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"Hide and Seek" is the fifty-ninth episode of the Teen Titans series and the seventh episode of Season 5.


Raven is tasked to look after three young superheroes: Melvin, Timmy and Teether, so that the Brotherhood of Evil can't capture them. However, they are soon on the run as Monsieur Mallah is after them. While on the run, Raven doesn't like the idea of watching over the children and has a bit of a rocky start looking after them. However, as she gets to know them, she becomes closer towards them. Will Raven be able to get the young heroes to safety before Monsieur Mallah gets them or is there a guardian angel secretly watching over them?


The story opens with Raven waiting for a team of young supers at a train station, this time by herself, due to the other Titans being busy dealing with Brotherhood incursions all over the world, with only Beast Boy answering (using Robin's communicator). Raven has been assigned to escort the team to a safe location to keep them from clutches of the Brotherhood.

Once the team arrives, Raven quickly finds herself annoyed that the supers are actually very young, pre-adolescent kids: Melvin, Timmy, and Teether. With Timmy's childish antics, Melvin's claims that she has an invisible friend named Bobby, and Teether's habit of chewing on benches and upholstery, Raven is very quickly stressed to the limit. However shortly afterwards, the train trip to the safe location (a monastery), proves to be more dangerous than first thought, when Monsieur Mallah boards the train to capture the children. Raven tries to hold her own against Mallah, but has difficulty matching up to his brute strength and cunning. They manage to elude him when a mysterious invisible force holds Mallah back, and separates their wagon from the train. Now stranded without transport, Raven resorts to using her powers to levitate the kids on a dark energy platform over the mountain range, but her plan backfires when Teether is revealed to have travel sickness and regurgitates, forcing them to walk the rest of the way.

The team spends a night in a skiing lodge, where Raven's patience is quickly frazzled up by her lack of knowledge about how to deal with little children, until Melvin manages to give her some good advice - although the girl keeps insisting that her friend Bobby is real. The next day, they try to get over the mountain range by cable car, but Mallah, tenacious as ever, attacks them midway up the mountain. While Raven tries to evict him from the car, Teether chews on the suspension cable, making the car drop to the ground and slide down the mountain slope until it comes to a violent stop at a forest's edge.

Finally reaching the monastery, Raven is relieved to be rid of her charges, though she has actually grown quite fond of the children. But as she prepares to leave, she senses that something is amiss, and indeed she finds Mallah having the kids captured and shackled inside a heavily armed AFV. She takes up pursuit, to which Mallah responds viciously. Finally trying to stop the car directly, Raven instead ends up stunned and helpless before Mallah, who prepares to run her over, but it is then that the children reveal their powers. The car is brought to a violent halt, the kids are freed, and then Bobby - a giant living teddy bear with the ability to render himself invisible - appears on the scene, sending Mallah flying. With their friendship truly affirmed, Raven leaves the kids in the care of the monks and a Titans Communicator, to call her whenever they need her help again.


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  • This episode features three children with super powers.
  • Raven and Beast Boy are the only Titans who speak in this episode.
  • Slade being "incomplete" was referenced by Raven, revealing she knew about his condition somehow. Likely, Robin told her and possibly the others.
  • This episode shows Raven in a task she normally is not suited for: babysitting.
  • This episode's title song is sung in Japanese.
  • When Raven finishes her call with Beast Boy at the lodge and goes back inside, the plate with Bobby's dinner can be seen, now empty, serving as an early hint that Bobby is, in fact, real.
  • This was the third episode to premiere on the Miguzi block after "Episode 257-494" and "Troq".
  • The train station where Raven waited for the children is named Myberg, which can be a reference to Matt Youngberg (Matt Youngberg).


  • This episode reveals it has been at least one year since the events of Season 4.
  • Starfire and Cyborg are absent in this episode. This marks the second time Titans have been absent after For Real. The main Teen Titans are absent in the next episode.
    • Robin appears in this episode, but without dialogue.
  • It would appear that this is one of the first times Monsieur Mallah appeared without the Brain appearing.
  • This episode is Trigon's final appearance in the show (despite the fact that he only appears in a flashback to the events of the season 4 finale.)
  • This is the second time one of the Titans is involved in an episode with one of the Brotherhood of Evil members. The first time was Robin and Madame Rouge in "Trust".

Cultural references

  • Raven calls Timmy "Timmy Tantrum." This is a pun on the name of Timmy Turner, a character on The Fairly OddParents. Raven and Timmy Turner are both voiced by Tara Strong.
  • When Monsieur Mallah said "This is the last time I work with children!", W.C. Fields made famous the acting axiom "Never work with children or animals." It was a comment made that demonstrates that the hardest acting is done alongside children and/or animals. Either they steal the show or it takes forever to finish the scene.


  • When Raven says to Timmy in the bathroom "You okay in there?", the lines on her hair are gone.
  • When Melvin is hanging on to the pole in the sky tram as it is sliding down the mountain, her socks disappear and reappear.
  • As Melvin and Timmy warm their hands by the fire in the cabin, for a split second, Timmy's hands are ungloved, but when the scene cuts to a side perspective, he has both gloves on.
  • The saliva on Raven's face disappears when she is trying to calm Timmy.
  • When Raven says "Yes, I see your blanky, it's pretty," Timmy's "blanky" goes from being blue to purple.
  • When Raven is telling the story about "The End" 1, 2, and 3, her hair is messed up. Then when she tucks the kids in, it was fine again.
  • After Melvin said "Don't hurt Raven!", her teeth are the same color as her tongue when she closed her mouth.
  • On the AFV, when Monsieur Mallah presses the button to launch rockets at the pursuing Raven, there are several typos. "CANNONS" is spelled "CONNONS" and "MISSILES" is spelled "MTSSILES".
  • During several parts in the episode, Raven's chakra goes from being black to solid red.
  • The lightness and darkness of Timmy's blanket changes from a regular blue to a lighter blue.
  • Raven fixed Timmy's blanket by stapling it together, but towards the end, both the rip in the blanket and the staples are missing.
  • Whenever Raven turns her head to the side, her chakra disappears.


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