (pleadingly) Can't someone else do it? Starfire likes people, or Cyborg.

Beast Boy: Everyone else is on other missions. You're gonna have to--

(His attention is yanked away by a laser shot that blows out a spot just behind him, and the connection breaks in a snarl of static. The unwilling caretaker squeezes up her face as she pockets the communicator; on the next line, tilt down to the kids.)

Melvin: Are you gonna help us, lady?

Raven: (sighs heavily and turns to them) Which one are you?

Melvin: Melvin.

Raven: Melvin, huh? You're the leader of this team?

Melvin: I guess. (Timmy wipes his nose on his hand.) They're always following me around.

Raven: All right, Melvin. I'll take you and your team to the drop-off, but that's it.

(The chuffing of a locomotive grows under the end of this line; she looks up to find a train rolling down the track, right on time. Close-up of Raven's right hand, which Teether clasps with a wide-eyed, wondering stare, then cut to her left, which is taken by Melvin. Pull back; Timmy is left standing by himself, and Melvin's left hand reaches up as if holding on to a very large person who happens to be invisible. The flame-haired boy's eyes start to fill with tears as his mouth wobbles, and in short order, he is bawling his head off and throwing a full-bore temper tantrum. Arms and legs flail in all reactions as he throws himself to the ground.)

Raven: (to Melvin) What's wrong with that one?

Melvin: I don't know. (to Timmy) What's wrong, Timmy?

Timmy: (gasping through sobs) hand! (The waterworks start again with renewed force.)

Raven: Melvin, hold Timmy's hand.

Melvin: I can't. (nods to her left) I've gotta hold Bobby's hand. Bobby's afraid of trains.

(On this line, pan/tilt slightly to the empty space near her raised hand, then back to her. She has thought up an imaginary friend to keep her company, it seems.)

Raven: (skeptically) Right. Bobby is afraid of trains. (nods toward Teether) Timmy, you'll just have to hold his hand.

(The littlest hero waves with his free hand. Cut to an overhead view of the station and the stopped train, pulling back slowly, then dissolve to a pan through the countryside and follow the string of cars on its journey. A second pan shows a closer shot of the forests and distant mountain peaks; on the next line, pull back into one of the passenger compartments. Raven comes into view, doing her best to keep her composure.)

Raven: Just a two-hour train ride, and it'll all be over.

(Pull back across the compartment; the young trio is sitting across from her. Long silence except for Teether and Timmy sucking on pacifier and thumb, respectively.)

Raven: You've all got powers? What can you do?

Melvin: Bobby can dance. Wanna see?

Raven: Uh, no.

(Teether takes out his pacifier and, burbling happily, starts chewing on a length of Timmy's blanket. Needless to say, the owner is not amused.)

Timmy: (trying to yank it back) Mine!

(As the struggle continues, cut to a close-up of the suitably irked babysitter and zoom in slowly. One eyebrow twitches dangerously out of control.)

Timmy: (from o.c.) Gimme!

Raven: QUIET!!

(Sight gag: her head flaps loose like the Canadian characters on South Park. The yell brings the boys' tussle to a grinding halt, and Teether lets Timmy pull the cloth away. Three pairs of frightened eyes stare across the compartment.)

Raven: We're going to play a game. It's called "Don't Bother Raven." Rule number one... (Cut to them; she continues o.c.) talking!

(Back to her; she closes her eyes and puts her palms together, preparing to meditate.)

Raven: (chants) Azarath Metrion Zinthos...

(The place has become very quiet now; she lets off a visible sigh at having found a bit of peace after all this stupidity. It lasts only a moment, though, as her eyes widen and the camera shifts to reveal that all three of her wards have vacated the premises.)

Raven: (sarcastically) Good idea, Robin. Put Raven in charge of the kids.

(Cut to a bend around the base of a high cliff. The train rumbles by, heading toward a bridge over the next valley and a tunnel cut into the mountain beyond. Inside, at the end of the dining car, a shadow appears in the glass panel of the door and it slides open to admit Raven. A look down the aisle reveals passengers scattered about at the tables, but no kids.)

Raven: Melvin? Timmy?

(Off she goes in search of them, wrinkling up her entire face in disgust. Cut to a ground-level pan, following her feet; the sound of Teether's gnawing is heard a moment before he is brought into view, his pacifier gone and his developing incisors hard at work on a seat's edge. She stops here and kneels.)

Raven: (softly) Get out from under there!

(It takes a bit of effort for her to pull the baby loose, but he just smiles and keeps chewing on whatever fragments he was able to break off. Somewhere down the way, one of Timmy's wails is heard, forceful enough to shake the entire train. Cut to him on the floor of the lounge car, lungs and limbs going full tilt; a man topples to the floor, hands to ears, as Raven enters with Teether in her arms. A little red wisp floats away from her head to mark her growing frustration, and several other passengers have gathered to watch the meltdown.)

Man 1: Whose kid is that?

