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Cheshire is a villainess and an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character history

Cheshire during the final battle.

It is unknown how Cheshire became one of the Teen Titans' enemies before she first appeared among the other recruits for the Brotherhood of Evil. Her first assignment was to hunt down Speedy, which was easily accomplished after she cut his bow into three pieces. During the final battle between the Titans and the Brotherhood, she knocked Herald into the arms of Wrestling Star after his horn had been plugged by Fang. She also fought Bumblebee. But after Titan reinforcements arrived, almost all the villains end up captured and frozen. Cheshire was not seen among the captured or defeated villains, so it is popularly assumed that she managed to escape the battle. It is thought she secretly escaped when Psimon made the portal before Raven hit him.

Teen Titans Go!

"I guess it's true that love hurts."

Cheshire later appears in the comic based on the series Teen Titans Go! in volumes #34 and #39. In #39, Stupid Cupid, she is engaged in battle with Speedy once again; however, this time their battle is interrupted by the reality-bending imp Larry who is using Cupid's arrows, causes the two enemies to fall in love. They are later seen in Titans Tower having a romantic moment, where she removes her mask and shows Speedy her face (which remains unseen to the reader). Following the rectification of Larry's blunder, they lost interest in each other.


Cheshire has two long streams of black hair that are tied at the bottom. She has tanned skin and wears a cat mask to cover her face. She wears a short kimono with a belt covering all of her waist. Underneath her sleeves are iron claws that are capable of slicing Speedy's bow and arrows. She wears pointy black boots as that are capable of crushing a communicator.

Cheshire and Herald fight each other.

Powers and abilities

Cheshire showing her claws.

Cheshire is a master-level martial artist and acrobat. She is shown to have above-average agility as seen when dodging all of Speedy's explosive arrows.

Cheshire defeating Speedy.

She uses her long sleeves and long pony tails like whips, and also employs hand claws in close combat. As for superhuman abilities, she has displayed extraordinary speed when running on all fours and the ability to become invisible (except for the eyes and the grinning mouth of her mask).


Teen Titans

Season 5

New Teen Titans shorts

Teen Titans Go!


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  • In the DC comics and Young Jusice TV series, Cheshire had fallen in love with Speedy and gave birth to his daughter, who died some time later during the Cry For Justice storyline.
  • The claws on Cheshire's hands are similar to that of Wolverine from Marvel comics.
  • Her appearance could also be reference to Vega from Street Fighter II as both are masked assasins who wear claw gauntlets.


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