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Date with Destiny is the 16th episode in the Teen Titans series and the sixth episode of the second season.


The Teen Titans are chasing a jewel thief who has a spider for a head. All the other Titans except Starfire get caught in a goo Fang spat out. Robin gets hit by some sort of laser beam from Fang's fangs. The beam has a poison in it and temporarily make Robin unable to move except for his mouth. Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy are at a bridge fighting thousands of mutated moths. Meanwhile at the Titans Tower, Starfire is doing Tamaranean pressure on Robin. Once she does that he can move again.


Robin calls Cyborg, and he says things look pretty bad. Robin says that they are on their way, when Killer Moth intercepts the call and takes over. Killer Moth wants Robin to go with his daughter Kitten. Starfire completely freaks out about it. Robin agrees after telling Starfire he really doesn't want to. He calls Cyborg again and tells the rest of the Titans to search for the connection of Kitten and Killer Moth.

Robin arrives at the prom on his motorcycle. He turns around and Starfire is behind him. Robin says that she should be investigating Kitten and Killer Moth. Starfire replies with that she will investigate Kitten at the prom. Kitten rides up in a pink limousine and brags about Robin being her date. She makes Robin walk her onto the yacht (where the prom is) arm in arm. Starfire freaks out and hits the front of the limo sending it into tte air and breaking it.

Kitten and Robin are sitting at a table while Starfire watches from a short distance. Kitten told Robin to ask her to dance. Robin replied that he doesn't dance. Kitten then pulls out a controller button that controls the mutated moths. Robin and Kitten start slow dancing with Starfire freaking out again.

Kitten wants Robin to kiss her and Starfire REALLY freaks out. Robin told her not even if he paid her. He grabbed a control button from Kitten's hand (this controls the moths). Meanwhile Cyborg, Raven, and BB has found her house and are in the basement fighting Killer Moth. At the prom the button was pushed and all the moths were let out. Cyborg, Raven, and BB seal all the exits.

Back at the prom Fang shows up and gives Kitten a bunch of jewelry he stole. Then a fight breaks out between Robin and Fang. Starfire shots a starbolt at Fang and tells him to keep his legs of her boy (which would be Robin). The fight goes on and on. Eventually Robin breaks the controller, turning the moths back into larvae. Police then arrive on the scene and arrest Kitten and Fang. Also in the police van is Killer Moth.

All of the Teen Titans are on the yacht. Spotlights circle around Robin and Starfire and a voice declares them prom king and queen. Robin says "I guess one more dance wouldn't kill me". He takes Starfire's hand and they walk to go dance together.


  • Fang: Get your hands off my girl!
    Starfire: [blasts Fang] Keep your legs off my boy!
  • Kitten: Now take my arm and lead me in. And would it kill you to smile?!
    Robin: [grits his teeth into what is more a pained grimace than a smile] Maybe.
  • Robin: What do you want?
    Killer Moth: My demands are simple. The city will declare me ruler, the Teen Titans will surrender, and Robin - [suspenseful moment] - will ... take this lovely young lady to her junior prom.
    Kitten: Hi, Robby-Poo!!
    [screeching sound]
    Robin: Erm ... what was that last part again?!