Quote1.pngI was half way to Gotham City before Star caught me.Quote2.png
Quote1.pngThere's this restaurant near Gotham...Quote2.png

Gotham City is a city located on the east coast of America, and the former home of Robin as well as the current home of his mentor, Batman.

After Gizmo strapped a jet pack on Cyborg's back, sending him flying through the air, he said he was "nearly half way to Gotham City before Star caught him".

While playing football before Robin throws the ball, Beast Boy counts in "Gotham Cities" (1 Gotham City, 2 Gotham City, etc).

As Atlas was playing his game in his hideout, he said "Derrick Wyatt of East Gotham City, I dominate you".

Supposedly, there's a restaurant "near Gotham" that Terra saw in the past.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Gotham City does not make a physical appeaence within the show, however Wayne Enterprises does. Due to this, as seen in many other features, Wayne Enterprises has buildings and companies across the USA and the world. In Teen Titans this was seen in Jump City in Apprentice - Part 2. The Titans do not travel to Gotham nor anywhere near it.
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