Dial H for Hero is issue #52 of Teen Titans Go!.


At the Titans Tower, the Titans are discussing an incident that occurred earlier. Cyborg and Beast Boy were queuing up for movie tickets when Punk Rocket was seen robbing/destroying a music store. When Beast Boy got ready for fight, he could not transform. When Cyborg was experiencing some difficulties a new hero appears, Changeling. The new hero took care of Punk Rocket and disappeared.

When Beast Boy's changing powers are returning, Jinx arrives with Kid Flash leaning against her looking weak. Jinx begs Raven to help Kid Flash despite them being enemies before. Starfire assures Jinx that they will help Kid Flash but they need to know what happened. They were both at the carnival, Kid Flash was trying to win Jinx a prize, only to have flopped one of his shots, as if he had lost all his energy. When Jinx asked him what was wrong he replied that he felt a bit drained. Suddenly Billy Numerous is in the scene stealing prizes and causing chaos. When the two get ready for action, Kid Flash was going slower than Jinx and he said that for some reason he could not run. Then came another new hero, Jesse Quick, who quickly took care of all the Billy's and disappeared. Jinx said that he was all over Billy Numerous and that he disappeared as fast as he took care of Billy. Not wanting to offend Kid Flash, she quickly apologizes, then feeling a sense of guilt when Kid Flash responded with "Don't worry, slowpoke, not your fault". Robin quickly points out Jinx could only manipulate the Titans' powers but not completely drain them. While Robin reassures Kid Flash that his powers will be back in about an hour like Beast Boy's, the former tries to find a connection between the new heroes and how the Titans lost their powers temporarily.

The Titans then search the cities for these new heroes wanting to ask questions. Raven points out the mysterious dark figure on top of a building. This time Robin felt weak and could not hold up his Birdarang. He then commands the Titans to get him and that he would catch up. When they corner the new hero he says that his name was Protector and that he was passing through the neighborhood, tying up Starfire and Cyborg, and knocking out Beast Boy in the process before making his escape. Raven then teleports to his location only to find a little boy with an amulet.

Back at the tower they discover that the little boy used the magic amulet to gain powers and help people. He claimed that he did not know that he was taking other people's powers and he was let go without any charges seeing how he was innocent and he did not take powers at the wrong time. Raven could not find any information regarding the amulet and suggests that the Titans take it for studying. Robin offers the boy to sign up for the Teen Titans' training program, while the boy said that maybe one day he could become his own hero.




  • The title refers to a comic book feature published by DC Comics about a mysterious dial that enables an ordinary person to become a superhero for a short time.
  • The title is also a reference to the film Dial M for Murder.

Cultural references

  • The names for each of the new heroes do exist elsewhere in the DC universe. Their corresponding Titans are:
    • Changeling: Beast Boy. "Changeling" is the former name for Beast Boy.
    • Power Boy: Wonder Girl
    • Lagoon Boy: Aqualad
    • Jesse Quick: Kid Flash. "Jesse Chambers" is the current name for this character.
  • Among the toys seen in the carnival are DC superheroes including: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Hawkgirl, and Captain Marvel.
  • Robin quotes "Coincidence? I doubt it!", similar to a viral phrase from Disney/Pixar animated film The Incredibles.



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