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Quote1.pngThings come to me broken. I make repairs.Quote2.png

Fixit is a cyborg hermit and a friend (and initially an unintentional antagonist) of Cyborg.

Character history

The origin of Fixit's power is unknown. Its nature, however, affected his personality so much that he began to identify himself more with machines than with people. Eventually his self-imposed isolation drove him (literally) underground beneath Tito's Junkyard, where he would salvage damaged and thrown-away electronic devices and repair them. In order to eliminate the limitations his biological body imposed on him, Fixit gradually replaced his natural body with cybernetics, turning himself into a cyborg.

One day, the Titans were having a picnic in the park when Cyborg's power cell started dying. During a battle with Mumbo shortly afterward, the cell failed completely, and Cyborg was lost in Fixit's underground lair. Fixit replaced the cell, but seeing Cyborg as a kindred spirit, he refused to let him leave, instead deciding that it would be best for Cyborg to be rid of his remaining biological parts as well. He restrained the young Titan, but when he linked up with Cyborg's brain to download and conserve his memories, the emotions behind them overwhelmed Fixit and painfully reminded him of his own human side which he had abandoned so long ago. Cyborg offered to help him rediscover what it was like to be human again, an offer Fixit accepted.

Teen Titans Go!

Fixit reappeared in "Teen Titans Go!" issue #9, where Gizmo has stolen electronic stuff and attacked the Titans. While at Titans Tower, Fixit aided them in building a large robot "Titans Go-Bot 5".

He appears again in issue #33 where he served as an umpire in a baseball match between Titans and villains.

He also appears in issue #55 where he assists Cyborg in training new titans, when Cassie arrives unexpectedly and kicks Cyborg so hard that it knocked him out. Fixit tells them not to worry as he fixes things and that he will fix Cyborg. Later, He got rid of all biological parts and replaced them with robotic parts much to Cyborg's horror, but it was all just a nightmare caused by Phobia.

Powers and abilities

Fixit Powers and abilities
Technopathy (Technology Manipulation)
SumOfHisParts36.png Fixit is a technopath, i.e. a psychic capable of telepathically and telekinetically linking his mind to electronic devices. As such, he is capable of direct telepathic control over any such implement, which even extends to the point of levitating smaller devices. Fixit can also control the flow of intricate machinery and can allow them to assemble or disengage their programming at will.
Repairing Ability (Mechanical Regeneration)
SumOfHisParts45.png As a side benefit, Fixit is exceptionally skilled in repairing and refitting all manners of electronic devices. He can also regenerate mechanical parts, advanced technology, or nano machines, allowing them to repair any damages done to their mechanical structure and possibly improve their design.

In addition to his abilities Fixit is quite knowledgeable about mechanics, electronics, cybernetics and the like.


Teen Titans

Season 1

Teen Titans Go!


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  • Fixit is probably based on the Technis race in the original comics - a race of technically-minded people whom Cyborg voluntarily stayed with to teach them about humanity.
  • He resembles Razer from Green Lantern: The Animated series.
    • In addition to that, he was created exclusively for his respective series.
  • In his debut episode, he is a well-meaning antagonist.
  • He and the robots he repaired were possibly built by Slade so he could use them to make Cyborg evil.
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