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Go! is a half hour episode in the television series Teen Titans, the tenth episode of the fifth season and, chronologically, the first episode of the series (Before Divide and Conquer). It is actually a prequel to the series and explains how the original five Titans first meet.


Ever wondered how the Teen Titans first met? What was Beast Boy's first joke? How did the romance between Robin and Starfire develop? Those questions will be revealed if you go back to the very beginning and find out that everything started with a certain alien girl who crash landed on Earth.


In space aboard an alien cruiser, screams ring out as aliens prepare to deliver a prisoner. The cell door cracks open and a figure steps out – Starfire. Starfire sends her captors flying and sets off an alert before flying off into space and escaping to Earth.

Rob Star

Starfire and Robin meet for the first time.

In the city, a caped figure looms over a burglar then disarms him with a birdarang. Bats swarm out of the shadows and then Robin shows up and takes him out while talking out about how he's new in town and is now working alone. Their fight is interrupted when Robin sees a flash of light through the sky and goes to investigate. Starfire has crashed to Earth in the middle of a street and is confused by the alien environment and unable to speak English. She lashes out, wrecking cars and buildings, as she tries to free herself from her manacles. Robin throws a birdarang to catch her attention and then the two fight. From the shadows, Raven watches as Beast Boy leaps in to send Starfire flying. Another figure, Cyborg wearing a sweat suit to conceal his body, shows up as well.

Starfire manages to free her hands enough to fire energy blasts at the three heroes, missing but further devastating the city. When she weakens, Raven appears to them and raises a force field, suggesting that fighting isn't the answer. Robin approaches Starfire and manages to get through to her, calming her enough to free her from the manacles. She kisses Robin, gaining the ability to speak English, then tells them to leave her alone lest they meet destruction and flies off.

Robin goes off on his own to track down Starfire and the other three go their own way although Beast Boy wants to hang out. Cyborg pulls off his hood to reveal his cybernetics but Beast Boy is impressed rather than repulsed. They're interrupted when the alien cruiser flies over the city then releases a holo-projector that lets the aliens state they're here to recover Starfire, and they'll destroy anyone who gets in their way. Hundreds of the alien slaves fly out seeking Starfire. Robin returns and agrees to team up – Raven is reluctant and warns that if they know who she was, they wouldn't want her around. Robin accepts her anyway and they're off.

Raven empathically senses Starfire and Beast Boy picks up the scent while Cyborg scans for her unique heart beat. Starfire is in a video store eating the candy and popcorn, and doesn't believe they're friends. Starfire reveals the slaves, the Gordanians, are delivering her to the Cita
del and the others vow not to let her go back. The Gordanians arrive and the five heroes fight back, driving them off. The Gordanian leader, Trogaar, sends another message announcing the city will be destroyed then puts his ship into position.

The group starts to blame each other, until Raven interrupts and Robin resolves they need to get out of the mess together. Raven teleports them aboard the ship and they head for the firing controls, while Cyborg reassures her she’ll fit in. Starfire apologizes to Robin but they're interrupted by the arrival of Gordanian soldiers while Trogaar orders his men to prepare the firing sequence. He’s interrupted when the five heroes arrive and take out his men. Raven saves Beast Boy by blocking Trogar's attacks with a forcefield and in turn, Robin saves Raven from his attacks. When Trogaar stuns Robin, Starfire lashes out at him and then Cyborg joins in. He knocks them back and Robin suggests Cyborg rewire his electronics and parts into a weapon. As the trio are surrounded by Gordanians, Raven commands them to "Get away from my friends!" and she lashes out with her powers, causing the ship to crash into the water knocking out all the Gordanians except for Trogaar. He prepares to destroy her and Beast Boy, but Cyborg takes him out with his Sonic Cannon at the last moment from behind, with a simple triumphant statement of "Boo-yah."

Standing on the island where the Gordanians placed their hologram-transmitter, they congratulate one another and Starfire gives them her name in their English language and asks them if she can stay. They welcome her as a friend and decide to stay together, with Robin and Cyborg provides communicators for them all to stay in contact and Robin's final words being: "When there's trouble, you know who to call."

Memorable Dialogue

  • Cyborg: Yo! Who's here messin' up my neighborhood?!

Starfire: Nice... we do not have this word on my planet. Closest is "rutha." Weak.
Cyborg: Well, around here, "nice" means "nice." And if you want us to keep being nice, you better tell us why the lizard king took you prisoner.
Starfire: [Eyes stop glowing green] Not "prisoner." I am "prize." The Gordanians deliver me to the Citadel to live out my days as their servant.
Raven: And... the Citadel are...
Starfire: Not nice.

