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Crash is the 30th episode of the Teen Titans series and the 4th episode of the third season.


When Beast Boy downloads a copy of the newest video game "Mega Monkey's 4", he goes to Cyborg's room to use it on his computer, but accidently tries it out on his system recharger which infects Cyborg with a serious virus. The only person who can possibly fix him is none other than Gizmo. Gizmo says that the only way to fix him is to go into his body and destroy the virus from the inside, but during the operation Cyborg breaks free and goes on a rampage in the city. Gizmo along with Beast Boy must now try to repair Cyborg from the inside before the virus spreads throughout the entire city.


Beast Boy has just hacked into the global network and managed to get an illegal advance copy of a new computer action game. But the Titans Tower's main video game and computer systems reject the copy, so Beast Boy sneaks inside Cyborg's room to use his computer. He makes the unfortunate mistake of uploading the game on Cyborg's System Recharger, and since he had deactivated the Titans' security programs to obtain it, it has come with a computer virus as a nasty surprise bonus, which promptly infects Cyborg as he attempts to take a recharge.

Crash b

Cyborg's new view of Robin.

With his brain addled by the virus, Cyborg throws himself at anything which appears edible in his mind's eye - including his fellow Titans. Beast Boy, feeling guilty, offers to make things right, but the others don't trust him to succeed in such a delicate operation and "recruit" Gizmo instead. In order to erase the virus, Gizmo shrinks down to microscopic size and prepares to enter Cyborg's brain, but just as the injection is to take place, Cyborg breaks free and runs amok in the city. While Gizmo has been injected, he was inserted at the lowest possible end and so has to work himself up all the way to Cyborg's brain. Beast Boy, transformed into an amoeba, joins him, still determined to correct his blunder.

Robin, Starfire and Raven attempt to restrain Cyborg, who runs through the city center, consuming any and every (in-)edibles that catch his eye. Finally, in his agitation, he begins to infect any other electrical device he touches with the virus - and his next target is the main dish of the city's communication center, which would spread the virus over a wide radius, thus making its elimination an impossible task.

Crash e

The viral core.

Beast Boy and Gizmo finally reach the brain after passing scores of drones created by the virus. While Gizmo is prepared to use even radical methods to finish the virus - including setting an EMP charge that would shut Cyborg down, possibly for good, Beast Boy is determined to rescue his friend without harming him any further. But the virus proves stronger than expected; Gizmo runs for it, and Beast Boy is caught by the virus. But then an idea hits him, and using an inherent ability of single-cell organisms, he overwhelms the virus by multiplying himself, eliminating its threat - just in time to prevent Cyborg from biting heartily into the dish's antenna tip. Beast Boy is lauded by the Titans for his success, but in the excitement of the moment they have forgotten Gizmo, who has been expelled from Cyborg's body along with the remnants of the virus' drones and is still trapped in microscopic size...


  • Raven would again state her sarcastic liking of waffles in Cyborg the Barbarian.
  • After Raven's sarcastic remark, the Teen Titans discuss ways to fix him. During this scene, Cyborg can be heard in the background quoting a scene from the movie Shrek where Donkey talks about parfaits, except Cyborg replaces "parfait" with "waffles".
  • This episode is a spoof of the films Fantastic Voyage and Inner Space.
  • Beast Boy says that he downloaded the game copy from a server in "Eastern Zandia". In the DCU, the fictional nation of Zandia was the birthplace of Brother Blood.
  • When in the farmer's market, Cyborg throws multiple items into his mouth, one of them being a toy of Mumbo.
  • Cyborg saying the word "Yams" repeatedly is a possible reference to the Spam sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • Cyborg bursting through the wall saying, "oh, yeah" is a reference to the old Kool-Aid commercials where the Kool-Aid Man would do the same.
  • This is the only episode in which Beast Boy talks while in animal form, though he is seen communicating telepathically with Aqualad in Deep Six as a squid.
  • The viral drones have a striking resemblance to Keramon from Digimon. They also have a similar appearance to the Nometian aliens in the Justice League episode Comfort and Joy.
  • Cyborg's "brain" (where the viral core is located) closely resembles the core of the second Death Star from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
  • Cyborg eating the parking meter with the net resembles the Shrek scene where Shrek eats a bunch of spider webs (shaped like a turkey leg) on a stick.

Memorable Dialogue

  • Beast Boy: That's your computer? Then what's this?
    Cyborg: My System Recharger. And speaking of, I could use a little juice. [prepares to plug in]
    Beast Boy: Wait!! I-I think the Recharger might have a -
    Cyborg: [plugs in, gets electrified] VIRUUUUUUUUUS!!
  • Robin: Cyborg, there's something wrong with you. Please let us help.
    Cyborg: You bet there's something wrong! [In his mind's eye, Robin turns into a T-bone steak] We need gravy! AND PLENTY OF IT!! [Robin is shocked as Cyborg tries to eat him, but Raven and Starfire stops him]
  • Cyborg: PIIIIEEEE!!!! HOT WINGS!!! Oh yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!! [bursts through wall]
  • Starfire: The injection was successful?
    Robin: I... Think so. Gizmo, report! Are you inside Cyborg?
    Gizmo: Oh, I'm inside him, all right. But I'm not in his brain--I'm in his butt.
  • Gizmo: You cludgeheads have any idea how long it's going to take me to get from this tin can's can up to his brain?!
  • Robin: Take it easy, Cyborg. It's us.
    Raven: We're here to take you home.
    Starfire: You remember who we are, yes?
    [All three turn into fried eggs before Cyborg's eyes]
    Cyborg: [weeping] You're the nasty egg people who stole all my waffles!!
  • Endzone Virus: Scanning, scanning. Anti-viral program: obsolete. Threat: minor. Deletion: imminent. (...) Scanning. Single-cell microorganism. Threat: zero. Deletion: imminent.
  • Endzone Virus: Single-cell organism. Mental capacity: zero. Programming ability: zero. Mathematical aptitude: zero.
    Beast Boy: You know, this cell may stink at math - but I can still multiply!
  • Cyborg: Ooh! You know what'd be fun? Lets all go out for waffles! Raaaaaven, you like waffles, don't you?
    Raven: More than life itself.
  • Cyborg: What happened? (groans painfully) My stomach--it feels like I ate a tire! (burps loudly)  Raven: That's a distinct possibility.
  • Gizmo: No stinkin' way! I'm not fixing that overgrown bucket of robo-scrunge, and there's not a thing that you grot-sniffers could ever say or do that'll make me say it... (Gizmo tries to leave, but Raven appears in front of him, and takes off her hood, revealing an evil looking monster face from Gizmo's viewpoint; Gizmo turns back, looking very shaken) I'll help...
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