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Quote1.pngThe face of our enemy has changed, No longer is the Doom Patrol our only threat. Now a new generation stands in our way, and those who rule the young will control the future. We have a common enemy. The Teen Titans and their friends will fall. Working together, we will defeat them...one...by...one.Quote2.png
―The Brain[src]

The Brotherhood of Evil is an evil organization bent on world domination led by The Brain and his associates Monsieur Mallah, Madame Rouge, and General Immortus, and are the main antagonists of Season 5. Their plan is to eliminate the Doom Patrol and take over the world. The Brotherhood of Evil has been attacking the universe for years and has been an old enemy of the Doom Patrol. However, their new main enemy becomes the Titans after "Homecoming - Part 2". After the Brain decided that the Titans were a bigger threat than the Doom Patrol, he attempted to eliminate all the Titans from the Earth. They are also known as the arch-nemeses of Beast Boy.


The emblem of Brotherhood of Evil

The Brotherhood and the Doom Patrol have clashed on numerous occasions in the past; the only instances recorded in the series involved a Black Hole Generator which could be opened and closed in any location of the Brotherhood's choice.

Because of their frequent conflicts, The Brain and General Immortus were gradually able to analyze and predict the Doom Patrol's modus operandi, which was further benefited by Mento's stubbornness and inherent drive to see a mission finished no matter what. Finally, they managed to trap the Doom Patrol (sans Robot Man, who was left deactivated) during a mission in the Brazilian jungle, where the Brain's forces were scavenging materials to charge a power cell for their newest version of the Black Hole generator. Mento managed to send an alarm probe to his former protégé, Beast Boy, who arrived with his new teammates, the Teen Titans, and managed to free the Doom Patrol, though the Brotherhood leaders escaped to their secret base, which also housed the Generator.

Mento, insistent that only the Doom Patrol could fight the Brotherhood efficiently, drafted Beast Boy back into his ranks and set out to destroy the base, but owing to various hazards set by the Brotherhood, only Mento and Beast Boy managed to arrive there. But in the meantime Beast Boy had managed to persuade Mento that his usual ramrod approach was no good, and both overcame the base's defenses by using their heads instead. In addition, the other Titans, who were reluctant to leave Beast Boy by himself, also arrived, having rescued the rest of the Doom Patrol on the way, and joined the two in their assault, during which Beast Boy cunningly set the Generator to destroy itself.

However, the Brotherhood now saw the Titans and their compatriots as their primary enemies due to their youthful unpredictability. Thus the Brain hatched a plan to defeat Earth's youngest generation of superheroes before they could get properly organized they conducted odd attacks on Honorary Titans, both to alarm the Titans and to obtain a Titans Communicator in order to track them once a proper network had been established. Madame Rouge managed to obtain a com device from Hot Spot, and after all Titans had been connected, the Brain executed its plans, taking out the young heroes one by one while they were not assembled into one team. Because the Brain's plans were so well thought out, many of the Titans were defeated and captured. Wildebeest, Hot Spot, Argent, Robin, Bushido, Speedy, Killowat, Thunder, Lightning, Aqualad, Tramm, and Menos were all defeated and flash-frozen as trophies.

But what the Brain failed to consider was that several Titans, chiefly Beast Boy, were not defeated. Beast Boy met up with the Herald, Mas, Jericho, and Pantha and led them in an assault at the Brotherhood base, starting a massive war. However, they were severely outnumbered and were eventually defeated after putting up a valiant effort. Just as they were going to get frozen, reinforcements arrived. Cyborg burst through the ground with Kole and Gnarrk, Starfire blasted in with Bumblebee and Red Star, and Raven arrived with Melvin, Timmy, Teether, and Bobby, and the battle restarted. When Más y Menos managed to unfreeze the Titans who had already been captured, the Brain's plan backfired spectacularly, and in the end the Brotherhood leaders and most, if not all, of their allies were captured and flash-frozen themselves.

Original Brotherhood of Evil members

The Brain

With vast skills and intelligence in science and strategy, The Brain, along with his teammates in the Brotherhood of Evil, Monsieur Mallah, Madame Rouge, and General Immortus, plans on dominating and ruling the world as well as eliminating all who stand in his way. He is the leader of The Brotherhood of Evil despite his currently limited physical condition.

Monsieur Mallah

With super strength and super skills, Monsieur Mallah is a walking, talking gorilla and is the second-in-command. He has a laser gun and plans on dominating the world along with The Brain.

Madame Rouge

Madame Rouge is a shape shifting, elastic, and top-grade ventriloquist spy who is a member of The Brotherhood of Evil.

General Immortus

A forever-living soldier, General Immortus is a member of The Brotherhood of Evil who has lived for forever and then some. Judging by his clothes, his last villainous act was playing an important role in World War II under the Axis Powers.

Brotherhood allies

The Brotherhood's assembly of villains

The Brotherhood of Evil's list of allies includes most of the villains who have previously appeared in the animated series plus several new characters who had to date no previous appearances (such as Cheshire and Phobia). In addition, several villains are featured who were subject to defeats which had left them permanently incapacitated, but who nevertheless made at least a cameo appearance in "Homecoming - Part 2" (such as the Puppet King, Malchior and Atlas). The only villains not featured here are Slade, Trigon, Brother Blood, Krall, Soto (most likely because he is not evil), the White Monster (Although he did not appear in the series until the last episode and was therefore not an enemy yet), Wicked Scary Monster, Shrieker and Blackfire (the Cironielian Chrysalis Eater was eaten, so it was presumed by most viewers that she was left nearly incapacitated).

Since "Homecoming - Part 2", Jinx, Red X and Doctor Light did leave the Brotherhood. A select few did not participate in capturing the individual Titans. The rest of the villains, as they appeared in above episode, are:


Season 5


  • Raven claims that their lair is not very secret, but there is no proof what it looks like outside.
  • The Brotherhood of Evil soldiers have an uncanny resemblance to the Nazi Waffen-SS. The soldiers wear a dark-gray uniform, similar to the black uniforms that the Waffen-SS would wear. In addition, they have a red armband on their left biceps, similar to those that the SS and Nazi Party Members would wear to signify their status as a party member. They also seem to be wearing helmets similar to the stahlhelms that the Wehrmacht and SS would wear. Finally, their weapons also resemble the German Maschinenpistole 40, more simply known as the "MP 40".
  • After "Titans Together", the only villains remaining that have not been frozen on-screen or defeated were: Cinderblock, Adonis, Puppet King, Johnny Rancid, Angel, Warp, Phobia, Katarou, Atlas, Wintergreen, H.I.V.E. Headmistress, Kitten, Fang, Steamroller, Mother Mae-Eye, Master of Games, and Cheshire.
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