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Chu-hui, more commonly known as the True Master, is an ally and mentor of Robin.

Character history

When Robin first encountered and lost a fight to the villainous martial artist Katarou, the latter implied that he had been trained by the legendary True Master. From what little information Robin could gather, the True Master lived on a mountain somewhere in Asia, and only the most serious of students would ever have a chance to be trained by him. Intent on improving his fighting skills and to eradicate the blot on his honor, Robin departed for the True Master's abode.

In the village at the foot of the mountain, Robin encountered a weak woman named Chu-hui, who followed him up the mountain, giving clues Robin did not (or did not want to) understand, and scolding him for his impatience. After many hazardous tests, Robin arrived at the top of the mountain, only to be intercepted by Katarou. In fact, Katarou had not trained with the True Master yet, but intended to do so now. He had goaded Robin into seeking out the Master, let him bypass the tests in his stead and thereby pave the way for him. Now Katarou sought to collect his unrightful prize.

At the verge of loss, Robin was encouraged by Chu-hui to rise and meet Katarou in battle, despite his fatigue, and take what was rightfully his. When Robin asked what was the point of fighting his way up the mountain if someone else is going to come up the easy way, Chu-hui tells him that just because someone does things the easy way, should not stop him from doing things the right way. Using the experiences Robin had gained from his journey, he defeats Katarou. It turned out that Chu-hui was in fact the True Master; she denounced Katarou as a thief and a cheater and had her trial guardians throw him off the mountain, refusing to train him. After wryly chiding Robin for taking her challenge too seriously, she accepted him as her student.

Powers and abilities

While being well past her life-related prime, Chu-hui is physically and mentally still very capable, and a legendary master of the martial arts.


Teen Titans

Season 4

Teen Titans Go!



  • Chu-hui is named after the series' background painter Chu Hui Song.
  • Her name is never spoken in the episode, but is revealed in the end credits.
  • Chu-hui is voiced by Takayo Fischer, who also voiced the bigger version of Kairi Tanaga, a character from Batman Beyond. Kairi acted in a similar fashion in the episode “Curse of the Kobra”. She appears to be a harmless bystander (in that case, a fish vendor) who turns out to be a venerated martial arts master.
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