The Carnivorous Plant is an unknown species of alien from an unknown planet from the episode "Transformation".


It saw Starfire entering the unknown planet. It sneaked behind Starfire and tried to eat her, but when she turned around, the creature stopped and pretended to be a strange vegetation. The plant then revealed what it really is as it battled Starfire. When Starfire got caught, the plant shoved her in its mouth, but then it spat her out of disgust (possibly due to her new looks that made her "taste bad") and it left.

When Starfire was returned back to normal by the cocoon, she saved the rest of the titans that almost got devoured by the Cironielian Chrysalis Eater (who planned to devour them for "stealing her meal"). Starfire takes out the Chrysalis Eater with her laser eyes. The Chrysalis Eater then rolled down the hill and meets the same monster plant. She was too frightened and paralyzed by the sight of the plant and too weak to fight it, the plant finishes her off by eating her alive (though it was off-screen as it would have been too graphic), killing the Chrysalis Eater for good and satisfying the plant's hunger.


The Carnivorous Plant


  • The Carnivorous Plant looks similar to a cross between a Piranha Plant from the Mario game series and a Deku Baba from the Zelda game series. It is also similar to Biollante from Godzilla vs Biollante, and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.