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Magic in the reality of the Teen Titans is an inexplicable force capable of being wielded by many sentient beings from various dimensions, a mysterious yet potent power, sometimes displayed as a manipulation of some higher form of energy, capable of generating untold and countless number of effects, possessing various origins, whether it is natural (such as Trigon, Larry and Rorek), from finding or being granted a powerful magical item (Mumbo and Herald), from inheriting the ability from one's parent, undergoing extensive mystical training from masters of magic, such as Rorek and the monks of Azarath, and being magically infused with centuries of such lore (Raven). There are many variations, forms and brands of magic in the world of the Teen Titans, with "light magic" (used by the monks of Azarath and Azar himself) and "dark magic" (used by Malchior) both existing, and with the powers of some magic-users drastically differing from others (such as Raven to Mumbo). Magic is one of the many sources of superhuman ability in the DC Multiverse, and key to the very core and fabric of DC reality.

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