Man 2: (as Raven catches up) What a brat!

Woman: (as he is dragged off by the blanket) My child never threw a tantrum.

(Cut to the other end of the lounge car. One door opens under Raven's influence, then the one beyond it leading to the next car, and she hauls both kids away and closes the doors again. The next shot shows Melvin in the baggage car, seated on a large suitcase and blissfully letting her legs dangle over its edge.)

Raven: (from o.c.) Melvin!

(That word makes her pigtails stand on end briefly; now the other two are brought in.)

Raven: What are you doing in here? (Teether starts working on her cloak.)

Melvin: (gestures to her side) Bobby couldn't fit in our car.

(Pan/tilt slightly to frame the empty air next to her, the invisible buddy again.)

Raven: Just squish your imaginary friend down, and let's go back to our seats. (Pigtails stand again, as does Melvin.)

Melvin: (angrily) Bobby is real!

(She crosses her arms and defiantly holds her position atop the suitcase, and then one pigtail rises on its own accord on the side that "Bobby" should be standing on. The overall impression is that of the unseen friend whispering into it. A wary glance that way, after which she leans toward the spot.)

Melvin: (aside) Yeah. The blue girl is scary. (The hair twitches a bit more.)

Raven: Come on. You can leave Bobby here. He'll be fine.

Melvin: Timmy's gotta go. (Profile close-up of the gray face.)

Raven: What do you mean, he's gotta--?

(On this line, she backs slowly off to one side and realizes what Melvin means, the human live wire is hunched over and squirming with the desperation that accompanies a full bladder. He flops onto the floor.)

Raven: Ohhh.

(Cut to a thundering waterfall outside and tilt down to the valley bridge seen earlier; the train hurtles across it. Inside, Raven waits impatiently beside the closed restroom door, with Teether still leaning against her shoulder.)

Raven: (raises her voice) You okay in there?

(The answer she gets is a loud toilet flush. Now the door opens; tilt down to show Timmy here, having relieved himself.)

Raven: If you're done, can we get back to our seats now?

(She walks off, revealing Melvin behind her; the little girl laughs at this bit and heads off as well. Timmy, however, stops short after leaving the restroom, and a cut to behind him immediately makes it clear why, hanging from the roof, just outside the window, is Monsieur Mallah.)

Timmy: (frightened, runs off) Monkey Man! (Cut to Raven, still walking, on the next line.)

Raven: Timmy, what's a monkey man? (Close-up; her eyes widen as she realizes.) Mallah!

(The whole car shakes as the giant ape tears his way in and approaches.)

Mallah: Give me the children!

Raven: Run!

(The two who have learned to walk get their feet in gear, and she sets off behind them with the baby. Cut to the dining car; all hurry in.)

Melvin: Quick, hide! (She and Timmy dash off.)

Raven: (closes the end door with her powers) We don't have time for games!

(Her handiwork is undone, along with the entire door, when Mallah smashes it off his hinges; she is thrown off her feet by his landing and skids, on her back, all the way to the other end. The passengers, naturally, are thrown into a fleeing panic, but Teether barely even notices.)

Mallah: Come out, come out, wherever you are.

(One table is ripped from its moorings, then another, and the camera cuts to just beneath a third as he tears it out as well. Now a horrid smile peels his lips away from his fierce yellow teeth; cut to just behind him, now looking straight down at Melvin and Timmy, who were hiding out here. Both let go with the shrillest screams they can drum up on no notice, the sound of which gets Raven sore enough to take a little extreme action. Still holding on to Teether with one hand, she levitates a few seats with the other and projects them at the huge primate to knock him far down the aisle.)

(We now see that Timmy has thrown his arms around Melvin's neck and has one of hers on her back for comfort. After a moment or two, their terrified paralysis breaks and they realize the situation, at which point each recoils as if the other were carrying a terminal case of cooties. Both faces flush a bit.)

Melvin and Timmy: Ewww!

(She is first to move out; a moment later, both have run back to Raven, who has now peeled herself up out of that skid, and all hurry out of the dining car. They reach the lounge car, only to be brought up short when Mallah crashes in through the ceiling, and Melvin and Timmy skid to a stop with almost no room to spare. Four popping eyes stare up at two beady ones and a roaring mouth; Raven, back at the door, creates a clawed black hand and shoves the giant gorilla well away from the kids. She then closes her fist, causing the hand to slam Mallah into the floor before it disappears. As he tries to get up, several couches are thrown at him in a pile, a move that buys Melvin and Timmy enough time to hurry back past Raven and out the way they came in. She carries Teether and brings up the rear.)

(Cut to the baggage car. All but Melvin rush by, but she stops and looks fearfully back toward the door.)

Melvin: Bobby! Come on! (Raven stops.)

Raven: We can't stop now!

(Raven grabs the young blonde's hand with her free one and starts to drag her off.)

Melvin: I'm not going without Bobby!

