Gordanians are the species of humanoid aliens that attacked Tamaran, the homeworld of Starfire and the Tamaraneans.

They were first seen in the episode, "Go!", where they managed to capture an alien named Starfire. When Starfire escaped from their ship, their leader Trogaar sent them down to look for her. However, Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven had befriended her earlier and defended her, fighting off the Gordanians together. Trogaar was enraged at the interference and started to charge his particle weapon strong enough to demolish Jump City. The five heroes got on board and defeated all the Gordanians and Trogaar, and thus formed the Teen Titans and built Titans Tower out of the Gordanian ship. They have not been seen since in the cartoon.

The Gordanians

The Gordanians in Jump City, hunting an escaped prisoner.

They appeared in one issue of Teen Titans Go! (issue #36 Troy). The Gordanians had invaded Earth and started to capture female Titans for their master. However, Robin called upon Wonder Girl to assist them, and along with Kid Flash, Aqualad, Beast Boy and Speedy, they started to devise a plan to rescue the girls and Cyborg (who was likewise captured). Their plan ended up being: pretending to be captured and unleash a surprise attack (using the story of Troy). The Gordanian leader, who turned out to be Blackfire, wanted the female Titans for an experiment. Beast Boy snuck into the room holding the captive Titans and rescued them. With all the Titans reunited, the Gordanians surrendered and Blackfire, disgusted at their unreliability, was captured and thrown in jail.

The Gordanians' current whereabouts are unknown.

Notable Gordanians

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