Gamma Rays and You is the ninth episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


The Titans began shooting an short information video on gamma rays and its harmful effects. The Titan were told to read off cue cards. However each of them had difficulties completing their segment.

Robin first asked if he was supposed to read from the cue cards, prompting the director to yell cut. He does so, but with little confidence.

Starfire struggles at the word "superpowers", pronouncing it as "super powders". Her frustration grows each time she mispronounce the word, even got into swearing in Tamaranean.

Beast Boy stands frozen on the camera, looking frightened and not knowing what to say, before turning into a deer, still staring at the camera.

Raven shows little enthusiasm in her segment. Later she comments that the video does not make sense, then questions the crew behind the script before leaving.

Cyborg, knowing much about gamma rays, grabs the microphone and started telling gamma ray jokes, deviating from his script.

In the end, the director lamented that he should have hired the Justice League instead.



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