Animated Series

Fang is the original boyfriend of Kitten, the daughter of Killer Moth. He is a mutant with a giant four-legged spider for a head. His powers are the ability to move at surprising speeds over any surface, to jump vast distances, and to fire sticky web goo and paralysis-inflicting venom beams.

After a brief breakup with Kitten, he rejoins her when he learns that she is going to her junior prom with Robin ("Date With Destiny"). He attacks Robin, but ends up defeated and arrested along with Kitten and her father, Killer Moth.

In "Revved Up" Fang is seen in a race with his girlfriend Kitten, but taken out when Red X cuts their limo in half. He also joined the Brotherhood of Evil and, with Private H.I.V.E., unsuccessfully tried to defeat Jericho. Later, he temporarily stopped the Herald's horn from working with a web blast, allowing the Titan to be captured. During the final battle, he is captured by Speedy and frozen by Más y Menos.

Video Games

Fang is a playable character in the Teen Titans Video Game.

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