(She is pulled o.c. Cut to outside the train's caboose, then back to the group, now inside it. Setting Teether down with his compadres, Raven strides purposefully toward the door leading to the next car and puts her hood up. Cut to behind her, zooming in on the door to put her out of frame, then back to her. She is ready to throw down against anything and everything that comes in this way, but Mallah's bulldoze through the wall catches her completely flat-footed.)

(When the dust clears, he straightens up and aims a vicious stare down the aisle. Raven lies in a half-conscious heap against the opposite wall, which has also been partially broken out from this entrance, and he lumbers toward Melvin as she takes a few scared steps.)

Melvin: (ducks and covers) Bobby, help!

(One of Mallah's giant hands reaches to clamp down on her head. Before it can touch the pigtails, though, it is shoved sharply backward and an invisible force bashes him hard enough to send him all the way to the far end of the dining car. Extreme close-up of the coupling between two cars; it crumples and tears apart, seemingly on its own, and a longer shot reveals that the caboose has broken away from the rest of the train.)

Kids: (from inside) Yaaaay!

(Cut to just inside the hole in one of its walls; Melvin runs into view, beaming.)

Melvin: (jumping up and down) He did it! Bobby just saved us!

(As the other two kids run up and all cheer, pull back to bring Raven into frame at the other side. She has come to, and she looks back toward the ruined front end of the caboose; which has now rolled to a stop, and the retreating train.)

Raven: We're stranded in the middle of nowhere and we've got a big gorilla chasing after us. How are we saved?

(The trio has no pat answer for this, except to cry six rivers of tears. Cut to a close-up of Raven's unbelievably incensed expression, zoom in slowly, and fade to black.)

Act Two

(Opening shot: a long view of the stranded caboose, with Raven and the kids gathered outside. Close-up of the tracks, pulling back to frame Teether as he waves bye-bye to the rest of the train. He then turns to the camera.)

Teether: Choo-choo gone.

(Now Timmy is back to sucking his thumb, and Melvin has taken the ethereal "Bobby"'s hand.)

Raven: Yes, choo-choo is gone. I'll just have to carry you over the mountain myself.

(She creates a black platform beneath the four of them and gets ready to levitate it.)

Melvin: We can't fly. Teether's tummy gets dizzy.

Raven: We don't have that far to go. I'm sure he'll be fine.

(Liftoff, followed almost immediately by the baby's stomach rumble and two bulging cheeks, straining desperately to keep from throwing up on Raven's boots. After a long moment, his gut wins the battle; what he brings up, though, is not a load of half-digested food but a chewed-up corner of the seat cushion he was working on in the dining car. The pilot puts it in hover.)

Raven: (disgustedly) Nice.

Melvin: Told you so. (Teether glares at her, face going green; stomach rumble.)

Raven: Fine. We'll walk.

(She brings them down to earth and vanishes the lift; now Teether is at ease again, in fact, he looks quite happy.)

Teether: (reaching up to Raven) Up? Up?

(He is picked up and begins to burble happily; pull back as Timmy comes up, temple vein throbbing and tears starting to flow. Another tantrum is in the works, it seems.)

Timmy: (runs back and forth) Carry me! Carry me!

(She obliges the request by scooping him up in her free arm; he instantly calms down.)

Raven: Fine. (starts ahead) I'll walk.

(Melvin leads "Bobby" along as well, and the merry bunch heads toward the slope with the train tunnel cut through it. Tilt up past the peaks and into the sunlit sky, which promptly fades into night as the sun becomes the moon. When the camera tilts down again, it stops on a small, run-down cabin atop one of the mountain range's foothills. Judging from Timmy's cavernous yawn, they are getting to it none too soon. Teether has fallen asleep on Raven's shoulder, with his pacifier in his mouth.)

Melvin: It's past Timmy's bedtime, and we missed dinner. (A few more steps, then all stop.)

Raven: We'll stop here for the night.

(Cut to a close-up of the doorknob inside. Her powers shoot briefly through the keyhole to release the lock, and the door swings open with her hand on the outside knob. Pull back overhead as all enter; the lights are out, but enough of the place can be seen to show that it has been rather sparsely furnished. Raven sets Teether down, and the view dissolves to a close-up of a close-up of the fireplace, which has now had a comforting blaze kindled in it, and pull back. It provides the main light in the cabin, and Melvin and Timmy are warming their hands at the flames. Raven, meanwhile, busies herself at the kitchen counter in the corner; pan to a nearby table, where Teether is seated, as she carries an armload of canned food over and sits down.)

Raven: Hmm. What's for dinner? (checks the labels) Peas...carrots...beans...more beans...

(She pulls open the top on this last can; close-up of Teether as she offers a spoonful.)

Teether: No... (Again.) (Again.)

(Now he starts pounding the table angrily and yelling "No, no, no" over and over. Pan to the stymied sitter, on whose head a vein throbs briefly before she claps a hand to her temple.)

Raven: I don't know what he wants!

