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"Calling All Titans!" is the sixty-third episode of the Teen Titans series and the eleventh episode of Season 5.


The Titans are riding back to the Tower in the T-Ship when Robin announces, to Beast Boy's disappointment, that they have one last mission to execute: In order to protect other young heroes worldwide more efficiently, Robin has decided to establish a communication network by giving a Titans Communicator to each. Despite Beast Boy's misgivings, the Titans split up and go on their separate missions, unaware that the Brain is using the captured communicator to monitor their progress to initiate the end-game.

Beast Boy climbs a tall mountain to contact Jericho, while Starfire aids Argent in repairing a leaking dam in New Zealand. Robin contacts Bushido, who is fighting a group of ninjas, while Cyborg goes to a wrestling arena where Pantha is battling. She grabs Cyborg, thinking he’s a wrestler, and they fight briefly until Cyborg manages to inform her of Wildebeest's grim fate at the Brotherhood's hands, leaving her with a communicator. In another dimension, Raven meets with Herald and hands him a communicator.

Robin heads back and initiates a test of the communications network, contacting all the members from around the globe, but this only helps the Brain to pinpoint his targets more precisely. Immortus and his soldiers attack Argent while the Titans attempt to rejoin, and Robin sends Starfire to help her, but then more emergency calls come in. The Brain has initiated a simultaneous sequence of coordinated attacks against the Titans and their allies, who are currently spread too thin to aid each other effectively and thus become easy targets for the Brotherhood's cohorts:

Robin is helpless and despondent when Hot Spot arrives, but "Hot Spot" brutally attacks Robin, revealing himself to be Madame Rouge. When she gloats about the success of the Brotherhood's plans, Robin deduces that the Brain has tapped the communicators, and manages to slow Rouge down long enough to warn the others and rig his communicator to self-destruct, short-circuiting the rest, before he is captured.

While a few of the Titans have proved triumphant in their individual battles, Rouge brings Robin back to the Brotherhood’s lair, tied up. He, along with Aqualad, Speedy, Argent, Menos, Tramm, Thunder, Lightning, Killowat, and Bushido are all added to the villains' collection. After Robin is captured, the Brain starts gloating: "I have captured the king. Your pawns cannot save you. You have lost."


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  • Beast Boy: [to Jericho, rapidly] I told Robin we shouldn't separate, but he sent me up here and I just climbed up this big mountain and so here's your stupid communicator, and if bad guys come, you know what to do! [collapses in exhaustion] Beast Boy to Robin, can we go home now? [Jericho starts petting his head]
  • Beast Boy: Great idea, Robin, giving communicators to everyone. Could this Jericho guy live any farther away?
  • Kitten: Hi Robbie-Poo! Remember me!?
  • Robin: Kitten?!
  • Kitten: Oh! You do remember. Say good-bye to your friend!
  • Robin: Madame Rouge, I thought Hot Spot took care of you.
    Madame Rouge: You thought wrong. Hot Spot could not stop me..YOU cannot stop me!
  • Monsieur Mallah: We can no longer follow the Titans every move!
    Brain: We no longer need to.
  • Robin: (captured and restrained by Madame Rouge) The Brotherhood of Evil will be defeated! Brain: No, Robin. It is YOU who has been defeated. I have captured the king. Your pawns cannot save you. YOU have lost.
  • Robin: Tramm, help Aqualad! [Tramm runs to the ocean, but XL Terrestrial jumps in the way and forces him to fight him. The next scene cuts to Más and Menos escaping from Johnny Ranchid, but they get beaten by Cinderblock who bursts out of the ground]
    Menos: MÁS!
    Más: MENOS!
    [Next scene cuts to Bushido fighting Katarou]
    Katarou: [after Bushido punches him] AH! ERH!
    Bushido: [removes his katana to battle him and they both jump] HEYAH!
    [next scene cuts to Speedy fighting Cheshire, but she fools him with her invisibility and she was too quick for him]
    Speedy: [after Cheshire knocks the communicator off his hand and is about to finish him off] AH! [Cheshire uses her hair-whip and knocks him out]
    [next scene cuts to Pantha talking to Robin on the communicator with Atlas in front of her]
    Robin: Pantha, you're closest to Speedy! Go to Sector 11!
    Pantha: I can't!
    [she charges at Atlas and wrestles him. Next scene cuts to Jericho being chased by Private H.I.V.E. and Fang. The next scene cuts to Herald listening to Robin in his communicator]
    Robin: Herald, help Jericho in Sector 19!
    [Herald is about to open a portal, but another portal opens behind him and a large eye hits him.]
    Herald: AGH! [the portal behind him opens and See-More and Warp come out to capture him. Next scene cuts to Cyborg fighting Mammoth]
    Robin: Cyborg!
    [Cut to Raven fighting Psimon]
    Robin: Raven!
    [Cut to Beast Boy facing Kardiak]
    Robin: Beast Boy!
    [Cut to Kole and Gnarrk fighting Billy and Gizmo]
    Robin: Kole!
    [Cut to Killowat facing Control Freak and The Puppet King]
    Robin: Killowat!
    [Cut to Pantha wrestling Atlas and Adonis]
    Robin: Pantha!
    [Cut to Lightning stopping Overload]
    Robin: Lightning!
    [Cut to Thunder facing I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. and Steamroller]
    Robin: Thunder!
    Thunder: [he blasts sound waves at them] HA!
    I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R.: [he jumps to grab Thunder] HERAH!
    Thunder: AGH!
    Robin: Anyone?!
  • Madame Rouge: Your communicator is of no use. Robin: The communicator. The Brain has been tracking our every move with the communicator I gave to Hot Spot! Madame Rouge: Don't you mean the communicator you gave to me? Robin: It's my fault. I'm the one who got us into trobule. Madame Rouge: Game over. Robin: Not yet! I can still warn the others!
  • Beast Boy: Wait, Thats not my heart! [Looks up to see Kardiak] AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 


