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Quote1.pngI don't like your music!Quote2.png
―Herald to Punk Rocket[src]

Herald is an Honorary Titan and a friend of the Teen Titans.

Character history

Raven in Herald's dimension.

Herald is first seen when the Titans are going out to warn young heroes about the Brotherhood of Evil. Raven is then seen looking for Herald in his dimension, but is attacked by squid-like entities. Herald saves her by using his horn to open up a portal that sucks the enemies into it. Raven gives him a communicator then departs soon after. When all the Titans are attacked, Robin tells Herald to help Jericho in Sector 19 but is attacked by Warp and See-More. Herald defeats them both. Robin breaks his own communicator soon after.

Herald then arrives at the Top Secret Emergency Outpost meeting Beast Boy, Más, and Pantha there and bringing Jericho along. Herald was about to return to his dimension, but Beast Boy convinces him along with the rest to stay and team up and take on the Brotherhood of Evil. When they set a trap for Cinderblock, Herald uses his horn to send him high up which causes him to be disoriented when he lands, allowing Jericho to possess him. With the knowledge gained from Cinderblock they head to the Brotherhood Base in Paris by using Herald's horn. Once inside, they use the Jericho-possessed Cinderblock to fake their capture, but they are eventually discovered.

In the confrontation, Más and Herald battle Adonis. Adonis is kicked in his toes by Más, and while he hops on one foot in pain, Herald uses his horn to strip him of his armor and then dispatch him with a well-aimed kick. When the group arrive in the area where they are freezing the Titans they find themselves surrounded by the Brotherhood of Evil. During the battle against the Brotherhood, Herald steps on Mammoth and Mumbo and then kicks Psimon. Herald and Más then briefly team up to send Punk Rocket through one of his horn's portals. Herald is defeated when Fang shoots his webs into his horn and Cheshire then kicks him into the arms of Wrestling Star.

When reinforcements arrive from the other Titans, Herald is freed, and the group attacks the Brotherhood again. He then confronts Malchior when he tried to incinerate Melvin, Timmy, and Teether. Herald uses his horn, which opens a dimensional rift which first sucks Malchior's fireburst and then Malchior himself into another dimension. When the Brain attempts to blow up the base, Starfire brings Herald, who uses his horn to send the bomb into space where it explodes. In the end, the Titans ultimately defeat the Brotherhood of Evil. After the battle, Herald along with all the other heroes socialize in Titans Tower. However, they are interrupted with news about Doctor Light robbing a bank. All of the Titans, including Herald, show up at the scene to stop Doctor Light.

Physical appearance

Herald is a brown-skinned, well-muscled Titan. His cape is connected to his hood, which is blue. Herald wears a gray mask which covers the top section of his face. He has two silver circles right below his shoulders and they are connected by a silver bar which keeps his costume intact. His chest and torso are also covered by a blue tunic with a picture of his weapon on it. He wears a silver belt, and his arms and legs are covered by black clothing, and he wears silver gloves and blue boots.


Herald is a pretty laid back and casual individual. He seems to like music quite a bit, as he uses phrases like "let's jam!" and "I love a duet!".

Powers and abilities

Herald opening his portal.

Quote1.pngMy horn opens rifts in space.Quote2.png

Herald possesses a magical trumpet. Thanks to his own skill in trumpet playing, he can use it to open up multi-dimensional portals, and generating sonic blasts, which is used to push enemies into his portals. Also, Herald can use his horn as a physical weapon. Herald is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as he was able to deliver many flying kicks to Adonis, Mammoth, Mumbo, and Psimon without being stopped.


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