(Her eyebrow twitches dangerously for a second. The yelling has continued under all this, but when the camera pans back to Teether's chair, he is no longer in it. However, the noise cuts off during the continued camera motion, which stops near the bed in the far corner. He has dug out a ski boot, and he gurgles happily before commencing to chew at it. Back to Raven.)

Raven: Weird. (Pull back; Timmy walks up and starts wailing.)

Timmy: (between sobs)

Raven: Yes, I see your blankie. It's, uh, pretty.

Timmy: My...blankie...see?

(He weaves away; now Teether totters over, bawling and having ditched the boot. The double-barreled crying jag leaves Raven very much off balance.)

Raven: Uh, there, there.

(No effect whatsoever. Clapping hands to ears, she hustles away from the table and around a corner, only to be interrupted by Melvin tugging on her cloak.)

Melvin: Raven, you forgot to feed Bobby.

Raven: (testily) Bobby doesn't need food. He's not real! (Crying stops.)

Melvin: Yes, he is!

Raven: (sighing wearily) Fine. Bobby can have my dinner.

Melvin: Bobby's not in here. He has to stay outside 'cause he's too big.

Raven: Of course. Bobby's outside.

(Cut to outside the cabin's front door, which opens to let Raven out. She has a plate of food in hand and sits down on the steps.)

Raven: (sighs) Eat up, Bobby.

(Close-up of the plate as she sets it down, then back to her. The drained expression on her face tells just how taxing this day has been.)

Raven: I need backup.

(Close-up of her communicator in hand, the screen flipping open.)

Raven: (from o.c.) Raven calling anyone! (Static; Beast Boy appears, grinning.)

Beast Boy: Raven! (Back to her, forehead vein throbbing.)

Raven: Anyone other than Beast Boy.

Beast Boy: Did you finish your mission? (Long shot; slow pan.)

Raven: We had a little detour. I'll drop them off tomorrow, (Back to her.) if I survive the night.

Beast Boy: Kids are easy. All you gotta do is make silly faces. (Back to Raven; he is heard on the line.) Oh, a-and kids love jokes.

(She props her head wearily in her free hand.)

Beast Boy: (over the comm) This one never fails. (Back to him on screen.) Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

(No response; long pause.)

Beast Boy: (whispering) You're supposed to ask why.

Raven: Why?

Beast Boy: (normal volume) He went because he was feeling a little crumb-y. (He laughs.) Get it?

(The laughter fades as the camera cuts back to the truly unimpressed one-girl audience, who flips the comm closed.)

Raven: I guess I'm on my own.

(Raven stands up, goes back in, and closes the door to the rising sound of the boys' crying. Inside, pull back from her to frame them sitting on the floor, just as discontented as when she left. In addition, Timmy's blanket now sports a very large tear. All four lungs hit the brakes when she crosses to Teether, and she leans down and does her best to follow Beast Boy's advice on silly faces. What she comes up with one, eyebrows lowered, eyes bugging out, upper teeth bared, is more frightening than goofy, and the low snarl that accompanies it only underscores her trouble with the concept. Teether's eyes well up with fresh tears; he then lets go with a new round of ear-splitting wails, and she slides over to Timmy and kneels to eye level. The walking raw nerve now falls quiet, but she must still raise her voice over Teether's crying for the next line.)

Raven: So, you want to know why the cookie went to the doctor? He felt crumb-y.

(She is rewarded with bawling that blows her hair back. Getting up again, Raven walks away and stops near the bed in an overhead shot.)

Raven: Wow. (with her fingers to her temples; a vein throbs) Beast Boy's jokes are too immature even for babies. (Melvin slides into view on the mattress.)

Melvin: You don't babysit much, do you?

Raven: You can tell?

Melvin: Teether's got gas.

Raven: And what's wrong with Timmy Tantrum over there?

Melvin: His blankie's ripped.

(Cut to Teether, whose crying has not let up one bit. He is quickly picked up, leaned over Raven's shoulder, the throbbing vein has subsided, and given a few pats on the back to quiet him down. All is well, at least until he belches directly into her face and deposits a layer of mingled saliva and spit-up all over it. She aims a look of slight revulsion at the camera as he coos happily.)

(Now Timmy holds up the torn blanket and keeps howling at the top of his lungs. One gray hand pulls it away from him, and the camera cuts to a close-up of a stapler lying within easy reach. This too is grabbed up, followed by the sound of it being used several times in quick succession, and set down again. Timmy receives the cloth, repaired with a row of staples, back into his hands, and his blowout stops in a flash.)

(Cut to Melvin on the bed. Teether bounces down on one side, Timmy on the other, and all look contentedly up as the latter boy starts sucking his thumb. Raven has cleaned herself up.)

Raven: (relieved, she flushes a bit) Phew.

(A visible exhalation accompanies this word, after which her expression rearranges itself into one of impatience. The kids are still staring intently up at her. Long pause.)

Raven: Now what?

Melvin: Well, you could tell us a bedtime story. (hugs her brothers; pull back slightly) Kids like stories.