  • Even though Tramm and Aqualad were defeated at the same time, Tramm was not seen as one of the defeated Titans at the end of the episode. In fact, the only defeated Titans shown were Aqualad, Menos, Argent, and Speedy .
  • In "X", Professor Chang froze Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy in tubes; it's possible this is the same technology used to flash-freeze the rest of the Titans in this episode.
  • Perhaps very obviously, the scene where Robin freezes Madame Rouge then smashes her into several pieces then Rouge reassembling herself through liquid-form is a parody of the famous scene marked by the quote "Hasta la vista, baby" where the Terminator freezes the T-1000 until it reassembles itself through liquid-form in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • In the chart of all the Titans, Wonder Girl appears as one of the Titans, even though she never appeared in the series at all except for minor cameos. Also in the chart, Hot Spot was present even though he was captured in a previous episode.
  • For unknown reasons, 20 members of the Brotherhood of Evil didn't participate in capturing Titans : The Brain (who is the leader and not a combatant), Monsieur Mallah (who is his bodyguard), Professor Chang (who isn't a combatant), MalchiorMad ModMumboWintergreenH.I.V.E. HeadmistressAndre LeBlancWrestling Star, Master of GamesMother Mae-Eye, Ding Dong Daddy, Phobia, The Source (who only appeared in Homecoming - Part 2), Bob (who only appeared in "Homecoming - Part 2"), Witch (who only appeared in Homecoming - Part 2), Red X (who defected at this moment), Jinx (who defected at this moment) and Doctor Light (who probably defected at this moment).
  • Adonis' suit in this episode is blue, instead of red. He still used his blue suit in "Titans Together".
  • When Mallah turns on the light to see two heroes part of the flash-frozen collection, Hot Spot and Wildebeest were facing the left side, but when the scene closes up, both of the frozen heroes were facing the right side. Later, when Robin saw Wildebeest and Hot Spot frozen, both were facing the left side, again.
  • When Mallah is moving the chess pieces, he moves Starfire as the queen, and the Brain titles Robin as the king.
  • Although the villain, I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. hasn't spoken in the series and no one written down for voicing him. However, this episode shows that he has yelled once, before capturing Thunder.
  • When Steamroller and I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. broke through the brick wall to capture Thunder, they were both the same size. Strangely enough, when Thunder briefly stunned them, Steamroller is taller than I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R.
  • Through out Steamroller's return in the episodes he appears in, his eyes were still red (his eyes were normal before he was brainwashed by Brother Blood in Season 3 and before Blood's defeat in his final appearance). However, his eyes were normal, when he saw his partner (I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R.) capturing Thunder.
  • Kid Flash, Jinx (which the Titans haven't found out she's an Honorary Titan, until Titans Together), Melvin, Teether, Timmy, Bobby, Wildebeest (who was already captured), Red Star, Hot Spot (also captured already), and Wonder Girl (who never made an actual appearance) are the only Honorary Titans that were never seen in battle or fighting any villains.
  • When Killowat, was facing Control Freak, the fact that he was summoning TV characters out TV was like Pokemon sends them out their balls.
  • Before Cheshire finished off Speedy, the eyes on her mask suddenly blinked briefly.
  • The Creature From Jones Lake, Seven-Gorn-Seven, Off-World Outlaw, and Baron Ryang have returned in this episode and they were very weak against Killowat. Also, Baron appears to be tall as Seven-Gorn-Seven instead of being the size of a normal being.


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