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Galfore, current Grand Ruler of Tamaran The Grand Ruler/Emperor or Empress of Tamaran is a monarch who is the leader of the planet Tamaran.


The current Grand Ruler is Galfore. One of the parents of Blackfire, Starfire and Wildfire was the Grand Ruler at one point, with a consort sharing the throne. Blackfire, as their eldest daughter, claimed the throne of Tamaran for a short while, but only for selfish and power-hungry purposes. Starfire defeated her and was crowned Grand Ruler herself, but gave the crown to Galfore, saying that she wasn't best for Tamaran.

The Grand Ruler is flanked by semi-armed guards at all times. (These guards are armed with polearm weapons.)

While the position is normally hereditary, the Grand Ruler can be challenged to a fight for the crown, which must be one-on-one or the challenger will automatically lose. The current Grand Ruler also has the right to pass the crown to whomever they see fit, whether they are related to them or not.