Cyclones are robot soldiers constructed by Brother Blood based on blueprints purloined from the Teen Titan Cyborg.

Character history

The Cyclones came into existence after Brother Blood's initial encounters with Cyborg. Fascinated by his technology, Blood managed to purloin Cyborg's blueprints by mentally "hacking" into Cyborg's mind. When he came to Steel City, Blood had already constructed a veritable army of Cyclones, who assisted him in attacking the Titans East Tower. They succeeded in capturing the newly-formed Titans East and exposing them to his mind control powers.

However, in order to safeguard his technology, Cyborg had several of his systems deliberately fitted with glitches, which had also unknowingly been assimilated into the Cyclone's make-up as well. Thus, Cyborg was able to outwit the Cyclones and guide his fellow Titans to Blood. Following Blood's defeat by Cyborg, the Cyclones were put out of commission.

Powers and abilities

The Cyclones are essentially fully robotic clones of Cyborg, without any organic parts. As such, they possess the same technological capacities and limitations as their living original, including the latter's trademark Sonic Cannon built into their forearms.


  • These robotic simulacrums are revealed to be called "Cyclone" on the Teen Titans Video Game, wherein they are unlockable, playable characters.
  • The name 'Cyclone' is a cross between the words 'Cyborg' and 'clone'.
  • The Cyclones look vaguely like what Cyborg was going to look like if Fixit had completed his plans for him.
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