Burp is the first episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


At their local pizza place, the Teen Titans are enjoying some delicious pizza, with Starfire explaning what happens right before the Big Bang. Beast Boy lets out a short burp, while Raven comments how gross that is, before Cyborg and Robin followed suit. Raven turns to Starfire and asks how their disgusting burps don't gross her out. The latter explains that burping, on her planet, is a way of protecting one's "norpglorf" (although there was another explanation which was "censored" by Cyborg's burp), before letting one out herself.

The other Titans eventually found themselves locked in a burping competition, each with their own style of burps, with Silkie joining in, much to Raven's annoyance. Having reached her boiling point, Raven levitates above the Titans, before letting out the biggest, loudest burp the Titans could ever manage, causing an explosion in the pizza place and burning up the pizza and the other Titans in the process. Cyborg suggests that Raven see a doctor, however the latter simply smirks at the camera.



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