Quote1Get your hands off my girl!Quote2
―Fang, to Robin[src]

Fang is a villain and enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character history

Fang is the original boyfriend of Kitten, the daughter of Killer Moth. After a brief breakup with Kitten, he engaged in jewelry store robberies to buy back her favor, which brought him into conflict with the Titans. After he learned that Kitten was going to her junior prom in Robin's company, he rejoined her and they were reunited. Right afterward, Fang engaged Robin in fierce personal combat, but ended up defeated and arrested along with Kitten and her father, Killer Moth.


Later, Fang and Kitten participated in Ding Dong Daddy's race for Robin's most prized possession, but they got taken out of the race when Red X cut their limousine in half. Soon after this, they were recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil. When the Brotherhood executed its world-wide strike at young superheroes, Fang and Private H.I.V.E. were assigned to capture Jericho but were defeated. When Beast Boy and his rag-tag Titan fugitives team assaulted the Brotherhood's base, Fang temporarily stopped the Herald's horn from working with a webbing blast, allowing the Titan to be captured. During the final battle, however, he was captured by Speedy and taken to prison along with the other villains.


Fang is a human/spider mutant. He appears as a teenage boy whose "head" is the body of a daddy long-legs type of spider (albeit with four legs instead of eight). He wears a black jacket, white undershirt, blue jeans and black shoes.

Powers and abilities

Fang's powers are all spider-related and include the ability to move quickly over any surface (including vertical walls), jump vast distances, and fire sticky web goo and paralysis-inflicting venomous beams from his mouth and mandibles. He also possesses extraordinary agility, speed and body coordination.

Fang is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He was able to fend off Robin for a while before being taken down. In his first encounter with the Titans, he also shows some skill with an energy gun.

Video Games

Fang is a playable character in the Teen Titans video game.


Teen Titans

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