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[[Category:Enemies of Robin]]
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Quote1Chill out, cool cat! The Ding Dong Daddy ain't cruisin' for a bruisin'.Quote2
―Ding Dong Daddy[src]

Ding Dong Daddy is a villain and enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character History

Ding Dong Daddy is a pot-bellied automobile freak who speaks in 1950's-era lingo, using words like "swingers" and "squares" to refer to the Titans. His background history, including how he came to be an enemy of the Titans before his involvement with the Brotherhood of Evil, remains unknown.

Ding Dong Daddy first appeared as one of the villains assembled by the Brotherhood to fight the Titans. He later appeared in Revved Up, where he stole Robin's most prized possession and forced Robin and the other Titans to race him for it. Soon other villains caught wind and joined in on the race, including Red X, Control Freak, Johnny Rancid, Fang, Kitten, Puppet King, Mumbo, Mad Mod, Gizmo, and Adonis. After being rescued by Robin, Red X helped Robin out by destroying the other racers' cars, and just before the finish line Ding Dong Daddy was kicked out of his car by Robin, losing the race, the prize, and his consciousness.

Ding Dong Daddy subsequently participated in the final fight against the Titans in the Brotherhood's base, but was quickly defeated by Kole and Gnarrk, who smashed his car as he drove at them. He was later seen frozen standing on his head, just the way he had landed.

Powers and Abilities

Ding Dong Daddy has no superhuman abilities. However, he is a master mechanic specializing in refitting cars. He also appears to have extensive knowledge in electronic security systems, since he was able to steal Robin's secret possession from Titans Tower, which does have one of the most sophisticated security systems in existence.

Daddy's main tool in crime is a customized red hot-rod, which is fitted (among others, which remain unspecified) with the following weapons:

  • front-mounted snapping jaws
  • liquid nitrogen sprayers for icing up the roads
  • a supply of spherical grenades
  • a flight neutralizer ray

He also owns a rolling pit stop which is operated by a group of gremlins who act as a mobile repair crew and take out competitors by trapping and dismembering their vehicles.


Teen Titans

Season 5

Teen Titans Go!


  • In the mainstream comic series, Ding Dong Daddy was originally a one-shot character with the purpose to teach kids how important education was. He is based on legendary hot rod enthusiast/painter/pinstriper Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and made his debut in Teen Titans #3 (1966).
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