Raven: I don't really know any stories.

(Sight gag: Timmy's head suddenly grows big enough to fill the screen, with a throbbing vein, and it keeps swelling on the next line.)

Timmy: Want story, story, story, story, story, story, STORY!

(By the end of this, the inside of his mouth has nearly covered the screen. The gag ends as the camera zooms in through it and ends up on Raven.)

Raven: Okay, okay! Let's see.

(Longer shot of the group. Her next three lines are delivered in rapid fire.)

Raven: Last year on my birthday, my friends got me a cake and some balloons.

(During this line, the cabin wall behind her dissolves to a shot of Titans Tower and the Jump City skyline. The other four Titans' smiling faces appear around the upper stories, and balloons pop out everywhere, accompanied by the towering birthday cake Cyborg baked up in "Birthmark." After she finishes, cut to a close-up of three enthralled listeners and zoom in slightly before cutting back to her.)

Raven: But I couldn't enjoy it because my dad Trigon, this scary red demon with horns, took over the world, and there was fire everywhere, and then this ugly guy Slade, who had a skeleton for a face, came after me and--

(Accompanying visuals as follows. The cake, balloons, and faces disappear, and Trigon's four red eyes open above the buildings. The rest of him fades in, as seen in "The End", and grows ever taller as the Tower and skyline are laid waste, the sky goes red, and the bay fills with lava. Next, flames lick up and Slade's unmasked skull face fades into view. When she finally cuts herself off, we see the three kids again, this time whimpering and scared silly. Back to Raven, behind whom only the fire is seen now, not Trigon or Slade.)

Raven: --My friends saved me and we all had cake. The end.

(On this line, all the flames evaporate to leave the Tower, still looking the worse for wear, under a clear sky and smiling sun. A rainbow appears, connecting a cloud with the building's roof, and she stitches a big smile onto her face. Cut to a close-up of the kids, color drained and staring blankly straight ahead, and pull back/rotate slightly. The background behind them dissolves to the bed; Raven pulls the blanket up over them as the color returns and they doze off. Seated on the edge of the mattress, she gazes down at them with genuine concern and even allows herself a little smile, despite her best efforts, the moppets are starting to grow on her.)

(Dissolve a snowy mountaintop the next morning. A line of utility poles snakes down from here, and the camera tilts to follow their cables until a broad ravine comes into view. The lines are strung across here, and a building sits at their terminus on the far side. Raven is leading the youngsters toward it while carrying Teether; inside, they find a parked cable car waiting for them.)

Raven: We can take this over to the other side.

(She opens its door with her powers and is about to enter with the boys, but Melvin, still leading "Bobby" by the hand, comes up short and looks up toward him worriedly for a second.)

Melvin: Bobby says it doesn't look safe.

Raven: (leads Timmy in) Of course it's safe. Get on.

(Not entirely convinced of the truth of these words, Melvin steps toward the edge of the platform. Cut to inside the car; only after Raven has settled Timmy and Teether does she finally come aboard. The entire vehicle lists significantly toward one end, sending the toddler, who has gone back to work on his pacifier; sliding down the length of the benches. A quick grab at the nearest pole has stopped Raven from doing likewise; now a vein throbs in her forehead.)

Raven: (sharply) Melvin! (She has also caught a pole.)

Melvin: Wasn't me. (pointing away) It was Bobby.

(The vein subsides and Raven shakes her head resignedly. Close-up of a control panel on the platform; she causes one lever to drop into drive, and in a longer shot the car begins to move. Outside, it travels out over the ravine and up the mountain; inside, all three kids have settled down and are enjoying the ride and the view. Melvin has even forgotten about "Bobby", and Raven takes advantage of the lull to simply close her eyes and have a moment's peace. Their good cheer vanishes suddenly and Timmy points ahead excitedly.)

Timmy: Monkey Man!

(Their perspective: a second cable car is on the move, coming down fast with Mallah perched on its roof. Pull back to frame both; as they pass, he leaps from one to the other, and inside it all four are nearly thrown to the floor from the impact. The sheet metal rips like wet newspaper, he forces his head in with a roar, and the kids cower behind their guardian, Teether having lost his pacifier and clinging to her leg.)

Timmy: He's going to get us! (Close-up of Raven.)

Raven: (icily) No, he is not.

(Her eyes blaze white as her hair flies wildly around her face. Outside, Mallah has opened the hole even wider and is about to jump in, but a blast of her powers sends him bouncing to the end of the car. Inside again.)

Raven: Stay in here!

(She takes off, unaware of her very small rider. When she lands on the roof, Teether is flung loose with a happy cry and lands on the upper end of the car's support, the end that rides on the cable. Tilt down to frame the empath Titan and French primate facing off at opposite ends; he is first to move with a bellowing roar, but she holds her ground until the last second and executes a high flip that carries her over his head. The leap turns into a kick between the shoulder blades, followed by a bit of close combat and a roundhouse that sends Raven skittering toward the end. Inside, Melvin and Timmy stare around in horror; their attention is drawn to the two gray legs and cloak hem that dangle into view at the far window.)

