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Every Dog Has Its Day is the 15th episode of the Teen Titans series and the second episode of season 2.


Feeling unwanted by the other Titans, Beast Boy heads into the city where he encounters a green dog and is then abducted by it's owner who refuses to release him. The Titans also encounter this dog but believe it to be Beast Boy who is unable to change back into his human form.



Feeling left out by his busy teammates, Beast Boy goes to town and meets two girls. Trying to impress them, he turns into a green dog, only to be shooed away. As Beast Boy is wandering around in dog form, he bumps into another green dog. A flying saucer mistakes Beast Boy as that green dog and zaps him inside.

The Teen Titans find Beast Boy's Titans Communicator near where he was zapped and the green dog appears. Mistaking the green dog to be Beast Boy, the Titans chase it around town. Meanwhile, Soto, the owner of the alien, realizes Beast Boy isn't his dog, but takes a liking to him because he can change into any pet. Soto plans to take Beast Boy back to his planet.

After some chasing, the Titans realize the green dog isn't Beast Boy, but has to find a way to capture the dog. They use Raven as a bait (the dog loves Raven) to trap the dog into one of Cyborg's contraptions.

Soto's Dog trapped in a jar.

Now in desperation, the trapped dog introduces himself as Soto's Dog, an intelligent dog from another planet. He made a deal with the Titans: If they free him he will reveal everything to them. So after Robin accepts Soto's Dog tells his story: He was owned by a giant alien named Soto, who treated him badly even though he was more intelligent than his master. To escape his control, the dog escaped from his flying saucer when it passed by Earth. Soto had been looking for his dog and had accidentally captured Beast Boy instead of his real dog.

The Titans, armed with the information from Soto's Dog, reach the place where the flying saucer is parked and managed to prevent it from taking off. The enraged Soto emerges from the ship and begins a fight with the Titans. Soto, being a giant made out of stone, barely takes any damage while the Titans are constantly attacked by a barrage of punches. Beast Boy suddenly emerges from the ship, with Soto's Dog following him. Beast Boy transforms into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and slams Soto into a tree. The rest of the Titans follow his lead, and with their combined forces, manage to subdue Soto. Soto's Dog had apparently freed Beast Boy and now places the collar onto Soto's neck with his elongated tongue. Soto's Dog now proclaims himself to no longer be a pet and Soto, with sudden enthusiasm, willingly chooses to be the pet. Soto and his dog then depart on the flying saucer.

The Titans tell Beast Boy that they actually cared about him and didn't mean to make him feel bad. Raven suggests that they have pizza, but Beast Boy proclaims that he has had enough attention for one day.



  • Written by:
    • Rob Hoegee
  • Directed by:
    • Michael Chang



  • This episode features the only appearance of Soto and his Dog.
  • Soto's Dog was credited as Alien Dog.
  • Soto's dog being intelligent may be a reference to Mister Peabody from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

Memorable Dialogue

  • Beast Boy: Hey, Robin! (is accidentally kicked) Need a workout buddy?
    Robin: Sorry, Beast Boy, but this is more of a solo thing. (pause) Are you okay?
    Beast Boy: (sadly) Awesome.
  • Beast Boy: Dude, I am NOBODY'S pet!
  • Raven: (Unenthusiastically) *sigh* Here, doggy. Here, doggy, doggy.
  • Cyborg: Sorry, Fido, if Cyborg builds it, nobody breaks it!
  • Dog: (after being captured) Uh... pardon me,... (the Titans look at him) but I believe we might be able to help one another. (giant epic faces appear on the Titans' faces) Robin: OK, am I not the only one who heard that? Cyborg: You talk?! Dogs don't talk! Dog: Perhaps not on your planet, my dear fellow. Now if you'll agree to release me, I would be happy to help you locate my odious former master. After I escaped his ship, he pursued me here and mistakenly captured another green dog. Your 'Beast Boy' I presume. Raven: And you didn't tell us this earlier because... Dog: I was having too much fun.
  • Dog: (after putting the collar on Soto) Sit! Stay! Soto: (climbs out of the crater) Doggy! You came back! Dog: On the contrary, I am only here to retrieve my squeaky toys. I refuse to be your pet any longer. Soto: Ok! Soto will be the doggy now and you will be the master! (starts behaving like a dog) Dog: (Soto licks his dog) What? Oh my! That tickles! Beast Boy: (disturbed) Ok? Weird. Raven: (agrees) Better him than me. Dog: (whistles) Come along, Soto. Time to go home. (Soto runs into his ship like a dog running and the ship leaves Earth)
  • Soto: Engines ready! Hang on new dog! Time to go home! Beast Boy: I am home! Now let me go!
  • Soto: (while fighting Robin) Soto, bang!
  • Cyborg: (to Raven while fighting Soto) Why didn't you just hand him a laser cannon?
  • Beast Boy: (arrived in time to help his friends defeat Soto) You rang?
  • Soto: No! New dog belongs to Soto! You go now! Robin: I'm thinking you're the one who's got to go. (Soto jumps into the air and prepares to attack) Titans, move!
  • Soto: (Raven tries to go into the ship and rescue Beast Boy, but Soto stops her from doing so) My dog!
  • Robin: We hit him with everything and it's still not enough! We need more! We need....(Beast Boy in elephant form charges at Soto and tackles him)
  • Soto: Bad dog! Soto will punish! (pushes the button on his controller but nothing happens then realizes that the collar that was holding Beast Boy has been removed)
  • Robin: Alright, Beast Boy! Raven: Welcome back. Cyborg: Give me some love, dog! (gives him a fist bump) Starfire: (hugs him) I am allended to see you! We have all missed you so! Beast Boy: You guys really missed me? Cyborg: Absolutely! Who else is gonna help me wax the T-car? Robin: And spar with me in the gym? Starfire: And eat nauseating amounts of tofu while Raven and I watch? Raven: Uh....How about we all just go for pizza? Cyborg: Sounds good to me! (everyone heads back to Jump City to go to the pizzeria, but Beast Boy doesn't move an inch) Robin: Beast Boy? Aren't you coming? Beast Boy: Thanks. But if it's cool with you guys, I've kinda had enough attention for one day. (everyone smiles at Beast Boy)
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