This is the transcript for the short "Blackfire's Babysitter".


(Opening shot: Starfire stands outside Blackfire's new home, and rings the bell. Blackfire opens the door in response, looking grim)

Starfire: Sister! How are you? (gives Blackfire a hug) I missed you! Did you miss me? Let us never fight again! (rest her hands on Blackfire's shoulders)

Blackfire: (Stares at Starfire, still nonchalant. She gently brings down Starfire's arms off her shoulders) Umm, sure. Look, our regular sitter is, no longer with us, so you're gonna fill in.

Starfire: Oh, yes, please! I will be most happy to sit on your babies. (Walks into Blackfire's house and approaches a crib, as Blackfire follows) Small nieces and nephews, say the hello to your sweet auntie Star... (camera turns to four infant schlurches) Oh, (Starfire turns to her sister) they are... handsome.

Blackfire: Just like their dad. (points to a wedding photo of Blackfire and Glgrdsklechhh) Okay, gotta run, all yours.

(The four babies immediately pounce on Starfire, engulfing her into a massive fight cloud).

Starfire: Umm, do they always fight so... OW!

Blackfire: (walks past the screen) Doing great. You're a natural, sis.

(In another room, she began dressing up as Starfire herself, starting from her shoes, to a belt, and then to a hair wig. The camera pans from bottom to top, showing Blackfire's (or "Starfire's") new look)

Starfire: (still struggling on one infant, with one on her head, and another on her right leg) Bad schlurches. (the infant she was holding on her hands zaps her) OW! (Blackfire looks on discreetly, before turning around and making her escape) Use your words!

(As Blackfire sneaks out, she was already caught red-handed by her own sister)

Starfire: Blackfire! (camera turns to Starfire who now has the four infants all over her) Are you planning to feed me into your horrible, horrible babies and take my place on Earth?

Blackfire: Well, alright, you got me.

(She prepares a starbolt and aims at Starfire. However, in retaliation, the four infants leaps over her. Blackfire appears shocked as she watches her own children taking their mother on. Another fight ensues, with Blackfire screaming in agony, and Starfire could only watch. While the screaming continues, the ending shot shows a beautifully embroidered background with a "Happy Mother's Day" message. Another heart shaped message appears at the bottom right corner of the screen, which reads "From the Teen Titans".)

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