(Outside, she regains her balance and right away has to dodge a few killer punches before countering with a supercharged right hook. Mallah's head rocks back from the blow, but he gets his wits about him again and throws another punch. Standing in front of the car's support, Raven ducks away to let the metal column take the hit. Sparks fly from the cable threaded through it as the car lurches to a stop; Teether is nearly thrown off but keeps his seat, laughing and clapping.)

(Now the whole thing rocks back and forth while the melee continues. Mallah tries to pound Raven flat, but ends up hitting only the roof; inside, Melvin and Timmy clutch fearfully at each other, directly under the fresh bulge in the metal. Outside, Raven dodges a pair of swings and gets a shield up to block the next one before rising into the air. Her powers blaze up, enveloping a large section of roof beneath Mallah's feet and hurling it free with him still on it.)

(The hunk of metal goes one way, Mallah another, and one giant hand clamps onto a cable to break the fall. A savage smile, and he has begun to work his way up the line, hand over hand. Back at the combat zone, Teether is exercising his new dental work on the wire rope itself, of all things, and has actually damaged it slightly, showing perhaps a hint of powers to come. Pull back to frame Raven, who plucks him away and gets a cheerful little gurgle for her trouble, this is the first notice she has taken of him since vacating the car.)

Raven: I told you to stay inside!

(She drops o.c.; cut to inside the car and tilt down from the trashed roof as she drops to the floor. Again, an excited finger-point from Timmy, this time past her back.)

Timmy: Monkey Man!

(This gets Raven's attention in a hurry; cut to Mallah, swinging along the cable and closing in fast. The spot Teether was chewing on frays further and snaps, and ape and car are left to swing crazily away in opposite directions. Cut in turn to extreme close-ups of Mallah's open mouth and Raven's eye; each drops yelling away from the camera, the latter accompanied by three helpless, terror-stricken rugrats who add their voices to hers. Fade to black.)

Act Three

(Opening shot: Raven and the kids still in free fall. Their car swings down on the broken cable, reels off the end, and comes down for a very rough landing in the snow. Its momentum carries it along for some distance, the camera panning to follow it toward, and over a high cliff. After a short and truly graceless launch off the edge, gravity pulls the ruined vehicle into a new skid on this steep downhill run. Inside, the screaming continues and everyone holds on for dear life.)

(Outside again; down and down and down they go, the camera following them into a dense forest at the foot of the mountain. The bone-shaking crash that follows is accompanied by a thick plume of dust, the wild ride is finally over. Cut to the base of the tree that has stopped the run; all the windows are shattered, and the doors clunk open. Melvin and Timmy flop face first into a nearby patch of snow, while Raven stays inside and holds Teether.)

Raven: Is everyone okay?

(She gets her answer in the form of the tot's greening face and bulging cheeks; motion sickness has reared its ugly head again, and he vomits copiously over her shoulder. As her eyes pop and her head hangs wearily, the other two roll over onto their backs and sit up with sudden huge smiles.)

Melvin and Timmy: Do it again! Do it again!

Raven: (on her last good nerve) No "again."

(Dissolve to the full moon hanging low over the mountains and pan/tilt down to a hilltop clearing in the forest. It is nighttime, and Raven leads the parade up into view. Close-up of Timmy.)

Timmy: (sleepily) Are we there yet?

(He looks up pleadingly toward her. Pan/tilt up to her face; she looks ahead uncertainly while Teether sucks on his pacifier. Cut to behind them and tilt up, putting them out of view. Laid out before the travelers is an imposing, medieval-style castle.)

Raven: (from o.c.) There's the drop-off point. (Back to them.) Finally. Come on.

(Cut to the brightly lit upper-story windows and tilt down to the front gates; Melvin stops short and trades a very nervous look with "Bobby.")

Melvin: Bobby says he doesn't think it's safe here. (The sound of grinding teeth drifts back from Raven's direction.)

Raven: (setting Teether down) It's fine.

Melvin: But Bobby says--

Raven: (fed up) For the last time, Bobby isn't real!

(Slow, brief track around their stare-down, after which Melvin drops her raised hand and there is the distinct sound of another hand being pulled free of it.)

Melvin: Yes, he is! And you just scared him away! (runs off) Bobby! Wait! (as Raven groans and pulls at her face) Bobby, wait, come back!

(Now Raven drops through the ground and reappears right in front of the fleeing little girl. A startled gasp.)

Raven: There is no Bobby. (kneels with her hands to Melvin's shoulders) It's you, Melvin. (Close-up, zooming in; she continues o.c.) Your powers. You move things with your mind. (Pull back to frame both.) You're a big girl now. You've got to take charge of your powers and stop blaming things on your imaginary friend.

(She stands up on the end of this.)

