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"Car Trouble" is the eleventh episode of Season One and overall the eleventh episode of the Teen Titans series.


Cyborg has finally finished working on his latest master piece the T-Car, Cyborg is especially proud of his work and even calls it his baby. During it's first test drive it soon gets stolen by two punks named Sammy and Cash. Cyborg will go to great lengths to get it back but it seems that he isn't the only one interested in his "baby".


Cyborg has just finished constructing the Titans' official land transportation vehicle and now proudly presents it to his teammates: the T-Car. Everyone but Raven is excited, and an alarm provides the proud constructor the opportunity to demonstrate the car's virtues ... or so it should be.

Sammy and Cash, the original car thieves

The alarm leads the Titans into Cook's Electronics, where they apprehend the electric villain Overload. Just before he gets in, Cyborg proudly boasts his car's attributes to two juvenile bystanders, Sammy and Cash, and while the Titans are busy, the two do-no-goods promptly nab the car and take it for a joyride. Distraught and worried that some harm might befall his car, Cyborg separates from the team and goes looking for his 'baby'.

Sammy and Cash decide to participate in a race on the notorious course Crash Alley. A tiny car proves to be their only, albeit tough, competition until they hit the T-Car's nitro booster, winning the race. But right thereafter, the tiny car's driver reveals himself as Gizmo, who promptly appropriates the T-Car for his own, leaving Sammy and Cash in a force field bubble for Cyborg to find. Upon learning that now Gizmo has the car, Cyborg goes after his diminutive nemesis but fails to apprehend him, partly because of his obsession for his baby.

Dejected, Cyborg is found by Raven, who despite her initial lack of excitement, tells him that she can emphasize with his feelings, since she essentially has to put her heart and soul into her magic as well in order to make it work. They spot Gizmo, who gets away again, and in order to pursue him, they simply 'borrow' Sammy and Cash's sports car. On a highway, they desperately try to stop Gizmo, but the T-Car ends up crashing into a prison transport - the one Overload just happens to be in. He promptly takes over the car and drives it at Cyborg, confident that the latter would never dare destroy his most precious possession. But Cyborg manages to overcome his attachment and in cold blood blasts his own car, stunning Overload, who gets ferried to jail along with Gizmo, Sammy and Cash.

Reconstructing the T-Car ... with some help

As Cyborg looks sadly at the remains of his car, Raven encourages him, saying that what made the car special lay not in the car itself, but its builder. And with Cyborg's spirits restored, he and Raven proceed to build a new T-Car ... together.


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  • Cyborg briefly mentions Metropolis, which is famous for being the city Superman mainly operates in.
  • This is one of a few times in the series where Raven made a big smile.

Cultural references

  • The scene where Cyborg drives his car up the vertical side of a cliff is based on a chase scene from the animated film Lupin The Third: The Castle of Cagliostro.
  • The music played while Cyborg builds his car is a clip from the song titled Rock The House, sung by the cartoon band, Gorillaz.
  • When the T-Car has the flames painted on, it looks a lot like Wayne's car from the movie, Wayne's World.
  • Cyborg falling on a garbage barge after failing to get back his car from Gizmo is a reference to Diesel 10's defeat from the Thomas the Tank Engine movie, Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


  • When Raven appears in the electronic store, her outfit looks sky blue till. Then it changes when she leaves the store with the Titans.
  • Raven's mouth was missing for a second when she casts a spell on Overload at the electronic store.
  • When Cyborg runs up to the parking lot knowing that the T-Car was stolen, his mouth didn't move when he cried "My car alarm!".
  • As Gizmo takes possession of the T-Car from Cash and Sammy, the car's interface panel shows the Ignition switch with a missing "I".


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