Groundhog Minute is the thirteenth episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


The Teen Titans goes after Warp. With Cyborg's sonic cannon, Warp was defeated with his time-travelling device suffering a malfunction, causing him to turn into a baby. However the infant is still holding onto the device. Cyborg makes note of this, and Robin orders that the device be taken away from the baby. Baby Warp reacts to the approaching Titans and bites the machine, restarting to right after Warp became a baby. Before Cyborg can finish saying his line again, Warp bites the machine a second time, restarting to the exact same moment again. Raven, this time, tells the others to grab the machine, before the baby bites the machine again.

The Titans now try to pacify the baby to get the device from him. First, Cyborg dangles a set of keys in front of Warp, only to upset the child. Warp hits the machine in a fit of rage causing another restart. Next, Beast Boy transforms into a cute baby bear, and Raven gives the bear to Warp. Warp is still unimpressed and hits Beast Boy with the machine. Time restarts.

For Starfire's attempt, She takes Silkie's milk bottle and gives it to Warp. The infant does not want the bottle and bites the machine in protest. Time restarts again.

The Titans are now back to square one, and Warp bites the gadget again.

This time, the Titans all make funny faces and, surprisingly, baby Warp is entertained. But, what the baby does not realize is, Cyborg's detachable arms is sneaking over behind him. The arm successfully snatches the device from Warp. However, Cyborg's arm's sneak attack goes awry and it accidentally presses the button, itself. As Cyborg reattaches his arm, he looks around with the other Titans and finds that they have ended up all the way back to the dinosaur age. At the same time, machine breaks in Cyborg's hand. Cyborg sighs with frustration.




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