Melvin: (eyes tearing up) Bobby is real! (starts to run past) You just can't see him because you're a mean lady!

(She is summarily scooped up and carried back toward the castle.)

Melvin: (struggles) Let me go!

Raven: Nothing will make me happier. (She gets an elbow in the gut.) Ow!

(A few more steps bring her to the gates, where she pulls on a rope to ring the great bell hanging overhead. After a couple of beats, the portal swings open toward the inside, revealing three monks in a torchlit entrance hall.)

Monk: Welcome. I have been awaiting your arrival.

Raven: (setting Melvin down) They're all yours.

Monk: I shall take good care of them. You need not worry.

Raven: Great. (nudges the kids along) Guess that's it.

(Melvin and Timmy cross uncertainly to the kindly old man. Cut to Raven, whose cloak gets a tug from somewhere below, and tilt down to frame Teether with the cloth in hand. He pulls out the pacifier and offers it to her; she kneels and accepts the gift, and he toddles away toward the others. The monk picks him up when he is within reach and turns to head in.)'

Teether: (waving) Bye-bye.

(The last we see of Melvin and Timmy before the gates close is their slightly distrustful faces. Bolts are heard dropping into place within as she ventures forth, followed by Timmy's screaming wails.)

Raven: Teether's trying to take Timmy's blanket... (Timmy stops; Teether cries briefly.) ...Timmy just took it back.

(A tick of dead silence stops her feet.)

Raven: Quiet.

(She looks down at the hand with which she took the pacifier. Close-up of the curled fingers, which she opens to inspect the thing, and now something starts to fall together in her mind.)

Raven: Too quiet.

(Off she goes, straight toward those massive wooden gates; she is there in a heartbeat and starts pounding on them.)

Raven: Timmy? Teether? Melvin!

(With a quick step backward, she warms up her powers and stretches both hands toward the wood. Cut to inside the entrance hall, the torches now extinguished, as the gates explode inward off the hinges and she flies in. The monks have been knocked senseless; she rockets over their prone forms and into a courtyard, then decides to pursue further on foot. Cut to an overhead view of an armored halftrack-like vehicle in a clearing, with a balcony overlooking nearby. Raven gets an eyeful from the rail, and the camera zooms in to show a central cargo area visible in this rig. A closer shot reveals the three kids here, held in standing positions by clamps that cover everything from neck to toes. Only their heads and wide-eyed, terrified faces can be seen. Tilt from the captives to frame Mallah at the front end, strapped into the driver's seat, he put the three holy men out of commission to get at the ankle-biters.)

Mallah: Say goodbye to your friends.

Raven: (jumps over the rail) Nobody messes with my kids!

(She hurtles down at the halftrack, but a hatch closes over the passenger area and Mallah peels out, switching on the headlights as he goes. Now the chase is on, a rear-mounted laser turret firing at will toward Raven, but not hitting a thing. She responds by raising one stone slab after another from the ground in an attempt to force a wipeout; Mallah steers expertly around all of them and keeps his foot on the floor.)

(Her next target is the hatch, which comes loose with relative ease under her influence. As she starts to catch up, the oversized simian reaches to his weapons control panel and presses the "Rockets" button. Rear-facing launchers on both sides of the laser turret open up against the cloaked flyer, who uses all the evasive maneuvers she knows within the space of five seconds to stay in the air.)

(Her entire face set in ice-cold determination, she swoops down toward the halftrack again, but this time, Mallah cuts his wheels hard to the left. The entire vehicle slews around in the world's craziest U-turn, the turret spinning to face front at the same time, and now his pursuer is the one on the run. Cut to a close-up of Melvin and pan to each of the other kids in turn.)

Melvin: Don't hurt Raven!

Teether: Bad monkey!

Timmy: Stop it!

(A few more shots nearly set Raven's cloak on fire, after which she slams on the brakes, turns around, and throws a huge blast at Mallah's front grille. The black energy pours into the armored chassis, but with no effect; it simply thunders straight ahead, and she stops firing and utters a small gasp before being hit head-on. Down she goes like a ton of bricks, while the halftrack skids through a U-turn and points its headlights directly at her, ready to make a jumbo order of black-blue-and-gray road pizza.)

(Cut to a close-up of Mallah's ferally grimacing face and pan to the kids.)

Timmy: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

(On the third repetition, cut to a close-up of the wheels on one side; they spin up gales of dust and the throttle goes wide open. Back to the bristle-haired boy, now on the verge of a complete breakdown.)

Timmy: No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOO!!

(His yells carry with them shock waves that emanate in all directions; cut to Mallah as they wash over him. Superpower: make him mad enough and he can cut loose with a Force Ten tantrum.)

Mallah: Stop that crying!