[The Titans are standing on the hill on which the Titans Tower will be built]
Raven: That's quite a view.
Cyborg: Somebody oughta build a house out here.
Beast Boy: Yeah, if you like sunshine, and the beach...
Raven: [Laughs] You know, you're kind of funny.
Beast Boy: You think I'm funny? Woohoo! Dude, I know some jokes!
[Raven looks nervous]

Cyborg: [Takes hood off] There! Take a good long look. I had an accident, and now I'm a monster, all right? A cyborg!
Beast Boy: Cyborg? Cool! You're like Robot Man 2.0!
Cyborg: You're a weird, little dude, you know that?
Beast Boy: Ha ha. You called me dude.

Cyborg: Oh, man! My suit!
Beast Boy: So? You look way cooler without it.
Cyborg: Yeah, like I'm taking fashion advice from the guy in the goofy mask.
Beast Boy: Goofy! My mask is cool... isn't it?...Raven?
(Cyborg & Raven shake their heads)
Beast Boy: But what about my secret identity?
Raven: What secret identity? You're green.
[Beast Boy stutters for a second, and then takes off the mask]

Robin: I suppose I could team up... just this once.

Starfire: [to Robin] All the fault is yours! I commanded you leave me alone, but you insisted upon the 'being nice'!
Robin: My fault?! You blast me, you kiss me, but you never stop to mention that they have a gigantic particle weapon?!
Beast Boy: [As Robin and Starfire continue to argue] We're doomed! [To Cyborg] I can't believe I let you talk me into this!
Cyborg: Say what?! I was ready to walk before you...
Raven: [Yelling] QUIET!
[Everyone stops arguing and looks at Raven]
Raven: [Nervously] Hi.

Cyborg: [After taking out Trogaar from behind] All right, I'm only gonna say this once: Booyah!

Cyborg: Mind telling me why you're always by yourself?
Raven: You heard the kid, I don't exactly fit in.
Cyborg: He's green, half of me is metal and she's from space. You fit in just fine.

Robin: We're not five heroes. We're one team.


  • In the scene where Starfire is destroying the pizzeria, animated versions of George Perez and Marv Wolfman (the artist and writer, respectively, for the Teen Titans comics) can be seen on the balcony.
  • The robber who was fought by Robin said, This isn't your town. Aren't you supposed to be with... before Robin interrupted him. This might be possible that he was wondering why he wasn't with Batman.
    • It's possible this was a red herring to let the audience believe Robin was not with the Titans anymore, since the audience did not know this was before they met.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Beast Boy's boots and costume are different from what they usually are.
  • Starfire's captive costume seems very similar to Blackfire's costume, possibly implying in the episode Sisters, Blackfire had possibly recently escaped prison and gone to Earth very soon after.
  • Beast Boy references an old accomplice, Robotman, when he says Cyborg is like "Robot Man 2.0".
  • Raven appears to be much like Timid Raven in this episode, feeling extremely alienated and lonely when she first meets the Titans. However, Cyborg ultimately takes on the big brother role, and makes her feel better. This would explain why Cyborg and Raven have a healthy friendship with each other.
  • Beast Boy was rather excited when he meets Robin, and appears willing to do whatever it takes to impress him, implying that he knew he worked with Batman.
  • This is one of the extremely few episodes where Raven hadn't been rude or gave sarcastic remarks to Beast Boy (or just in general).
  • Raven was also the first one chronologically to call the other Titans friends.
  • Robin says at the end of the episode, "When there's trouble, you know who to call." This references the initial sentence of the show's Theme Song.
  • At the end of the episode, Starfire is shown to have changed into the outfit she wears throughout the series. However, it is unknown as to where she got the change of clothes, as she was a captive prisoner when she came to Earth.


  • This episode reveals how Robin and Starfire developed their feelings for each other.
  • This is fifth and final episode focusing on Robin and Starfire's romantic feelings for each other until their relationship is finally brought to a conclusion in the series finale movie, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.
  • This is the first time chronologically that Cyborg says his famous victory cry, "Boo-yah!" Although he claims this would be the only time he ever says it, Cyborg ends up saying it frequently throughout the series.
  • This is the second known time Raven has called Beast Boy funny, but the first time chronologically. The other time is in the episode Nevermore by Happy Raven.
    • After Raven called Beast Boy funny, Beast Boy said he was going to tell her jokes and this caused Raven to become nervous. This could explain why Raven thinks Beast Boy isn't funny in the series.


  • When Beast Boy asks Raven for confirmation that his mask is cool, he addresses her by name, despite the fact that she never formally introduced herself, nor was her name ever mentioned, or at least not on-screen. It is possible that she could've introduced herself off-screen, as Beast Boy said, "So... I'm Beast Boy, who are you?"
  • In some goof scenes where Starfire is wearing her black suit, her boots are still purple. An example of this is when Robin releases her from her handcuffs. The shot goes to the handcuffs falling on the floor and one can see that Starfire's boots had turned purple, but the next time they are in the shot, they turn black again.


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