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"Date with Destiny" is the nineteenth episode of the Teen Titans series and the sixth episode of Season 2.


When Killer Moth threatens the city with his army of moths, Robin has no choice but to agree to his demand; He is forced to take his bratty and spoiled daughter Kitten to her junior prom much to Robin's dismay and Starfire's jealousy.


The true authority in the house.

The villain Killer Moth is about to unleash his latest scheme when his plans are spoiled by his daughter Kitten. Her boyfriend Fang has just dumped her, one day before her Junior Prom, and she forces her father into finding her another date. And who would be a more suitable choice for this task than Robin?

In the meantime, the Teen Titans are chasing a spider-headed jewel thief. Robin is the only one who can get close to him, but gets hit by a paralysis venom beam from his opponent. Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy continue the chase, while Starfire returns with Robin to Titans Tower for treatment. Right after Robin has recovered, he calls the others for a status report, only to find out that the Bay Bridge is being attacked by a horde of gigantic moths which can easily chew through steel. When Robin and Starfire prepare to help, Killer Moth calls them up and presents his list of demands - including the rather bizarre request to take Kitten to her Prom. Robin sees no other choice but to agree, much to Starfire's objection and jealousy. Following this, he calls up the others, briefing them on the situation and tasking them with tracking down Killer Moth through Kitten. Although he sends Starfire to aid them, she decides to attend the Prom as well to keep Kitten away from 'her' Robin.

Oh, the joy of jealousy!

While Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven find Killer Moth's hidden lab in the cellar of Kitten's home and engage the villain in combat, Robin and Starfire arrive at the ship where the Prom is being celebrated. Kitten is quick in claiming Robin as her date, and Robin goes along with little joy and gritted teeth, while Starfire progressively boils white-hot with jealousy. When Robin receives the news that his friends have found Killer Moth, he dumps Kitten, who then reveals her part in Killer Moth's scheme and the control device for the moths. Robin's attempt to take the device from her is interrupted by Fang, who has caught wind of Kitten's new date; the two reconcile, but then Fang engages Robin in combat while Starfire takes out her anger on Kitten.

When Kitten's dress is smudged in the fight, she activates the device, releasing the moths from their cages, but the other Titans manages to prevent them from getting out of the cellar. Fang is finally knocked out by Robin, who destroys the control device; as a result, the moths revert to larva state. As Killer Moth, Kitten and Fang are taken to jail, Kitten swears revenge, but Robin couldn't care less; and after being nominated as King and Queen of the Prom, Robin and Starfire share their first romantic dance together.


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  • It is unusual how Starfire would struggle in a mere catfight against the likes of Kitten, since the former is physically much stronger than any normal human girl on the planet. However, being the daughter of a super-villain, Kitten might have been taught in numerous self-defenses and could be much stronger than she looks.
  • In the scene where Starfire screamed "WHAT" after Robin agreed to take Kitten to the dance, if you look closely, Starfire is shown to have green nail polish on her toes.
  • This episode's title song is sung in Japanese.
  • When Robin fixes his hair while talking to Starfire, it briefly looks like Jason Todd's hair style


  • This is the second episode focusing on Robin and Starfire's romantic feelings for each other.
  • Starfire uses her eye blasts in this episode, even though she doesn't go through her transformation until the next episode. It is possible that the events in this episode took place after the next episode (chronologically).
  • When Starfire says "Robin does not accept," look closely at the bottom of the screen; you can see that her breasts bounce up and down. This is the only episode of the series to have adult themed content, albeit only briefly in one scene.


  • In the scene where Cyborg became overwhelmed by the moths, his robotic part is shown on the wrong side of his face, but in the next scene where the moths flew off, his respective face is on the correct sides.
  • After being cured of Fang's venom attack, Robin opens his communicator, revealing the cover that has swapped colors.
  • After Starfire slaps Kitten with her wristguard, she throws it onto Robin. However, on the next shot where she was seen gasping, the wristguard appeared back on her arm.


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