(Shots flash into view from behind, just over his shoulder, and trigger explosions when they hit the controls. Mallah turns to look back; cut to Teether, who is assiduously chewing at the clamps that hold him. As with the cable car lines, he has made quite a dent, and he works over the latest mouthful before further demonstrating his own power-spitting the bits toward Mallah like a human machine gun in diapers. Screaming brakes accompany his loss of control, but the halftrack keeps bearing down on the unconscious Raven. When the front wheels are just about to grind over her, though, an invisible force smashes the front end, flipping the entire vehicle up into a reverse wheelie and hurling the big ape out of his seat. The back cushion goes with him, as his harness has not come loose.)

(The halftrack slams down, as does he, and the camera cuts back to Timmy, teeth gritted, eyes squeezed tight shut. He suddenly smiles as his bonds come loose; pan to Teether, who is also freed, then to Melvin.)

Melvin: Bobby! (She is freed.) You came back! Thank you!

(Cut to Raven, still flat on her face. A very broad shadow throws itself over her; cut to the feet of its source, Mallah, still wearing the back of his seat, and tilt up to his face.)

Melvin: (from o.c.) Hey, you big ape!

(He looks up; cut to just behind him. The three kids now stand atop the smoking wreck.)

Melvin: Why don't you pick on someone your own size? (points ahead) Bobby, get him!

(Tilt quickly up to the full moon. Nothing going on here right away, but after a short beat, something fades into view and plunges toward the camera. It is a truly colossal teddy bear, brown, well used and patched, with claws extended and teeth bared in a ferocious snarl. This can only be Bobby, the imaginary friend who has taken on physical form at long last. The screen blacks out as he falls toward it. Superpower: the things Melvin imagines can come to life, in this case with most dramatic results.)

(Snap immediately to Mallah, who finds himself facing the growling stuffed monstrosity. The growl gives way to a full-throated roar and stomping rush; as the claws flash this way and that, the gorilla backs up fearfully and is then bashed to the dirt. He has barely come down face first when one of his legs is seized.)

Mallah: Huh?

(Bobby drags him up and slams him back and forth; after the third hit, he is let go and bounces into the totaled halftrack, knocking it onto its side. Now the kids gather around Raven and Timmy drapes his blanket over her, and she raises her head for the first time since taking a fender to the face. The sight that greets her is that of Bobby closing in on Mallah; a set of claws lashes out, only to hit the exposed undercarriage when the simian jumps clear. A bit of by-play turns into another knockdown for the bear as the camera pulls back to frame the four travelers. The pummeling moves o.c., the sound of the blows drifting back to them.)

Raven: Whoa. Bobby's real?

Melvin: Told you so.

(All the unexplained happenings throughout this episode, the hand she seemed to hold, the lurching cable car, and so forth, are accounted for by those three words. Mallah gets to his feet only to be pounded down again, stomped with both hind legs, and picked up by the throat. Before Bobby can administer another punishment, he kicks out of the death grip; cut to a close-up of his face and tilt down to the harness buckle on his chest. A press of the button in its center causes a little hatch to open on the top edge of his seat back and extend a vertical shaft a few feet past his head. Out pops a propeller, which revs up and lifts him clear of the ground.)

Mallah: This is the last time I work with children!

(He flies away, using control handles built into his harness straps for steering. Now Raven stands up.)

Raven: (returning Timmy's blanket) Thanks, Timmy. Thanks to all of you.

Melvin: Thank Bobby. (He stumps up.) He's the one who saved us.

Raven: Thanks, Bobby. (to Melvin) Sorry I thought he was just your imaginary friend.

Melvin: Just because I imagined him doesn't mean he isn't real.

Raven: Why couldn't I see Bobby before?

Melvin: Bobby was afraid of you at first, so he was hiding. But now he thinks you're okay. Don't you, Bobby?

(The gargantuan stuffed toy looks uncertainly in Raven's direction and finally reveals its bear-trap teeth in a wide grin. Her communicator sounds off with its show-theme ringtone; when she flips it open, she sees Beast Boy's face on screen, cheerful as always.)

Beast Boy: Raven, is everyone safe?

Raven: Yeah. We're all fine. (Long shot of everyone.)

Beast Boy: (over the comm) Good, 'cause Robin needs you right away for another mission. (Close-up of Raven.)

Raven: I can't. I've gotta watch the kids.

(Melvin crosses and touches her arm; tilt down as she kneels to the little girl and closes the lid.)

Melvin: Raven, it's okay. You can go. Your friends need you.

Raven: But what if the Brotherhood of Evil comes back? (Pull back; Timmy and Teether come over.) I can't just leave you kids all alone. (Longer shot; Bobby towers over them.)

Melvin: We're not alone. Bobby's here. And we've got each other.

Raven: And you've got me...

(Close-up of her hand, extending toward Melvin with her communicator in it, and pull back as all three youngsters eye the item.)

Raven: (from o.c.) ...whenever you need me.

(The faces brighten at the offering, and in no time flat, they have swarmed on the unlikely babysitter for a group hug. Pull back slowly, then cut to an overhead shot of the area and keep pulling back.)

Raven: Okay, that's enough.

(Fade to black.)

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